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By Indika Sri Aravinda

Minister of National Language and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakara is to submit a Cabinet paper seeking a ban on extremist groups, including the Bodu Bala Sena, Ravana Balaya and Sinhala Ravaya.

The Minister told The Sunday Leader that the Cabinet paper is being drafted and will be submitted in two weeks time.
He said that the Cabinet paper will seek to bring in new laws to crack down on such groups in the wake of the recent religious tensions in the country.

Nanayakkara accused the Bodu Bala Sena, Ravana Balaya and Sinhala Ravaya of spreading hatred and disharmony among religions and other communities.

He also accused the police of failing to take action against such groups despite them openly advocating hatred.
Nanayakkara also said that he had written to President Mahinda Rajapaksa regarding the hate campaigns targeting Muslims in the country.

“Under our constitution anyone can follow any religion they want. If people feel threatened then they should complain to the police and the police must take action or they can go to Court,” he said.

His comments came in the wake of the recent attack on the Fashion Bug store at Pepiliyana and hate campaigns targeting other Muslim establishments.

The Bodu Bala Sena denied any involvement in the Pepiliyana incident but the monks had openly spoken against the clothes store at a public rally recently.

The latest incident led to Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) leader and Minister of Justice, Rauff Hakeem requesting President Mahinda Rajapaksa to convene a cabinet meeting to discuss the rising religious unrest and civil disturbance in the country.

Minister Hakeem has also contacted all the Muslim parliamentarians including Senior Minister M. H. M. Fowzie (who is currently out of the country) and Ministers Rishard Bathiutheen and A. L. M. Athaullah for the meeting in this regard.

An SLMC statement on Friday said that the Minister had expressed his displeasure and had condemned the attack on a private business site. He believes that this was seemingly carried out as a sequel to the ongoing attacks on the religious places and hate campaigns against Muslims and other religious minority communities in the country.

Minister Hakeem also said he was dismayed at the ineffective response of the law and order machinery in containing the spread of such violence and unrest that fuels insecurity and peace of all minority communities in Sri Lanka.

79 Comments for “Ban BBS”

  1. Feroze

    Finally some action!

  2. mohomed

    government should educate the public.. ie- dark side of these racial extrm. i dont think educated socialist sinhalese Buddhist are involving on this.. we just came out of a dark 30 years of war do we need a another 1? please think wider.. live peacefully. just have a look of western countries how thyey developed.. we should compete them,, im a muslim and proud to be srilankan,, all my friends are sinhalease non of them think the way these BBS thinks coz they know how muslims are.. PEACE AND GOD BLESS SRI LANKA!!

  3. Salman

    I heard that the monks surrendered yesterday and today they were released. It was mentioned in another newspaper that “the affected party and accused had arrived to an amicable settlement”. How can they can reach amicable settlement for criminal cases like arsony? Law and order machinery has gone to rock bottom level. Can a murderer reach a settlement with the next of kin? Would the state allow that sort thing to happen.

    Funny still those guys who burnt the a type during hartal was jailed two weeks time. On the other hand, for those who damaged the property which was worth millions of rupees was set free in a day.

    In this country Law is applied on different levels. Monks/Potilicians/Murderers are above the law and the common man can get jailed for piss in the public.

    What a pathetic state of affairs !!!

  4. Tony Gee

    The BBS leaders should be arrested for criminal activity; assault, unauthorized entry into private premises, roiting, looting, inciting hate; whatever and the organization banned. Criminals in robes should not be allowed to be a disgrace to Buddhism and the country. We do not want another 30 year war which could be more or total destruction of the country if allowed to happen.

  5. Sri Babu

    We need to banish Vasudeva Nanayakkara, a bankrupt politician.

    • Toka

      The govt and opposition both dont have the spine to speak up against racism. Vaasu is the only guy who has the guts to stand up to the racist blood hounds. This is the good thing about having leftists in the parliament. They are the only hope for us when the whole government and opposition are corrupt.

  6. Nobody can escape ones Karma.There is no religion that refutes this.

  7. Alternative Ideas

    Anyone who does not earn a honest living instead depend on all free loading. his mind can only be a devils work shop.

    The parliament must pass a bill make it compulsory for the monks to sweat to earn a living. Other wise the whole country should become monks and do nothing but create chaos in the country.

    Start working for a living you will know what is reality. Hunger is real the rest all Maya.

  8. Kari Hambaya

    Vasudeva Nanayakkara has a 3/4 paiya (Pai kal thun kal) like the Kari Hambayas, that’s why he is this bothered about those pigs.

  9. Paiya 3/4 Hambaya

    How sad are all these Hambayas? They use Sinhalese names on websites like this, Facebook, YouTube, etc and chat shit about the BBS, Buddhism and Sinhalese.

    Where do you think you are going with this and what are you trying to achieve? Everyone knows it’s a Pai kal Thun kal Hambaya sitting behind a keyboard, praying to Allah 150 times a day, with no life.

    Like a lot of people have already said to you guys on previous comments and on other websites – GET A LIFE.

    Try some Pork, it will calm you down and allow you to speak the truth more often.

    Long live Allah and his 3/4 dick :).

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