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Obaidur Rahman is a Dhaka based Bangladeshi poet writing in English and very recently this young writer has published his first book of English poetry titled, The Mystic Inferno which contains 50 of his original poems. Already this book has made quite a stir in the English writing communities of the capital as, uniquely, unlike other contemporary poetry books, “The Mystic Inferno” is mostly about poems that in fact very mystical & spiritual in nature. But regardless of the theme, however, some key characteristics of the poems are that they are very confessional, absolutely sincere and very serious. In other words basically the very perspective of the poet himself, on life, world and the Universe in general. According to the poet, “By the time I was almost finished writing my book, I realized that one way or the other, consciously or subconsciously, my book developed a very mystical tone, which honestly wasn’t planned”. However, the writer certainly has no regrets concerning the way the book has turned out.

Some of the notable works in this book include the poem “Thought Splinters”, which is the 49th poem of the book. This particular poetry is basically about the magical power of writing and how the power of creative writing makes us more humane. Other poems like “Galactic”, “Communion”, “The Edge of Eternity”, “Cosmic Serenity” are about the connection that Man aspire to have with the mighty Universe and how great, grand, colossal, impressive, awesome and spectacular the Cosmos truly is.

One of the key aspects of these particular poems is that they tried to depict how one thrives to be at one with the whole Universe out of sheer respect and esteem.

Some other poems like “Mystic Infinity”, “Aching Desperation” ,”The Rousing Imminence”, “Odepath”, “Choice Abundance”, “The Hour of the Owl”, “ The Mystic Rain”, “The Light”, “ The Cosmic Seraph”, “The Melting Obscurity”, “On the edge and after”, “The Pilgrimage”, “Revelation”, “Desire”, “ The Divine Frequency”, “Wish-craft & wish-spell”, “The Truth Eternal”, “The Blossoming of Faith”,  are mostly about poet’s inner-spiritual quest to find spirituality, strength, gallantry, honor and peace in his own self, within the great vicinity of this majestic Universe.

Readers can easily identify themselves with these writings as they skillfully reflect the contemporary settings that are embedded with challenges, struggles and how one aspire to be grand by triumphing over all adversities and obstacles.

And the poems like “The Demise of Here-After”, “The Chair”, “Casualties of Now” , “Why” are about the present state the world today and the poet’s thoughts and comments on all these meaningless wars, political hypocrisy and the sufferings of common man.

These poems truly represent the global restlessness that exists today in terms of paranoia steered international politics and the countless of armed conflicts that are diminishing the chances of a global peace and how these negativity are gradually destroying the betterment of mankind in general.

The rest of the poems are more or less personal. Usually the writer’s take and understanding of life in general, the struggles, ambitions, dreams, his longing for positivism and efforts to better himself as an individual by fighting off all sorts of negativity and pessimism. But some poems like “Sick-Tranquil”, “Thrill Mesmeric”, “Insomniac”, however, along with their confessional nature, have some extensive word play compare to the other poems which the writer intentionally made them very rhythmic, in fact as rhythmic as possible. It must be mentioned here that all the poems of The Mystic Inferno are very rhythmic apart from for a couple of exceptions.

And according to the writer, this is perhaps because of his love for music and magical lyrical influence of contemporary music that truly inspired him to write poetries that would rhyme, sound very rhythmic and generate a song-like ambiance for his poems.

The impressive cover illustration of the book (the flaming heart with the blue background) was done by the writer himself.  Also on the cover, the symbolic representation of his name reflects his interest for ancient cultures, their mythologies and his interest in symbols and their deeper meanings. Some of those symbols used on the cover of The Mystic Inferno are mostly from Alchemy, Chinese, ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Nordic and numerical symbols.

Obaidur Rahman have presented his book to quite a few International personalities, some of whom actually wrote him back or send him gifts & autographs. They include guitarists Eric Clapton & Joe Satriani, singers Norah Jones, Annie Lennox and James Taylor as well as singer Robert Plant & John Paul Jones, Bass player of the great British Band Led Zeppelin. Copies were also sent to Dr. Edger Mitchell (Apollo 14 Astronaut who went to the moon in 1970’s and later the founder of Noetic Science), Writer Paulo Coelho, British singer-songwriter David Gray, and Hollywood actress Rachel McAdams, all of whom sent him either letter or autographs, congratulating him on his book.
Aside from these the writer sent his books to numerous international book festivals and some of them include authors at Harbourfront Center, Canada, Poetry International Web Foundation, Netherlands, Vancouver Poetry House, Canada, The Bookworm-Beijing, China, Bath Festivals, UK, Jaipur Literature Festival, India,    Winnipeg International Writers Festival, Canada, Medellin Poetry Festival, Columbia, Ubud Writers & Readers Festval, Indonesia, The International Litfest, Dubai, Karachi Literature Festival, Pakistan, Prague Writers’ Festival Foundation, Czech Republic,

The Galle Literary Festival, Sri lanka, Dlr poetry now International Poetry Festival, Ireland, Resistance Poetry Festival, Canada, Poetry Africa, South Africa, Edinburgh International Book Festival, UK, The Poetry Trust, UK,    Festival Northop Frye , Canada, The Edmonton Poetry Festival, Canada,  Queensland Poetry Festival, Australia, Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, Germany, Biennale Internationale des Poètes en Val-de-marne, France, The Journal 10tal, Sweden,
and The Hay Festival Dhaka-2012.

The readers of English literature will surely love the soulful creations of “The Mystic Inferno” which indisputably inspire one with its literary warmth and rhymed compassions. Here in Dhaka the poetry book “The Mystic Inferno” can be found in Words n’ Pages, Jaatra Craft (Banani), Zeenat Books (New Market), Book Worm, Sonargaon Hotel’s Kiosk, PBS (Shantinagar) and few other places of the capital.

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