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Neighbour Threatened by Dil-scoop

Now – the cameras have turned after the telephone
conversation with Dilshan , Dilshan and Renuka

A mother of two teenaged daughters claims that Sri Lankan cricketer Tillakaratne Dilshan – who is her immediate neighbour – is threatening her to sell him her house and that all complaints regarding this to the police have fallen on deaf ears.
Renuka de Costa, who lives in the house adjoining Dilshan’s, accuses the cricketer and his wife Manjula Thilini for making her life miserable wanting to buy her house for a lesser amount.
“This house was bought with the money my husband earned by toiling hard in Iraq. We moved to 33/ 29A, Rajamaha Vihara Road, Pitakotte on June 15, 2010 and had a good rapport with Dilshan and his family till November 2010 before an annoying proposal came from them,” said Renuka.
According to Renuka, Dilshan and his family had invited them for several functions as they were associating so closely.
“This house was bought for Rs.50.5 million under my husband and my names. Although we spent such a large amount, Dilshan and his wife have asked my husband to sell it to them for Rs.40 million to which my husband has agreed. When this proposal was conveyed to me I got annoyed and that was how our friendship came to an end,” said Renuka.
Renuka further stated that her husband who was on holiday from June refused to go back to Iraq until the deal went through.
“My two school-going daughters and I were really upset over the issue and my husband’s actions after the proposal came from Dilshan’s family. There were many instances where my husband assaulted my two teenaged daughters and fought with me on unnecessary issues. Since the house was bought under both our names, he could not sell the house to accomplish his wish. Since I knew that my husband would steal the deed and forge my signature to sell the house I hid the deed,” said Renuka.
Since Renuka could not suffer intimidation, she had lodged a complaint with the Mirihana police Children and Women Bureau against her husband.
“The lady police officer – Kusum – in the Children and Women’s Bureau inquired into my complaint and advised my husband not to behave like an animal and to listen to me for the sake of my young family. She also advised my husband not to harass me and my daughters and try to lead a peaceful life with the family and not to sell the house that was bought with the money he has toiled hard for.
“After the inquiry my husband did not raise any issues with us and was silent. It did not take a few days for him once again to shout at me over the same issue. By which time he had lost his lucrative job in Iraq as he had failed to report for duty disregarding the numerous calls asking to report for duty. He paid little heed for his job but rather wanted to ‘help’ Dilshan’s family to purchase our house,” added Renuka.
Renuka was puzzled as to why Dilshan’s family was so interested in buying her house when they could buy any other property that is available in the country without harassing her.
“It was Dilshan that came to this place before us. Why couldn’t they buy this house before we purchased it? Why do they want to buy our house for a pittance? He earns money playing cricket. He may be having billions of rupees and enough of politicians to back him, but I do not consider those and fall prey to him. The only thing Dilshan and his wife could do is to destroy my life. If they think so they have made a big mistake. My relations and friends are following this whole episode and they will do the needful if something happens to my life mysteriously,” said Renuka.
While this battle was going on, according to Renuka she was surprised why Manjula Thilini – wife of Dilshan – once came to her house and informed her that her husband had met with an accident at Mawanella and then asked for her deed.“I was puzzled as to why she came to break the news to me. I knew that my husband went on a trip with some of his friends in my car. But what made him inform Dishan’s family about the accident? I am yet to find out why he did so. I was told that my husband had called Dilshan to tell about the accident. Manjula meanwhile wanted our house deed and took me to a devalaya claiming to do a pooja for my husband. It was only later that I understood that an attempt had been made to do a charm to change my mind. But fortunately that did not happen and the dispute continued further,” said Renuka.
Since Renuka could not bear the suffering any longer, she had told her husband to allow her to lease out the house and move away if not she would set fire to herself and die in front of the house as she could no longer suffer intimidation and harassments from her husband and Dilshan’s family.
“As a result of the threat, my husband agreed to lease out the house to a foreigner and rented out a house at Subadrarama Road, Kotte. Since that house was too small we moved to another house at Jambugasmulla Mawatha, Nugegoda. By this time my husband left to Dubai seeking a job.
