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Canada Renews CHOGM Threat

By Easwaran Rutnam

In a renewed threat, Canada says Prime Minister Stephen Harper will not attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka next year unless there is an improvement in the human rights situation in Sri Lanka.
Canadian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Chrystiane Roy told The Sunday Leader that the Canadian government feels the Sri Lankan government continues to fail victims and survivors of the war.
The spokesperson also said that Canada is ‘deeply troubled’ by recent reports of intimidation of judges in Sri Lanka, and reiterate the importance of judicial independence.
“Prime Minister Harper has clearly stated that unless there is significant progress on political reconciliation, accountability and respect for human rights in Sri Lanka, he will not attend the CHOGM hosted by Sri Lanka in 2013,” Roy said.
Harper had initially made the threat in September last year to boycott the meeting and one year on the Canadian government feels that there is still no progress on the human rights issue on the ground.
Heads of government from the Commonwealth are scheduled to attend the key conference in Sri Lanka next year.
Chrystiane Roy quoted Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird as saying recently that the Sri Lankan government must finally put the people of the country first.
His comments were in response to the report by a UN panel on the action taken by the UN during the final stages of the war in Sri Lanka.
“Canada also notes the Secretary General’s comments and will work with the international community to ensure mistakes made in Sri Lanka are not repeated,” Roy quoted the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister as saying.
On the move to impeach the Chief Justice, Roy said that Canada continues to follow developments with regard to the case very closely.
“It speaks to broader issues of concern, including judicial independence. We are deeply troubled by recent reports of intimidation of judges in Sri Lanka, and reiterate the importance of judicial independence. This means ensuring that judges are allowed to conduct their work professionally, in accordance with the law, and without any form of political interference,” the Foreign Ministry spokesperson told The Sunday Leader.

31 Comments for “Canada Renews CHOGM Threat”

  1. Psycho

    Hoo cares whether you come or not.
    You guys have no mandate to talk about human right.
    Last week you fellows voted against the palestenians because you are against Palestnians taking Israel to international warcrimes tribunal.

    get lost

    • azdaktoday

      Another version of The Emperor’s New Clothes. This joker can safely talk about human rights outside because no outsider knows properly how the indegenous people in the country and the immigrants including the ones who seek refuge in Canada is treated here in Canada.

    • Tim Hatton

      While it is true that consistency should be the norm, one should e happy that at least in one serious case Canad is on the right side. Hiding behind the inconsistency of Canada to vouch for the human rights abusers in Sri Lanka in itself is abuse. One can clearly see where the abuses are orginating and how they are justified.

  2. Vj

    Tell him to get lost, he want to get reelected with Tamil votes. Tell him to look after French speaking people in Quebec, why those people went to USA do they talk about those peoples human rights?……

    its a shame same prime minister voted agent Palestinian’s resolution upgrading about Palestine’s status at the UN world body.

    Have they ever condemn Israel Mr Harper stay in your country we do not want you in our country.


      What kind of policy this country, Canada, is following? In the UN it votes with Israel, which is the biggest abuser of human rights in the world, defying the 138 countries! Now it is planning to boycott Sri Lanka. What would I tell Canad other than ‘GO TO HELL!’

    • gamarala

      At the last CHOGM meeting,a majority of members including Sri Lanka,vetoed the proposal of the Commonwealth Secretariat to appoint a Commonwealth Commissioner for Human Rights. Why is the question.

  3. Ellepola

    So stay away, we will not miss you. We will still have peace and continue to say No to terrorism and blast the terrorist to hell. You are welcome to help yourself to more Tamil terrorists through your high commission.

  4. Shan

    I do not understand how the Canadian PM is given a right to talk about human rights when he holds more LTTE people and supports the crew.

    On the other hand, with Canada being one of the most racist countries in the world, maybe they should also open their eyes a bit without picking on small countries.

    It’s unbelievable how they have an opinion on how our country should be run, but the moment we give some sort of advice to them, it’s not even taken cared for!

  5. Rizwan

    We will not miss you….

  6. Fawlty

    There are two other hypocrites in the world other than Harper – Netanyahu and Obama. He loves mass murderers for sure – LTTE and Israel. If Harper cares so much about HUMAN RIGHTS he would’ve voted for Palestinians at the UN.

