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Hate Rages On

By Raisa Wickrematunge

Clothes from the store were strewn on the ground and The mob shattered glass, and Army personnel were deployed to defuse the tension

This week saw a storm of controversy as Pepiliyana was struck by a couple of attacks on Thursday (28) night.
The Emerald Trading Company was subject to a sudden arson attack when a domestic matter spiraled out of control. Emerald Trading, which is a car salesroom, is owned by partners Murshid Sadun and Amjad Sathik – who also happens to be a captain at the national carrier Sri Lankan Airlines.

A domestic issue had arisen regarding one of Emerald Trading’s employees, a Muslim boy, who had been in a relationship with a Sinhalese girl. The issue was quickly resolved. However, the girl’s father had complained to a monk about the issue. Following the complaint, an eye-witness saw a monk leaving one of the temples in Pepiliyana followed by a group of youths, mostly under 25 of age. The group carried stones and, people were later to discover, kerosene.

The unruly mob had raided Emerald Trading and destroyed the salesroom, even setting it on fire. “All the files, the computers were totally destroyed. The glass was broken,” eyewitnesses said. Two employees who ordinarily sleep on the premises had been present at the time but had fled when they saw the mob advance. It was unknown which monk exactly the girl’s father had complained to.
The incident had occurred around 8:30 pm and havoc had been wreaked in just seven minutes time – the group led by the monk had even stoned a neighbouring house. One of the neighbours was struck in the head with a stone.

Eyewitnesses then saw this group walking towards the Fashion Bug store in Pepiliyana – they believed it was the same group, which carried out the attack on the clothing store. Here, too, stones were used and clothing from inside the store was strewn across the streets. Video footage even showed a person in robes throwing a stone at what appears to be a CCTV camera, while police idly looked on and did nothing to stop him.

It was said that the Fashion Bug attack was spurred on by reports that a young Sinhalese girl had been raped by a Muslim boy who allegedly worked at the premises. From an initial crowd of 20 the mob grew into the hundreds, and press who were covering the incident were also attacked.

Army, police and Special Task Force members had to be deployed to bring the area under control.

While some news reports had said the Bodu Bala Sena was behind the Pepiliyana incidents, Withanage said that the group was in no way involved in these incidents. Withanage added that every BBS member apart from a single monk had been attending a meeting in Kekirawa when they had received news of the Pepiliyana incident from members of the media. “We request people to remain calm and not get involved in violence or create fear among people. We categorically do not want to get involved in violence. We must promote ethnic harmony even at village level so that such incidents do not occur,” Withanage said.

Also, a major telecommunications service provider announced that their customers could download the Bodu Bala Sena theme tune from their website.

The ring-in tone had been downloaded over 1300 times as of Thursday (28).

Angry customers took to the service provider’s Facebook page to condemn the company for promoting Bodu Bala Sena and demanded that the song be taken down- as it was announced that proceeds of the song would go towards funding the group.
On Wednesday, the company issued an official statement, apologizing for the pain and inconvenience caused, while adding that the company aimed to promote unity amongst all ethnicities.

The statement went on to add that the Bodu Bala Sena song was like any other content on its website, and that adding the song did not mean the company endorsed the views of the group. ‘Downloading the said content is at the discretion of the end user,’ the statement said.

The statement was met with even more anger by many. Several customers felt the apology was not sincere, as the company had made no promises to remove the ringtone. A few others spoke up in defence of the company, stirring fierce debate.

Executive Committee Member of the Bodu Bala Sena, Dilantha Withanage emphasized that he had approached several other telecommunications service providers with the idea of uploading the group’s theme song a few months ago. As such it was not correct to single out this one company. “What [this company] is doing is nothing special. A singer can upload music to the website, and anyone can download it as a ring-in tone. Some groups just want to create problems,” Withanage said commenting on the online fracas.
Withanage added that the name of the Bodu Bala Sena had been misused by several groups. For instance, there were a Bodu Bala Sena Twitter account, and several websites such as, and, which were all fake, Withanage said. “We will see… we can expose the culprits. We do have some clues as to who they are,” he added, saying that if any were identified they would pursue legal action against them.

Withanage said that in the wake of these incidents the group was being prevented from sharing their photos on Facebook- although the group was still active on Friday (29). Earlier in the week, an SMS claiming to be from Bodu Bala Sena had urged local journalists not to carry out their avurudu shopping in Muslim stores – the SMS came just a day after a police announcement to report any person inciting religious or racial hatred via SMS, as action would be taken against them. A police statement says that the CID is conducting investigations into the incident.

However Withanage of Bodu Bala Sena emphatically denied that the SMS campaign was from them, saying that anonymous parties were hijacking their name. “We hear about these things only from the media,” Withanage said, adding that the BBS had not even called for the boycott of the fake websites, which had been set up in its name.