After completing one year our tenant too left the house without giving any valid reasons and I moved into the house once again with my mother and two young daughters. As I was undergoing mental agony for the past two years my friends wanted me to have a special ‘bahirawa pooja’ at home to ward off evil acts. When we were having this pooja, Manjula came to her balcony with Dishan and his mother and shouted at me in filth saying that she will drag me out from my house. On another day Dilshan too shouted at me saying that it is simple for him to chase me away from my house or to finish me off,” said Renuka.
Meanwhile, on a complaint lodged by Dishan’s father, Renuka was asked to come to the Mirihana police for an inquiry.
“Allegation was levelled against me for obstructing Dilshan’s vehicle and scolding him in filth. To inquire the matter I was taken to ASP Soyza where he spoke to me in anger. He asked irrelevant questions and said that I will have to compensate Dilshan for bringing mental agony before he left for a match. ASP Soyza also wanted me to sell the house to Dilshan for the amount they wanted. When I told him as to why I should sell incurring losses, the ASP said that I could invest the money and enjoy my life.
When I lodged a complaint against Dilshan for installing CCTV cameras focusing on our swimming pool, nothing was done to address the matter. Now I have a feeling that my life is in danger and the police too is helping Dilshan in whatever way they could,” said Renuka.
However it was later that Renuka had met DIG Sumith Edirisinghe and lodged a complaint against the police for failing to discharge their duties and for being biased.
Meanwhile ASP Soyza refuting allegations said that he did not harass Manjula as claimed by her.
“The issue is the CCTV cameras. My officers who went to inquire said that the cameras are not focused towards the neighbour’s house but to Dilshan’s parapet wall. I am busy at a protest if you want any more details send one of your staff members to the police,” said Soyza.
However, DIG Sumith Edirisinghe confirmed to The Sunday Leader that there is a dispute between Renuka and Dishan’s family and added that he would settle it amicably.
Responding to a text message, Tillakaratne Dilshan speaking from Australia refuted allegations levelled against him and his wife saying he would take legal action against Renuka once the article appears in The Sunday Leader.
Dilshan first asked what the accusations levelled against him were. When told that it was against a threat he (Dilshan) had made to Renuka, Dilshan wanted this paper to go ahead with its article and said he would take stern action against the complainant. “I do not have anything to say. I will take action against the neighbour once the article appears,” said Dilshan.
Speaking further, Dilshan’s wife Manjula Thilini first said that she and her husband did not know such a person by that name but however later added that they did not have anything to do with Renuka.
“Dilshan is a famous cricketer and what made you to do an article about an alleged accusation? When there are so many other things that have to be highlighted why do you want to write something that is irrelevant to your profession? I don’t think that there is a necessity to highlight a small incident in a big way. Since I do not know who you are I am talking to you like this. If not I will talk to you in a different way,” said Manjula.
When asked whether it is true that both she and her husband had scolded Manjula and that Dilshan’s father had lodged a bogus complaint against Renuka for coming in front of Dilshan’s vehicle and scolding him using abusive language, Manjula tried to avoid the question and was asking as to why this reporter was trying to bring discredit to her husband who is a famous cricketer.
When asked whether it was true that they had installed CCTV cameras and some of them were focussed straight towards Renuka’s residence which is an illegal act, Manjula said that CCTV cameras were not installed towards the neighbour’ s residence.
“Why should we focus cameras to look at them? Since we do not have security we got CCTV cameras installed because most of the time we live abroad and only about two months in a year we live in Sri Lanka. Neither Dilshan nor me and even Dilshan’s parents associate the neighbours,” said Manjula.
Although Manjula first said that she did not know that the CCTV cameras had irked Renuka, contradicting what she said earlier, Manjula said that even the police did not find fault against them when Renuka lodged a complaint against the cameras.
“I heard that police had come once but has not found the cameras focused towards them. We only can see our parapet wall from the camera but not the other house,” said Manjula.
Manjula further said that there was no use of explaining this to the reporter and wanted her to do whatever she wanted as they would take necessary action following the publication of the article that would harm the reputation of her husband and hers.
Although The Sunday Leader was able to capture the CCTV cameras that were focused directly towards Renuka’s swimming pool, it is learnt that the cameras are now not directed at the pool after The Sunday Leader contacted Dilshan and his wife.