    Harper just shut up and get lost. Canadians are embarrassed by you and Baird. AIPAC puppets.

  7. Duddly Doright

    Exactly, who cares. These misinformed, pro-LTTE pay roled folk don’t belong at a Commonwealth Meeting. A brown spot on Canada’s reputation.

  8. Duddly Doright

    Prime Minister Harper is man of big words and little substance. How uninformed can he be. Show me who feeds him his information, and I will trace it back to unwelcomed LTTE supporters in this country. Why don’t these people go and visit Sri Lanka for themselves before speaking out only what they are told to say, for internal political reasons.

  9. Pulasthi Rajapakse

    Ask him to go fly a kite

  10. dagggy

    There are lot of crimes taking place in the Toronto area. better stay back & look in to them.& find out who the culprits are.

    Hello harper, its not the end of the world.
    If you don’t mind CAN you send that cutie Sitsabesan girl to give her an opportunity for her to enjoy & visit once dreamt eelam country & have some “sapatu” with some of her relatives.
    We”ll take care of her & send her back in good nick unless she falls for a Terra Guy out of sympathy to give him an opportunity to live in Keneda and to bring his kith & kin well.

    Ado Harper, the CHOGM will go on with or without you.

  11. The Rights of humans

    Hey Harper Do you know what human rights is? Pls Dont come . If you come we protest here .

  12. prem dissanayake

    You are right prime minister

  13. R J Das

    Harper and his Foreign Minister has become lovers of Israel. What more world can expect frm them,?

  14. Kenedian

    Harper does not like to travel long international trips. He went even to China and India because he had to because of domestic needs.

    That is why he is making different political comments. If he goes to Sri Lanka, he will have to visit Tamil areas in order to get votes here. On the other hand, Tamils here are giving troubles by bringing boat loads. Sri Lanka may ask AIDS too which he will not like.

    So, this way is the best politically to him.

  15. Sri

    Yes, it was a surpise about Palestine. But SL and Israel speak the
    same tongue of violence and suppression of human rights and share the same biases while robbing other people’s lands. And were they not suppliers of lethal arms and trainers too? Harper is quite right to raise the issues. Ask the judges.

  16. Richard

    The biggest question is, will the Indian PM attend ot boycott CHOGM in Sri Lanka.

  17. Iqbal

    While Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister talks about accountability, justice, human rights and judicial independence in Sri Lanka the mono-ethnic Sinhalese police and plain cloth army personnel assault students in Jaffna University campus, who meet to observe commemoration of dead and journalists who filmed the incident. Not a single perpetrator of any of those crimes that being committed against dissidents , journalists and Tamils been apprehended or brought to justice during the period of the present regime.

    • sangaralingham

      need foreign embassies in north to supervise the evil deeds done there and report

  18. Lankan

    Well done…

  19. Living the dream in the west

    Without first world wealthy developed countries like Canada, Australia and the UK, third world poverty stricken under developed SL will not survive. Without the aid and donations from these countries, SL will be finished.

  20. sangaralingham

    world is an intresting place. each must help each other support each other encourage each other not one man one family not one race divide share support prosper. all in one basket selected society not a good idea to one sanity one conscious neurosis agraphobia lead to parnoia

  21. john

    i think the biggest question is when will the SL public know they are being robbed?

  22. Dear Mr Harper,

    If you dont like Sri Lankan votes in other parts of Canada (Except Scarbarough) please do what ever you like. But dont remember tamils are not the only people living in canada and they do not vote for you. They always vote for NDP and Liberals. But dont forget that during the last election all sri Lankan sinhalese and muslims living in Canada only Vote for you. If you boycott this meeting we will organise and ask every body to not to vote for your party again.

    • Duminda N Jayatileke

      Kumar, should you be thinking of moving back to your poor SL? But the economy and standard of living in Sri Lanka is so bad, you will be on the first flight back to Canada.

    • tomsamusa

      The decision by CanadianGovt is based on facts , as presnted by the NGOs, UN appointed eminent persons, satilite photos and assesment by the inteligencia of civilised countries.
      Your puny votes and refugee claims are no threat to a Democratic nation of Canada.

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