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Bodu Bala Sena To Take ACJU to court

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The Bodu Bala Sena is to file legal action against the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU ) over the issuing of the Halal certificate.
General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena the Venerable Galagodatte Gnanasara Thero alleged that local businesses are being forced to pay for the certificate.
He said the Bodu Bala Sena will also investigate who gave the initial clearance for Halal certificates to be issued in Sri Lanka.
The Venerable Galagodatte Gnanasara Thero said the Ministry of Defence convened a meeting with the monks recently to discuss the tense situation which arose in the country following protests over the issuing of the Halal certificates.
The Bodu Bala Sena insists it is not working to the agenda of any individual or organization either locally or overseas.

44 Comments for “Bodu Bala Sena To Take ACJU to court”

  1. dumb

    Halal i thought is all concerning the killing of an animal for human consumption in a pracice that shed the impure blood of an animal . this is Kosher fror the Jews and Halal for Muslims . Christian meat eaters do not worry about it and most western countries pracice the ‘ humane ‘ way as it is termed of stunning the animal before killing . Any way why is the Bodu bala sena concerned about it for I thought Buddhism encouraged no meat for the Buddhist . So let them who devour meat accept /or reject as individuals an age long practice if they want to and lets keep out Llet the peole decide as grown up adults , if they want to consume meat or be vegans .Traders in the western world go to great length of making the poor animals travel long didtances in harsh conditions just to fulfil the requiement for halal meat in the ME .. so be it it is a marketing world , demand and supply :consumer decides .Am I dumb is there more to all this ?

  2. LIMA

    the bodu bala sena is a group of racists and fools , that is what we can say ., you need to look at other parts of the world regarding this cert issue , even strong non-muslim countries have recommended this . thsi group of monks live on others earnings withotu any expenditure , they get what they want and enjoy the freedom of all source even a luxury person could not enjoy. they dine on flesh of any kind , they sleep with the opposite sex for their needs and the roam as free bird to diff parts and countries on others expenses , so what more they need , now they are scared of the truth , GOD HELP TO MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND before their destruction arrives sooner or later.

  3. R.M.B Senanayake

    Issue of Halal Certificates should be a matter for a government institution. During the colonial period the appointment of Quasis and the Waqfs Board were based on laws. No private body should have been authorized to issue such certificates without government regulation by say the Standards Institution. Religion cannot infringe on secular matters without government approval as in the case of Marriage laws for Christians and Muslims where the priests who solemnize the Christian marriage in a church is under the control of the Registrar general. The fees should be regulated but the choice should be left to businesses. But this issue should not have been used to stir up hatred against Muslims and a law is needed to penalize those who incite disaffection against minorities as in India and the UK.

  4. jehan

    check the monks and his companies accounts,if traced you will see the money they are getting from abroad (which thay dont deny) come from Noraway/US And
    England. This is used by this BBS To instigate racial tension, If any violence is carried out against muslims, Arab countries might vote for the un resolution sanctioning SL government, this is what the west wants. BBS Are not Buddhist But basterd who have sold the country for few dollers.

    • Rajani

      We can check the monks account later. Why non mulims buy the halal food at a higher price? All the super markets are selling halal foods.

      • ifraz

        ask this questions from the companies which has halal certificate they voluntarily get the halal certificate for their own benefit
        Ex:export goods to middle east and to sell sri lankan muslims
        if ACJU forced any company to get this certificate why can’t or why not the companies complain this to police
        company captures higer amount of market so the demand will increase as well as supply,we all know that more supply reduces production cost
        simple as that

      • fazel

        can you point one product that is sold at higher price because of halal certificate. this halal is mainly targeted foreigners and exports to middle east countries by the big exporters mostly non Muslims companies.

    • Sri Babu

      Jehan, if you don’t like the message, don’t attack the messenger (the noble buddhist monks). The root cause of these troubles are the Muslim extremists. We lived in this country for many years before muslims arrived from Kerala and Morrocco on trade. We are the customers you dont tell us that we have to label our products according to your beliefs. Wake-up fellow.

    • Kekula

      After all is your mother a Muslim???