51 Comments for “Neighbour Threatened by Dil-scoop”

  1. Dot

    is this a story of the rich and famous in SriLanka ? Such incidences of families trying to sell land and disagreements about such sales between husbands and wives and siblings is a normal behaviour in my experience . This type of behaviour in Families made them vulnerable to many an invester who would jump at a bargain .. ISN’T THAT A NORMAL PATTERN IN THE REAL ESTATE MARKET SYSTEM . But this story has the spice and seasoning because it involves a celebrity .

  2. Herbert Siri Perera

    Renuka – find out the history of Manjula Thilini from Winil Gems in Kahawatte. Also this cricketer has no proper upbringing and look at him he is a clear rowdy. He messes up his 1st marriage because he is a lunatic when it comes to young girls. Please protect your daughters more than protecting your house

  3. AMAR

    This episode seems to somewhat tricky.If her husband agreed to sell the house to Dilshan, perhaps there may be something untold by this article. Did they have taken an advance from Dilshan.? I do not think Dilshan will go for thretning for such issue otherwise.And he knows his limit. Perhaps, Renuka has a trouble with her husband, so she is trying to frame Dilshan to get more attention, since Dilshan is a famous person.

    There should be an untold part to this story.It will definetely come out in the near future.So we can get the real picture.

  4. jayantha

    This is a family dispute husband and wife ,,,, there house is not in order to settel problems and blaming there Neighbours. It can be a crickets or any person living in neigbourhood .
    by publishing this atricle in news paper , its bulshit to read this , there are more intresting stories to write , yet the journelist have nothing to write about whts going on the country and write bulshits .

  5. Hera Filo

    Typical Sinhala Buddhists!! Greedy, greedy and greedy!! when they die, they want to take all this with them!!

  6. zacky deen

    Shame,shame Dilshan.You forget your past.

  7. vintage voter


  8. Shafraaz Lye

    Dont worry Mrs. Dilshan. Tuan Mohammed Dilshan AKA Thilakarathne Mudiyanselage Dilshan (WHo even changed his name to get a place in the Sri Lankan Side)(Thamunge madiya thadakaraganna Jaathakayath wikunapu Hambaya) can change lot of things.
    If he can escape rape in Zimbabwe(Now he cannot even get VISA to Zimbabwe) with the political help, this will be nothing for him.Sanna boy, help him like before to get his neighbour s house by force.

    No doubt DIlshan is the most talented Cricketer In the Sri Lankan Side but his way of getting about with is life is not the most commendable thing that he does.(As per Islam or Buddhism-Whatever he believes now)

    Police also should invesitigate Dilshan for Match fixing Charges went against him sometime back where so many people have hidden the inquiries under the carpet.

    Sharaaz Lye ( Anothe Malay like TM Dilshan)

  9. Mohan Bandara

    What a dirty sick mind these two have to focus a CCTV to the neighbors Pool when they have teenage daughters.
    Most of the film and model industry knows who is Manjula Thilini – but I thought Dilshan was a genuine humble chap – this is amazing what money can drive away the living values.
    Renuka – please go to courts and nail them really.

  10. Max

    This is what happens in a corrupt society, Dilshan uses his position as a Sri Lankan Cricketer to bully ordinary people.

  11. ALEX

    Shame on you Dilshan.

  12. Peter

    So, this is a financial dispute involving two VERY RICH families, who can deal in multi million rupees. This is while the income of most Sri Lankans is only a few thousand per month. WHY is this newsworthy? WHY do you have to dedicate columnspace for this? The lady DARES to call 40 million rupees a ‘pittance’. There are many people who have been done graver injustices in Sri Lanka. many are starving, raped and robbed. Exposing a cricketer for his bad behaviour is good but it is not easy to feel sympathy for this filthy rich women. SHAME ON YOU sunday leader. This lady can survive for the rest of her life even if she receives the ‘pittance’ of 40m. Write about the POOR in this country and their problems.

