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Grand Robbery By Central Provincial Council

The President must step in to stop the crime about to be perpetrated by the Central Provincial Council on the Citizens of the Central Province. It is skullduggery at its worst. The Council is to expend some Rs 500 million on a trip to China for all its members, ostensibly to study the system of provincial governance there, and its adaptability, wholly or partly here. All poppycock and the usual mantram used for what is nothing less than a holiday and shopping jaunt for the CP councillors. The costs are to be borne of course by the citizens of the Central Province. The trip must be considered totally unjustified for the following reasons:
(1). The Council can get all the information, material, data, etc., concerning the study it purports to be the purpose of the trip, from the Sri Lanka Embassy in China. Our embassies are staffed not only for political/diplomatic ends but also for various other purposes. Their resources can be used, instead of sending a cartload of people from here for the same purpose.
(2). Assuming some members from the Council need to go in any case, even if our embassy’s resources are to be used, why need the entire Council go? Two or three at the most should suffice, and no more.
(3). What about the cost? The expenses to be incurred on this pleasure jaunt could finance so many other benefits, facilities, projects, etc. for the Central Province citizens. Hospitals, roads, housing, Kandyan peasantry and estate workers facilities/benefits, etc, etc. can be improved/commenced from these funds. The Central Provincial Council prefers to spend this huge sum on holiday jaunts for its members rather than improving the lot of its citizens.
So it is necessary that the minister concerned, and if not he, the President, intervenes immediately and put a stop to this robbery of the CP citizens by their own councillors. It is abuse of the highest order. One recollects the instance of a then UNP lady Western Provincial Councillor (today she’s a UNP MP vociferous about Govt wasting funds!) going on a jaunt to China not too long ago on a similar mission at a huge cost.
The President must not permit a similar travesty by the Central PC. Indeed the President needs to trim his own delegations on trips abroad, their size/composition seeming to be loyalty gifts which we taxpayers are forced/made to pay for.
But for now, the CPC’s China Jaunt by all its members must be stopped. Its Grand Larceny, nothing less!
A taxpayer of Central Province

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  1. Get one Chinese expert and he will explain.

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