  5. Meena M.

    This smacks of ignorance of other religions and discrimination. If anyone is uncomfortable buying Halal products, they have the freedom not to. No one is forcing anyone in this country to stick to only Halal products. Why is this issue suddenly a problem for some in this country? Muslims according to their religion eat meat that is humanely slaughtered. If others do not agree with this procedure or imagine it is too costly, they can go to non Halal establishments.
    These are the beginnings of communal problems. Shame on this committee to start picking on minor matters and magnifying it to larger proportions.
    That brings us to the question, who is instigating this, and why.

    • Sri Babu

      Persons like you are the root cause and you instigate this. You don’t buy if it is not Halal. Just ask the vendor. But do not put presure on majority to “Label” the products. If you don’t like main grocery shops and their products, find your own ones.

      • Meena M.

        So you are afraid of a label. WIll kosher products be okay for you?
        NO ONE is pressurizing anyone to buy halal. It must be hard for you to comprehend that the Muslims are the minority here, and do not have to power to force the country to eat halal. It is trouble makers like you, who are ignorant about the concept of halal. When someone makes a hate comment against any race or people, it only shows ignorance and racism.

    • NILAN

      eating halal or non halal (haram) meat both are not humanely acts. how do you slaughter animals humanly? if somebody wants to eat meat or kill animals do it.But do not try to justify bad things using good words

      • commonsense

        @ Nilan– how do you slaughter animals humanely?
        I guess you are a vegan or sth?? Let me explain.. choose the best option:

        1. A chickens neck can be snapped with your bare hands… And the chicken walks headless for a while before it dies…

        2. A small cut, with a sharp knife can be done to the carotid artery on the beast(camel,cow)… It bleeds to death in a minute.. Its totally painless and the blood cut to the brain makes the animal drowsy..
        Also before this they are given water and not allowed to see the slaughter of other animals.

        Which is more humane?

  6. Rajani

    What bodu bala sena telling is correct. Why should other people pay for muslims faith? If muslims wants halal food they can make it according to their faith and it is unfair force others also to take the same with high price. Government must take action against it.

    • paul

      Don’t blame the Muslims, it is the Sinhalese shop keeper’s and the manufacturer’s greed for more business that makes them apply for a ‘Halal’ certification. They want Muslims to buy their products and therefore run after the ‘Halal’ certificate.

    • guy

      Dear Rajani

      Who forced to take HALAL CERTIFICATE, please read the facts before you spill words, HALAL CERTIFICATE’s will be issued to whoever, who wants same to increase their sales and their products reach muslims, whoever, who does not want halal they can run their business sans halal certificate. WHY ARE YOU PAYING FOR HALAL JUST REFRAIN FROM EATING HALAL PRODUCTS. NO ONE OR ANY ENTERPRISE IS NOT FORCED TO TAKE HALAL CERTIFICATE. IF NO HALAL SIMPLE WE MUSLIM WONT BUY, BUT WE RESPECT YOUR CHOICE TO BUY NON HALAL FOODS OR WHATEVER YOU WANT.

    • Faizal

      Halal certificate issued in the interest of businesses and help decide by Muslim around the world to buy without a fear.
      This help business to target all organisation to market their products to all including Muslims.
      All over the world over one billion Muslims strict with their believes to look for halal – permissible products , which includes for all consumable.
      Who can issues it.
      Definitely not a corrupt organisation, therefore organisation like ACJU helping to businesses and all Muslims to decide what is halal.
      I am a Muslim lives in Australia look for certificate.In Australia , as a multi cultural society with less than 2 % Muslim able to find halal products including products from Srilanka.
      Good example is jelly from srilanka by Motha with halal certificate quite popular.
      All KCF chicken and some Macdoland sell halal meats for customer even though 2 % Muslim.
      Multi culturalism well tolerated in Australia than anywhere else.
      I strongly hope it is very possible in srilanka as well.
      please don’t create social or religious tension for issues like this.
      Lets all srilankan live together with harmony and built our country from healing cancer.
      I hope our policy maker should be zero tolerant in suppressing racial tension.

    • Ahmed

      This Halal certification can be shared to an extent, by the RELIGIOUS Buddhists as well, coz this certification clears beyond any doubt, that any unlawful animal products or alcohol are added, especially in processed foods, after all, Buddists DO follow the their 5 precepts, right?

    • singing fish

      I agree with what Rajani said, if the muslims want halal food they can ask the goverment to provide seperate stalls.No body is willing to buy halal foods except muslims.For the sake of eight percentage of muslims it is not necessary to issue halal certificate to all the food avalable in the country.