Campaign against hate groups picks up speed

In the meantime, a petition is circulating on social media website Facebook asking President Mahinda Rajapaksa to protect the liberties of the minority communities. The petition calls for the President to publicly condemn the actions of hate groups.
“I call on His Excellency The President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to protect the liberties of Sri Lanka’s minorities and to defend their interests against hate speech and hate acts such as those committed by Bodu Bala Sena, Sinhala Ravaya and other such hate groups,” the petition reads. Further, the petition asks that the President make it a criminal offence for hate groups to utilize the police force and make unauthorized raids on residences.

It also calls for the police to stop the harassment of minority communities and their business. The petition started on already has over 2,200 signatories- the petitioners say they are planning to collect 10,000 signatures before delivering the petition to the President’s office. A parallel Facebook campaign entitled ‘No More Hate In Sri Lanka’ has over 200 fans – “No matter what race or religion, we are all Sri Lankan,” the campaign tagline reads.
Meanwhile tension continues to rise.

The Kuragala conflict

One of the issues brought up at one of the first large rallies the Bodu Bala Sena attended was the Kuragala site, which is a bone of contention between Buddhists and Muslims. In the wake of what they term as a victory on the halal issue, the Bodu Bala Sena has said it would continue campaigning on the Kuragala site.

Executive Committee member of the Bodu Bala Sena, Dilantha Withanage said that Kuragala was an archaeological site with monuments dating back to 2000 years ago. The caves at Kuragala were of historical importance to national heritage, Withanage said. However Muslims had occupied the caves and had put up an illegal construction when the site should be kept open, Withanage said. “Rather than a religious site this was an archaeological site – Even Buddhists can’t construct a toilet on an archaeological site,” Withanage said.

The area did have some religious significance. Bhikkus had stayed at Kuragala 2000 years ago, Withanage said, and there had been a monastery there.

Upon asked if he was aware that Muslims also claimed Kuragala as a religious site, Withanage said, “that would be decided by historians”.The Muslims occupying the site had no right to build constructions on a historical site, he added.

Meanwhile, Roshana Aboosally, a trustee of the Kuragala Daftar Jailani mosque said that the area has long been a resting place for Muslim pilgrims, who used it as a stopping point on their way to Adam’s Peak. However what made it religiously significant to the Muslims was the fact that one of the greatest saints of Islam, Abdul Qadir Jailani used to meditate here for 12 years after having visited Sri Pada, Aboosally said. A mosque has been built on the site where Jailani meditated, and several books have been written on the significance of the site to Muslims, she added.

Even before the saint meditated at Kuragala, pilgrims from the Maldives or Iraq used to pass through the area and rest at Kuragala during long treks to Adams Peak.
NCFSL concerned over violence

The National Christian Fellowship Sri Lanka (NCFSL), which represents over 200 indigenous Churches in Sri Lanka, view with serious concern the sudden escalation of violence directed towards Pastors, Christian Workers and religious places of Worship all over Sri Lanka during the recent months. The NCFSL confirms that 23 such incidents have been reported for the year 2013.

“As Sri Lankans, we are also concerned about the wrongful and distorted bias reporting of some of the electronic as well as print media concerning such attacks. We have documented cases of intimidation, threats, violence and arson, all this in the cause of religious intolerance,” says General Secretary of the NCFSL, Rev. Rohan Ekanayake.

“We note that Sri Lanka has suffered greatly through two major insurgencies and a 30-year war which tore at the nation’s heart and caused us all great grief. Not to mention the cost of lives as well the damage caused to the economy. As a nation, we need to ask ourselves whether we need yet another ethnic or religious conflict at this moment of time.”

The NCFSL maintains that the laws of natural justice and the Constitution of Sri Lanka in Articles10 and 14 (1)(e) recognize the individual’s right to adopt and practice the religion of his choice. “We categorically state that communication of the Gospel is an inseparable part of the practice of our faith. Correspondingly, we recognize the right to every other religion to proclaim its beliefs. Those who recognize this right may also agree that it is unethical to interfere with the expression of the individual‘s freedom to choose.”

The NCFSL believes that the attacks are attempted in order to justify the so-called ‘unethical conversion’.
The NCFSL says that the accusations, intimidation and violence against Christians are biased and illegal and should not be tolerated in a democratic society such as ours; in essence, it is a denial of the fundamental human rights of its citizens.

We call upon all Christians to unite and to participate in a day of fasting and prayer for the Nation and for the persecuted Church on April 8 at Holy Trinity Auditorium, No.784 Prince of Wales Avenue, Colombo 14 at 10.00 a.m.
We also call upon the authorities to enable justice to be meted out to all Sri Lankans in this connection including the affected Christian clergy and workers.