  13. Ranjan Wijesinghe

    This is really unfair to Dilshan. Why do you take sides on a neighbourhood dispute. What is the nationa interest in this?

    The reader feel that your reporter is a friend of Renuka de Costa and that is the reason why you are mud slinging at Dilshan.

    You did not mention Renuka’s extra-marital affair that strted while her husband was overseas. That is why the marriage is falling apart.

    You people are shameless. This is not journalism.

  14. Jayraj

    Renuka, good that you brought this to the press. Keep fighting, it is not easy as a woman to fight against a popular cricketer. Dont worry, justice will punish him. Sri Lanka also punished a CJ who was corrupt.

  15. LIMA

    law should abide , no matter who it may be , cannot harass an innocent citizen , if renuka is ok then dilshan and manjula be punished , no matter who they are , if not the public will punish .
    you may be anybody , who cares , time is coming right , one by one will be punished.
    ASP soysa be careful , you are taking sides based on above story , DIG and IGP to look into this case , if not Renuka better go to HR for your claim. show the world that no thugs could rule.

  16. Nalin

    Send this to International Cricket Council. Whoever he may be Dilshan or any one else cant abuse his power or popularity to harass and threaten any human being. This is what happens when those who lived in dens and shanties are getting money. People must condemn this.

  17. Kaputa

    These guys don’t live among the civilized; he is an accident of birth so what can you expect….

  18. Danno Danithi

    This is the real situation in Srilanka today. No law, No Ethics,No Mercy,No Huminity even no “Justice”. Briefly if any body is armd with kind of connection and relationship with “Hi Power” fool in the ring , he or she can make anything, everything that other developed world cannot make or even think. In this particular case , it is visiable this cricket guy who has not got his G.C.E (OL) to do a “Peon Job in an Offoice” some how learnt a game of , as it was stated in Cricket history but not now “Gentleman`s Game”, became closer to another bunch of same kind uneducated fools with power and now he is going to use this power to “Get QuickRich” as his masters do. It smells in this case this house is not wanted for this Cricket Guy, but visiable out of the screen there may be a “Foolish Politician” or a “Sun “of a politician planning to get this lady`s house for a song to just to show off the outerworld, that this “Moda Frog” is a well known “Cricketer”.If we look in to the characters of Srilankan Cricketers, 90 out of hundred are uneducated, foolish,school dropouts, or Internationally Law Break warrent Holders.
    On the other hand this situation is not limited to this innocent lady , there may be dozen and dozens of “Lands Mankollakam” similier to this type all over the island from north, east, south and west, and most of them one politician, his son or family members,or his cousins connected.This is Srilanka today.
    Unless Srilankans get united and change and wipe out this “Dictatorial constitution ” which is allowing uneducated, nation cheaters, criminals, thugs, bankcruptfamily members to come to the parliament and get use of “Supreme powers of the citizens” wrong selfishely, this situation going on.

  19. balaraman

    if this is true, what a disgraceful conduct by dilshan.people whom the country looks upon as icons,must be above reproach.police conduct is not surprising in keeping with their record.

  20. Duminda N Jayatileke

    This idiot is an igonarant thug playing for a stupid thirdl world team. He is not in the class of Micheal Clarke or Greame Smith.

    • Leo

      Bro……what does our country have to do with his misconduct?……….pls dont blame the team for this, afterall do we demean and ridicule the West Indian team for Gayles behavior?, or the Aussies for Shane Warnes conduct?……..pls stick to the point……..

    • Lankan

      playing for a stupid third world team. Shame on you Duminda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go and lick the ass of suddas.

    • Dot

      oh the comment is reeking with such a lot of muck and cry out such an amount of inferiority complex that it is a eye opener . Real estate bargaining even in Australia is such a trade seeking some dent in the armour of the vendor to make a bargain . Neighbours moving in to buy the land of the vulnerable that is as old as the history of private property ownership that came ino after the abolition of Nindagam in SriLanka . The landed Gentry be they lay people or clergy would have many a skeleton in their cupboards .of how they acquired land of the vulnerable !