    • jehan

      Rajani you r correct. But its nothing to do with ACJU, bcos no one force to take halal certificate in sri lanka. What BBS should do is they should force the manufacturer to manufacture no halal food as well as who has halal certificate and see any price difference occur. Basically in this regards nothing to do with government, and in sri lanka we have written contituition which is followed.
      It’s unfair to critise muslims in sri lanka….eating hala is ur joice…..basically it is not a problem for muslims to worry… it is problem for the manufacturers….

    • TIM

      Halal certification issuance is only a service to the Muslim community to
      abide by our religious faith. It is not forced on other communities like
      Bhuddist, Hindus or Christians. Whoever wishes can consume Halal or
      otherwise, its their choice, for which they will be rewarded accordingly.

    • muslims really dont want put a halal certificate on all things. if they say their people not to buy those which are not halal they wont buy . no damage for them, but the companys which apply for halal certificates know that their sales will go down without HALAL certification in local and international.

      • fazel

        I agree with ab james. after all are saying that it is not compulsary for companies to take halal why some are still making problem.definitely it is paid work.

  7. Sri Babu

    Don’t attack the messenger; BBS must be commended for their actions against the Muslim extremists creating troubles in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is not a Muslim country, if these actions are allowed un-noticed, these extremists one day may attempt to introduce “sharia” law one day.

    • Meena M.

      Your anti Muslim propaganda in all your comments is noted.
      Can you explain which Muslim leader here has indicated sharia law here, and why do you bring up sharia law to cause friction here, and could you also explain who the extremists in Sri Lanka are here?
      You sound like someone who does not live in Sri Lanka. Kindly mind your own business, and stop spreading hate. Try getting on with your own neighbors wherever you live.

    • tissa

      i think our venerable monks should mind their own business and be confined to spiritual decipline rather than interfering with other religions. how ugly to see them do protests etc. in publisc. the dhamma doesnt teach this.

      shame on us. halal issue is international. its a major income earner to the govt.
      even sri lankan airlines serves totally halaal food.

      shame on those who call themselves educated. the press conference by the acju is sufficient for an av sri lankan to understanfd the subject of halaal .

    • Jawad

      Hello evrybody,

      In North America the World largest food Co. Nestle Canada is selling Halal Products, example of one item Maggi chicken soup cubes, halal items are available in any Hiper markes. These racist Mongs should be educate and stopped by law not to indulge racism.

    • Rachi

      They are the biggest racists in this country. The whole world watch these issues from the right beginning, It’s pretty transparent who is “Right”and who is “Wrong”. There is only one thing which had prompted these monks to attack these Muslims is “Jealous”. Because Muslims are having a good wealthy life in this country although they are minority in this country. Why they want to take this Halal certification as an issue? Sinhalese they eat dead animals, Drink Arrack, Expired Rice & Curry, Lot of Rapes occurring in Sinhalese community, Lot of Suicides, Murders…..etc. So if they could do these kind of things, why they want to bother about halal? Only thing I can ask from my Sinhalese friends, Please try to study about “Islam”and the meaning of Halal! According to BBS’s statements, it clearly shows they are not only bothering about Halal and it talks about mainly ruining the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka. What harm the Muslims did to Sinhalese OR to any other communities in Sri Lanka. They are peace lovers and they have never made any trouble with Other Non-Muslim Communities. If I tell you this, some of the Sinhalese would say they are “Cunning’. I know that this word comes from their mouth since they can not prove that the Muslims are wrong. But Brothers please think positively before making comments on other religions, specifically on Muslims. Have you ever thought, why these BBS boycotting No-Limit and Fashion Bug? What harm they have done to Sinhalese Community? It’s simply because they are Muslims and they are No.1 clothing dealers in Sri lanka. Purely “Jealous” Nothing else.

    • camry

      Well wait n c if things come down by removing the logo! We muslims lived here in Sri Lanka before the halaal certificate and By the Grace of God will continue to live here. IF the agenda is to start a communal clash like what happened to the Tamils well, then there will no need for any Halaal issues as the UN would have put sanctions on us by then starving this nation to death!
      Get your facts staraigh before commenting on any issue, dont go by what a Politician or group says so.

