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Canada Warns Government

Canadian Minister Kenney briefed Harper on the ‘deteriorating’ human rights situation in Sri Lanka. The Canadian Premier will now make a decision on the level of Canada’s engagement at the CHOGM meeting in November in Sri Lanka

By Easwaran Rutnam

Canada has warned the government of Sri Lanka saying if it does not address issues raised on human rights and accountability there could be a revival of radicalization by the Tamil Diaspora.
The Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney, who visited Sri Lanka early last month, told a group of Tamil journalists in Ontario last week that he had conveyed this message to the Sri Lankan government during his visit.
Kenney said that during his discussions in Sri Lanka he found that the political situation was deteriorating rather than improving.
He said he had reported his views to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as well as to Foreign Minister John Baird and the Canadian Premier will now make a decision on the level of Canada’s engagement at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka in November.
“There has been a dramatic failure by the government to pursue the opportunity for meaningful reconciliation in the post war environment.
There are many grounds on which to be concerned about on the human rights situation. We continue to hear stories about disappearances and about the lack of accountability for serious and violent crimes,” the Canadian Minister said at the roundtable media discussion.
The Canadian Prime Minister had earlier said he will not attend the Colombo summit unless there is progress on the human rights issue in Sri Lanka.
Kenney told Tamil journalists in Canada that he had informed the Sri Lankan government, including External Affairs Minister G. L. Peiris that during the war in Sri Lanka the Canadian government had put aside its political interests and “shut off the money tap” coming from Canada that was supporting the LTTE which helped the government eventually defeat the LTTE.
Canadian politicians have long been accused of supporting the LTTE in an effort to have the support of the huge Tamil Diaspora in Canada during an election.
“So what I told Professor Peiris was that now in return we expect the Sri Lankan government to live up to its obligations in respect of reconciliation, accountability and human rights. So I said we come to you as a responsible player and for whatever reasons this is a message they don’t want to hear. The sense I had was it was a monologue not a dialogue,” Kenney said.
The Canadian Minister however noted that the government has made progress on some issues and some of the moderate Sinhalese political parties he met during his Colombo visit had hope for a meaningful political reconciliation.
Asked if he thinks Tamils in Sri Lanka can live with respect and dignity, Jason Kenney said that in general he feels they can’t.
He also said that the impeachment of former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake was a “very bad sign” and that it showed even the rights of Sinhalese people were being violated.
The Minister also said the current developments in Sri Lanka show the Commonwealth that the government is not taking seriously the reasonable expectations of the international community that it respects the Rule of Law.


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  1. T.George - UK

    Another Resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN.

    1. An Independent international Inquiry for the Massacre of over 40,000 innocent Tamil civilians in May 2009 according to the UN panel. Anil’s Ghost follows Sri Lanka in 2013 and onwards. SHAME! SHAME!

    • Wije

      Tiger George, remember while inhuman tamil terrorist slaying thousand of innocent civilian even they cut the pregnant mother and taken out baby out, that time where the UN, where the US, where the UK, where the Canada and other countries now crying for LTTE. Even thousand of resolution we are the srilankan not afraid keep your mind. Sri Lanka is independent country. Not part of UN or UK or US or who are making cro. Tear. Already wipe out LTTE from Sri Lanka that it. Still remaining some of them like you take care.


    • AH

      Shame is on you George. The figures you quote for deaths is a ghost figure that has long gone to hell with the rest of the LTTE propaganda. If your going try and sound intelligent, speak with facts not falsehoods. Nearly as many Sri Lankan soldier lost their lives trying to save the human shields as did Tamil civilians being held under the tyranic ‘cult’ of Prabhakaran. Facts my friend, Fact will set you free! Lies will chain you to the railroad track, sooner or later the train is going to come and you will see the light when its too late.

    • suren soysa

      Hi blind George from UK,did you count 40000 bodies & how on earth did you brand them as innocent? What about the slaughter of over 100,000 Sinhalese & Muslims by your striped Tamil butchers. That inquiry too will be held,if not by UN,by God. Be ready to give credentials to the remaining Tamil Tigers then. Unfortunately you best ally Killer Praba is no more & you can take his place!

  2. Siva

    These are proLTTE propaganda. Harper himself is in trouble for continuing discrimination against the aboriginal people. No body takes these propaganda seriously in Canada except pro LTTE Tamils. My suggestion you is to read some Canadian news papers to learn about Harper governments record on human rights.

  3. edward

    Yes its better face all alligations against SL and punish all who done wrong , but 1st we must find out whts the names and address of the people so called 40,000 who had died during the conflics . im pretty sure they do not have any , but i believe those are from tamil nadu people who came to fight .

