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Leader Journalist Shot

By Easwaran Rutnam

Faraz Shauketaly, a journalist attached to The Sunday Leader newspaper was shot at by unidentified gunmen at his house in hotel road, Mount Lavinia late on Friday night.

Police media spokesman SSP Priyashantha Jayakody said that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) was investigating the incident and they were confident of making a breakthrough in the investigations soon.

Mohan Samaranayake, the spokesman for President Mahinda Rajapaksa, said that the President had instructed the police to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

The attack on the investigative journalist of the newspaper came just weeks after some men had visited his house and asked if he was there in a threatening manner. A domestic in the house had told the men that Shauketaly was away.

Shauketaly was shot on Friday night by three men who had entered his room located on the top floor of his house, which was also a gust house for tourists.

The attack seemed to have been well coordinated as the would-be assassins were well aware of exactly whereabouts of Shauketaly at that time.

Eyewitnesses said they saw three men running away from his room following the shooting incident. Shauketaly received bullet injuries in his neck and was rushed to the Kalubowila Hospital.

A group of foreign tourists who had just checked in a day earlier said they heard a commotion and screams and when they opened the door leading to Shauketaly’s room they found blood all over his body.

“We then realized what had happened and got his car keys and rushed him to hospital,” one tourist said.

Doctors at the Kalubowila hospital said that shrapnel from the bullet had got lodged on his lower neck close to the shoulder.

Shauketaly was later transferred to the Colombo National hospital and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) yesterday.

Director of the National Hospital Dr. Anil Jayasinghe said that tests were carried out on Shaukatally last morning as the object believed to be part of a bullet was still in his body.

However by last evening the shrapnel had been removed from his body and he was recovering well.

“His condition is stable but we need to observe him and carry out more tests on the object in his body,” Dr. Jayasinghe told The Sunday Leader.

The Mount Lavinia police visited the scene of the crime and also recorded statements from eye witnesses and journalists of the newspaper.


18 Comments for “Leader Journalist Shot”

  1. Lal.Fernando.

    He is a wonderful journalist.Who goes about his work with respect. Who ever who did this to this human being is a coward and should be eliminated from this earth.May “Alla’s blessings be with him.I wish him good health and Franz you are a hero.We need people like you in Sri Lanka.

  2. Hadeniya

    This is a serious attack once again on an outstanding journalist. When will this stop.?

    Sri Lanka is unfortunately now known worldwide for its fear of a free press.
    Political leaders should wake up.

  3. Jagath Leanage

    This is how government practising “Free Media”.

  4. Sanjay Fernando

    So without his excellencies order shootings go univestigated?? Miracle of Asia it is.

  5. Sanjay Fernando

    The call to “investigate” – is it code for “Nothing should come out of it and no body should be arrested” like in many other cases such as the murder of Mr. Lasantha.

    • What a cowardly act and this clearly shows the reincarnation of IDI AMIN big bad DADA and his bunch of criminals are in full swing without taking any notice of foreign interference. Journalists beware do not crticise the rulers of this bloody island YOU WILL BE KILLED. Horrible…we need US AND BRITISH governments to act fast save us from these horrible corrupt criminals please!
      Take over the country please!

      weeping SUJATHA

  6. Searchlite.

    This may not be an incident involving ShaukatAli as a journalist alone. As he is in the good books of the Rajapaksha Clan and a successful Businessman, this threat to is life cannot be connected to Journalism. Because if had been a Government ochestrated afair , novice gunmen would not have been engaged to shoot Shauakat Ali. Business rivals would have engaged cheap and Inexperienced novicies for the shooting. The Police will definitely round up the culprits since in this instnce rarely, they are not state sponsewred vultures. Thanks his life is spared . Insha Allah .

    • gamarala

      I applaud your faith in the police. You are an optimist,judging from all police investigations into such shootings.
      So you think that the government has expert gunmen for such shootings.
      Most citizens will agree with you.

  7. tomsamusa

    A failed state with thugs at the helm; it is a killing field and a cess pool.
    Hope the UN and West act as India is aiding and abetting the Genocide of Eelam Tamils and now Muslims.
    Fredrics .J was lucky to jump ship before becoming statistic.

  8. Living the dream in the west

    Foreigners PLEASE DON’T GO TO third world SL. It is a dangerous country run by a genocidal govt, raping tourists and white vanning people.

  9. Today in Srilanka the journalists are public enemy number one. Our government don’t like media to critise about them. Sunday leader is the one and only news paper who bring truth to us. President may asked to investigate shooting. But take my word nothing will happen. So far the killers of Lasanth are roaming in public with the blessing of our hot tempared and most powerful person in the country.

  10. D.B Adikari

    I personally condemed shoot to Mr Faraz Shauketaly a journalist of Sunday Leader by gunmen seems to be unknown.This is blant violation of Free Of Experssion.
    How ever person,in his views belongs to any school of Thought, HAVING EVERY RIGHT TO LIVE THIS WORLD.without fear and favour.
    Govt of Sri Lankan must Gurantee right of safety and security of Journalist, as well as others.

  11. Sylvia Haik

    I wish him a rapid recovery. Journalism must be the most dangerous occupation in Sri Lanka.

  12. I also pray that he should recover soon.

  13. girlfromthenation

    Futher RIP media freedom

  14. manuelpillai

    There seems to be no freedom to neutral News Papers to give any news that are not palatable to those in high places. They can do it to their own peril.Does democracy in its true meaning exist in this land.

  15. manuelpillai

    There is no democracy in our beloved land today.

  16. For those who get angry when SL gets bashed in the UNCHR this March please ask the goons the international arena has certain rules never never touch the media even the Mafia MR can start dancing the Gangnam style dance but it will funny but it will not be enough for the comming events in Geneva


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