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Breaking The Devil’s Heart

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Breaking The Devil’s Heart, is the second novel by H. A. Goodman, a former financial advisor turned author. The novel explores several themes including the concept of hell and heaven, the choice of free will and where the root cause of evil lies.
Goodman weaves the story around two Observers (those who live between Hell and Heaven); Stewart, a former CIA agent and his girlfriend Layla a former English teacher. They died in their twenties and are now committed to fight Satan and end the spread of evil in their afterlife.
The book starts off with a conversation between a demon (by the name of Frank, no less!) and Stewart, the protagonist of the story as he tries to manipulate the six foot fashionably clad demon into giving valuable information, in exchange for the chance to enter the Pearly Gates and leave The Company.
However, Frank is unaware that Stewart has no power in making such high up promises but the dreadful corporate life of a demon has changed his idea of commitment to spreading evil and he caves in.
The Company is run by the Boss, a nickname for  Satan herself. Yes, Satan is a ‘she’ and she is tough, stopping at nothing in order to spread the formula that instigates evil in mankind which leads to chaos and bloodshed.
From kidnapping corporate demons and finding numerous ways to make them talk, to aligning themselves with gangster angels, Stewart and Layla travel between time to figure out the cause of evil and how it could be stopped and put Satan out of business for all eternity.
Breaking The Devil’s Heart is certainly a book of its own kind.

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