    • kris

      Hey Duminda don’t write to public forums like idiot if dilshan lives in third world contry then has to play for third world country not for Australia or Southafrica

      How do you know about the class of Micheal Clarke or Graham Smith

      Go in front of a mirror to see whether you look like third world country man or not , then talk about other peoples status

  21. Malin Gunawardene

    This Dilshan is no where rich like the Aussie or English cricketers. These things only happen in backward under developed SL.

    • Eddy

      There’s a controversy surrounding his name as well! T.M. Dilshan? Money, power,(By associating the Rajapaksa siblings!) and fame, had over ridden good sense(that’s if he had any before!) If this accusation against Dilshan and his celluloid screen wife is true; then all I can say is “Shame on them” this only exposes their low life characteristics! The poor neighbor Renuka can take heart, considering the shameful treatment meted out to the lady CJ of our Asiyawe Aschrya(SL) by the Govt & it’s lap dog(Police), she’s much better off!! These arrogant stupid new rich people like Dilshan and spouse will meet their Waterloo soon. My sympathies for that courageous lady, may God protect her and the children!

    • Kalu

      I believe you are not from the backward and under developed SL or rather originating from there, but thought fit to glorify the White masters forgetting your roots! Now grow up mate.

    • kariya

      fuck you man and how come you have a name from a so called under devoleped country,

  22. jayagoda

    This is what happens when billions of rupees falls easily on these uneducated gutter fellows, Due to some karama he has become a cricketer and that’s no reason for him to harass others around. Please respect your parents your school and religion Mr, Thuwan Dilshan and behave.

  23. HOPE

    “Dilshean” whats wrong with you???? this way U will louse everything, your family, career, welth, even you respect.

    “ASs Soysa” dont forget that u r a cop not a broker wearin a uniform. do not tarnish the name of the police. how much of comison u would be getting???

    “Renuka” I understand the situation you are undergoin. we are praying that this problem will finish soon and you and family can be happy and live in peace @ ur home. Donot give up. You are an example to all women who are harresed. Donot give up. they ill try to put you down but u must stand strong. I also had to under go somthing simlar I understand how you and your children feel. Take care and think positive. :)

  24. willows

    money can do miracles???

  25. Aru

    Tuan Mohamed Dilshan should be ashamed of behaving like a petty thug. These are people from the gutters and what more can you expect from them. No proper education only fame and fortune which they cannot handle in an appropriate manner. They should not be allowed to intimidate and harass innocent people and get away with it.

  26. Meena M.

    This is sheer arrogance and greed. Dilshan and his wife should be ashamed of themselves. If this lady does not want to sell her property and it is causing friction and grief in her family, leave them alone. Go buy a property elsewhere Dilshan
    show some class, or pretend to have some class.

  27. Abey

    can you believe this.

  28. paisa musthappa

    Remember how our own Capitaan KuCool and his gang assaulted some innocent younsters for throwing a ball into his house in Gampaha? Thuggery all round protected by national fame. Shame! Shame, Shame!

  29. Karthik

    This the typical reaction of a poor fellow who become rich unexpectedly. A Spritual Guru once said “IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE ACTUAL CHARACTER OF A PERSON GIVE HIM MONEY AND OR POSISTION OF WATCH.” If they are living only TWO months in a year in Sri Lanka why are they interested in buying their neighbour’s House?. Typical reaction of an uneducated man!.

  30. Yohan Fernando

    This article say it all about Dilshan…. A no class batsmen and a no class human being. probably wants to buy this lady’s house to level it to have a bigger garden.. if he wants to by all means go ahead.. but pay the proper amount for the land. if it was bought at 50 million 2 years ago now the price must be higher. real third class behavior from a public figure… but then again what can you expect from the uneducated and uncivilized .