  4. Shitty Ponnachelvam

    White supremacist Canada should first address its own issues before dabbling in the internal affairs of other countries.For all its human rights talk, what is it doing to improve the position of its own Innuit aboriginal Indians who have the highest poverty, illiteracy and drug addiction rates primarily because of their demarginalization from the greater white canadian society. Even integration is difficult because they are restricted to live within state declared areas of habitation, much like what is currently evolving among Colombos slum dwellers. Colombo. Jason Kenny is pussy-footing here when his countrys own human rights record needs urgent tinkering.

  5. manuelpillai

    Canadian Government tells the actual situation prevailing in Sri Lanka for which the Sri Lankan Tamils must be happy. There are the Sinhalese who are reasonable who say it is true though they in the minority at present. Right is might in the end. Might perpetrated wrongly is not at all right. Do we have freedom to tell what we feel without fear? Those who are free are free indeed.

  6. manuelpillai

    Canada is right and we thank them.

  7. Deepthi

    Mr.Kennedy, Did you visit the situation in Mali and in most of the middle-eastern countries to see the improvements overthere? what is happening there? Improving or deteriorating? I think you are brainwashed by LTTE cadres who escaped to Canaa and other parts of the world.. and there are some others too who see through a different colored glass, Pathetic!.

  8. AH

    Its Canada that needs to worry. They are harboring and protecting the remnant LTTE radicals on their soil. Sri Lanka is protecting itself from the likes of the LTTE, as long as Canada panders to these terrorists in pin stripped suites, the will be in trouble. The problem is that the Canadian government is being bought by a very lucattive group of constiuents for their votes, without a clue as to the what the situation is on the ground in Sri Lanka. Oh Canada, wake up before its too late.

  9. Rexy Perumal

    Whatever international pressures, the Government of Sri Lanka will never allow
    Tamils in Sri Lanka to recognize as Sri Lankans and give chances to live in peace and harmony due to ethnic conflict, until the Sinhalese show them the brotherhood for them to be independent .

  10. Living the dream in the west

    This time no amount of lies about development rubbish will convince the mighty UN. The genocidal SL govt will be forced to agree to an international inquiry into the killing of thousands of innocent Tamils or else face economic sanctions which will starve the nation.

  11. kumar soysa

    IF jason Kenney visited the Southern and Western Provinces of Sri Lanka, he would have seen that the majority of the shop-keepers, shop assistants, blue collar workers etc are 80% Tamil!! They can be identified by their accent, the Hindu marks on their foreheads and their drss style. I agree that there maybe areas that the GOSL can do better BUT listeneing to a Diaspora, who are smarting after the defeat of their Terror outfit does not help.

  12. Ram

    The 40,000 quote plucked out of thin air is comparable to the alleged masscare of the Hebrews in Bethar by the Romans. The number exceeded the estimated world population at the time.

  13. Chand

    Not a Massacre it is ending of a bloody terrorism group LTTE who was named most dangerous terrorist group, so why shame, same thing doing US, Canada in other countries.

  14. Tony Waters

    Although it is sad to see G.L. Peiris having to defend the indefensible yet again, he does make a valid point when he objects that there is a double standard. What about Gaza? What about Fallujah? What about secret renditions, water-boarding and other forms of torture? Even after a damning U.N. report was published, no one was prosecuted for war crimes committed in the Gaza strip in 2008/9. The same is true of a litany of war crimes committed by the Bush-Cheney administration — nothing was done about it, not even a U N inquiry or commission. So why should Sri Lanka be singled out? In effect, he is saying that the norms have changed.

  15. Appuhamy

    Please check the following link for continued atrocities committed by Canada against the Native Canadians :

  16. Gota the hero

    Canada warns Lanka in public’s view and shakes hands with the devil behind the scenes. I like to see some serious action not warnings.

  17. Max

    I wonder why the canadian Immigration Minister has relaxed or in other words sending Refugee cliamants from Canada back to Sri lanka saying SL is normal now… all these guys are politicaly motivated maan… its a pity that they too have families around them… thats the world maan.

  18. Sri Babu

    This minister is catering to the demands of the Tamil Diaspora in Canada; 100% consisting of the former LTTE members, LTTE subscribers and LTTE fund raisers.

  19. CW

    If Tamils live in Sinhala dominated areas peacefully, employed in Govt Institutions, children get free education like any other children,what else you want? Removing the Chief Justice is an internal matter of SL. Why is Canada worried about? Why did the Minister have a closed door meeting with Tamils? What do you think about mistreat of Canadian Aborigines?

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