  8. Saman

    It is not BBS who is trying to stem communal violence but ACJU. Except for government bodies other should not be allowed to issue certificates on products for a fee. If the certificate is issued free of charge then BBS cannot protest. If this practice is allowed to continue, there will be other organisation coming out with similar certificates to manipulate the market to their whims and fancies.

    • Meena M.

      Why what did the ACJU do? Did they attack any Buddhist or Hindu temples?

    • camry

      The fee the ACJU takes is to maintain their staff n expenses that arise in going to sites and documentation given, its not a Profit making entity. neither do thay get overseasa funds nor goverment support in doing so. Will you sponsor their expenses then, or let this country loose big time with their exports?

  9. Sampath

    I am working for a company where our products are Halal Certified. No one approached us or forced us to obtain the Halal Certificate. It is part of our Marketing Strategy to increase sales by attracting a wider reach which made us obtain it where we can attract the Muslim Customers who are looking for this Certification.

    I dont agree with these so called monks (Who are violating the sacred Buddhism and the teaching of the Lord Buddha) in creating disharmony among Sri Lankans and violence

    If anyone is not interested they can simply not buy Halal Certified Products and Products Manufactured by Muslim Businesses.

    These so called monks are using the fuel produced in the gulf (Muslim Countries) in their vehicles and shouting not to buy products or services by any Muslims.

    What a double standard they are practicing

    Why don’t they go on bullock carts?

    • camry

      Thank you brother for the verification why cant the others understand these tricks played by politicians to start a riot against us be it buddist, christian or muslim! Budda surely didnt teach this type of phylosophy, nor does islam or christianity all preach to respect each other and live in peace. The BBS are monks see the way they talk compared to the Monks of the past and high priests of the main temples

  10. Bisthan Batcha

    I am of the view that what is of concern to the BBS is not just the issuance of halaal certificates per se, but rather the fact that the Issuing Authority is a Muslim Religious Body, the ACJU. This creates a feeling of resentment that in a Buddhist-majority Country, another minority religious group is dominating the food consumption patterns of the masses. This results in the posing of highly emotional questions such as “Even if the price increase in just 1 cent, why should Buddhists have to pay this amount just to satisfy the religious requirements of Muslims ?” – to which acceptable responses are quite difficult.

  11. Rohan

    They can’t do anything legally. All they do is lying.
    All they do is spreading false propaganda. Panathipatha is broken every day every minute.
    There should be some limit to any madness..
    Shame on these people. Even after everything is clearly explained by ACJU, still spreading false info.

    Shame on these people.

  12. edward

    good decision we should adopt and respect accordingly to Monks its not This discriminations , We not Arabs , but when other religion wanna about then they say this is Arab law , shia law , these Halal is something against all religion As God said by knowing killing is a great sin and never forgiveness by him , so why we eat rotten food

    • camry

      God states in the bible and other holy books that killing is a crime I.E. if you kill for revenge, for sport, and for no reason. but slaughtering a domestic animal pronoucing the name of god and taking that meat for food is acceptable even by Christians, muslims and meat eating buddist! Are u a vegeterian to state that others eat |rotten food|? Study your religion then comment.

  13. Martin Milton

    Well done. Let us hope the Defence Secretary at least will come out in full support for these people (BBS).

  14. inthikab

    halal foods served in all international air lines, and signs printed on all products allover the world. Bodu bala sena total racist organisation backed by present government. not talking about bhudist parents raping owned daughters, killing own child, if you watch tv news every day three bhudist parents kill their wife and childrens.BBS take your time to teach your people how to live in society. and 1983 sinhalese showed to the world one of the worstest community …sri lanka government ministers doing drug business, kidnapping, looting, child rape,so BBS wory about halal.

  15. Mubeen

    Halal may not to think only eating foods but in every field of human life there are many places-opportunity to see and follow Islamic rules and regulations according to Quran and Hadhees. ex amply if a person stole 100/= from others money thats Haram for theefe, if a person earned 100/= by his own try in good-way that 100/= rupees money is HALAL for him.
    Dear respected bros/sis we may study mutually our religions.

  16. Andromeda

    Would it not be better for the” Bala Sena to enforce “Sura mere majjapaman datta veramani sikkapadan samadiyani” among the whole population before attacking muslims on this Halal issue?

  17. camry

    The BBS is NOT PRACTISING Buddism, its just another political party trying to get some publicity…

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