  31. MAhinda

    I thought it’s only politico’s are the thugs & riffraff, it looks like the cricketers are getting the decease too

  32. Muiz

    Well, there are two sides in a story. However, if this side is true then it’s a disgrace to Dilly’s reputation. Then again if Dilshan would come 4ward to pay anything over 50m i think the lady will simply let it go.. Lol..

  33. Nandan

    This is a dilemma in our country. Politicians have been behaving like “Rajjuruwo” doing everything as if they are the kings of this country. Now the cricketers also jont them. They abuse their image in the public. They think they can do anything with the support of their political backing. Unfortunately, innocent general public are the victims always.

  34. sam

    I think this is a bit of non news worthy story, irrelavent and BS. I think there is a family dispute. The husband want sell the house wife refuse. I think this is nothing to do with Dilsahn.
    Husband accepted an offer, but wife doesn’t want to sell it, that’s all to it, nothing newsworthy.

  35. Ravi

    Looks like Renuka has to straigthen up her husband, rathar than jumping on Dilshan. This seems to be a pretty disfunctional family. From all said in the article, looks like Renuka is a ‘spoiled- house wife’ who spends the money the husband earns, and pick up unnecessary fights. Most of the stuff in the article is un-believable. I am not defending Dilshan, as I dont know the guy, other than seeing him playing cricket a few times. But the facts in the story dont fit the claims by Sunday leader.

  36. Justice

    These cricketer types consider themselves royalty and they think they are above the common man in SL. Why are they held in such awe when there are very learned , educated professors and such who do not get the same respect? The mentality in the society is to hero worship sportsmen thus giving them false superiority. Being a fan is different from worshipping them. That is the problem. In the developed world the sportsmen also are popular, wealthy but the law deals with them the same way. Many a times sports figures get taken to courts for offenses and even jailed when proven guilty. In Sl unfortunately when you are a a cricketer or have power connections. the law is bent in their favor. Hence the attitude of the police. so this person knows he can get away with murder just because he is a popular figure.
    I hope the poor house owner can live in peace with her young daughters. What a shame indeed! Incredible SL it is.

  37. david

    The issue here is that these cricketing morons think they are above the law by playing the most unproductive game on earth. How many countries play this boring game in the world? I believe this idiot Tuan Dilshan changed his name to Tillekeratne to get in to the cricket team should be prosecuted. But unfortunately there is no law and order in the Banana Republic. Even CJ got fired for nothing.
    To support these idiots we have a parliament full of uneducated buffoons who think they are above the law. Unfortunately for law abiding citizens there’s no options as the police is also are the for the name-they just do all dirty work for underworld.
    The question every law abiding citizen should ask themselves is to how to end this mess? because even if you vote it doesn’t matter now as the govt. plays gimmicks with the final results.
    Unless there is any foreign intervention to chase this administration and the UNP to hell there is now way this country will be a paradise.

  38. Ess Fernando

    This particular articles does not seem to have followed the correct protocol as for the writer has not given any view of the matter either from Dilshan or his any other family member involved. Until then how on the earth one can know what actually happened.

  39. ajhewage

    You need to short it out matter with your husband.every story has two side. We only know what you saying,
    We living in happy capitalism. if you husband want to sell the house, they only willing to pay 40. So what is the problem here.

  40. Mahasonah

    This Jihad member and his slutty wife are Hakim’s Babies and may the Christian god help Renuka and her family!

  41. tampaBay

    it says “her husband and Dilshan’s family.” well this is a rather muddled story true DIl-scoop is not the gentleman cricketer like Roshan Mahanama more like Arjuna who beat the daylights out of schoolboys. But i think there is more to this tale than this since there is a complication with the husband too..

  42. hiru amroe

    I cannot believe how people can comment and pass judgement so easily. Firstly the problem appears to be between this woman and her husband as they cannot decide whether or not to sell the house. Secondly this is only this woman’s version. We don’t know he other side.It is so easy to put down cricketers, actors, politicians and others to play innocent victims.Can this be a mud slinging campaign against Dilshan?

  43. Sajith

    Dilshan is a thug who happened to play cricket, and his wife Manjula is a skank…

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