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Ayurvedha Promotion Via Housemaids

Asoka Hettigoda

The local ayurvedha market is Rs. 10 billion and growing, but exports are stagnating at the US$ ($) 10 million level, a businessman involved in this sector told this reporter on Monday.

Asoka Hettigoda, Managing Director Hettigoda Group, one of the island’s larger ayurvedha manufacturing houses said that the biggest export market for local ayurvedha products is the EU.

But due to harmful metal substances like lead allegedly found in certain ayurvedha exports, the EU has imposed a ban on new types of ayurvedha exports to that region, until certain certifications are obtained.

But those certifications are costly. Hettigoda further said that for existing exports, the EU has however given such, a breather, prior to those exports also having to fall in line with those new requirements.

Hettigoda said that the US ayurvedha market was mainly dominated by Chinese ayurvedha. He further said that the EU consumption of Sri Lankan ayurvedha was mainly by the native population as opposed to the diaspora.

A new market however that has opened up for ayurvedha is the Middle-East (ME), which may be promoted by Sri Lanka’s housemaids. Hettigoda said that he had an experience in Oman where it was found  that at least in one household where local ayurvedha products had had been successfully promoted by a Sri Lankan housemaid employed there, out of her own volition and possible personal experience, with no prompting from the company.

Hettigoda further said that regulations governing ayurvedha products in the ME were similar to those in Sri Lanka, thereby making it easier to penetrate that market.

Meanwhile Indigenous Minister Salinda Dissanayake claimed that a local ayurvedha physician has had found cures for both dengue and AIDS.
When this reporter pointed out that it has been reported in the media not to experiment with ayurvedha for dengue treatment, he said that the success of this native treatment will have to be first clinically proven, for which purpose work was in progress with the MRI.
The occasion was the launch of an ayurvedha exhibition to be held at the BMICH in July. It’s being organized by the National Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka.

Danister L. Perera, consultant to this exhibition said that last year Ms. Camilla Parker Bowles spent $ 5,550 on Indian ayurvedha treatment for sinusitis.

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