14 Comments for “Hate Rages On”

  1. Welsh Lankan

    Mr Withanage refers to, and as being fake Bodu Bala Sena websites. I have news for him – is a South Korean website based in Seoul, with lots of links to other South Korean business websites. is a Chinese website based in Beijing, and appears to be a bulletin board for Chinese nationals living abroad. I wonder if Mr Withanage might be a motor racing enthusiast in which case he might be interested in which belongs to a German manufacturer specializing in making alloy wheels for high performance cars! I’d dearly love to see him sue the Korean, Chinese and German owners of these ‘fake’ Bodu Bala Sena websites!

    t takes less than 2 minutes to check what these websites are about and yet Mr Withanage doesn’t seem to have a clue! Why should anyone have any confidence in anything this gentleman says?

  2. LIMA


  3. Robert

    Damn shame when the monk pelted stones to the CCTV camera the police
    personnel were simply looking on, they should have stopped and arrest who
    ever is concerned, but they did not do this , is this for this purpose these police
    people employed by paying a huge salary and this shows that the police
    department is politicized and not only that the government is inefficient.

  4. raza

    The fundamental problem is economics. In other words some have more money, money for 1000 years, while others have no money for the days meal. This problem should be addressed. There can be never equal distribution of wealth, but equitable distribution of wealth is possible. Why and how foreign religions creep into Sri Lanka. They targeted the weaker segments of the economy.

  5. You reap what you sow.There is no escape.

  6. Meena M.

    It should be investigated. Who is at the bottom of these anti Muslim activities?
    Who is funding bigotry and racism in this country? Why are there rumours of evil foreign hands interfering in the peace of the country, and WHY is the government so disinterested in clamping down on hate?

  7. Martin Milton

    Raisa Wickramatunge appears to be confused. This ‘Pepiliyana incident’ HAS been investigated by the Police/ CID and deemed to be a crime of passion involving a girl and a male. So why do the media still call it a ‘hate’ campaign or ‘anti religious campaign’. Media personalities need to be far more careful in spreading such blatant falsehoods in order to inflame race hatred and promote conflict. As I understand, the Bodu Bala Senawa does NOT promote hatred towards the Muslims in general. They only indicated a point of truth in the case of totally unjust Halal certification the funds of which were to be used for purposes other than peaceful ones. Even at the height of LTTE troubles in Sri Lanka I remember if anyone verbally stated that the LTTE were comitting heinous crimes that person was shouted down as being a ‘racist’ which clearly that person was NOT. It seems to be same story here as the speakers of the TRUTH are called racists and all other terrible names. Responsible media need to be aware that they must never inflame race hatred by spreading falsehoods. MM

  8. Malcolm X

    I hope the BBS has the intelligence to understands the fact that every action has its reaction or what goes around comes around.

  9. Sean

    …. and do you think anything is going to get done !!!

  10. Malin

    Foreigners and tourists, please don’t come to SL. This is a violent country with no law and order.

  11. gamarala

    The president and government are aware.
    But any action will reduce votes for the president and UPFA in future elections.
    Hence the verbal condemnation and No Action.

  12. wijelion

    this is good, to open the pathetic sinhalese to see what the arab’s were trying to do underneath the sheet of ‘help’ with the oil money…to spread barbaric islam….well i’m sorry not in Sri Lanka….muslims either you abide by the ‘sinhala’ sharia law or perish..

  13. Maria

    The muslims are the second choice target of some sinhalese people in Sri Lanka. Will they ever learn – even after 30 years of conflict??? Some hardline muslims took matters too far too – eg. the whole wardrobe change – which Sri Lanka never experienced with orthodox muslims upto about the 1990′s. Also, trying to convert people to islam – that is taking it a little too far too – just like some christian denominations did and still do. Religion is a personal preference which most of us are born into – if we chose to convert to something else it is OUR OWN CHOICE – we do not need to be converted under duress or influenced by way of monetary gain . In the case of muslims- supposedly a woman marrying a muslim man must convert- even if she is not willing to?????? However, a muslim woman apparently cannot marry a non-muslim man????? all this sounds so intrusive for a normal independent thinker!

    In support of the Sinhalese Buddhists – Sri Lanka has the ONLY population that speaks Sinhala and follows the teachings of the Buddha- and rightfully so they need to keep those people, who are 69 % of the population to themselves- dont impose a new religion, or food or clothing or anything on anybody– every human being has the right to chose- MUSLIMS MUST NOT IMPOSE – the recent events did not happen out of thin air – they were coming for some time- first they dealt with the tamils- who wanted a separate state- they were crazy to think that way- In the meantime the muslims took advantage of the whole situation and capitalized on their imporsitions on the sinhalese – who after they were done with the tamils have taken on the next threat on their people – logically it seems fair- methodology or approach to solving their problems- quite barbaric!!!!!!

    As much as I love my country I am ashamed of the happenings – as the saying goes “there is no smoke without fire ” – so I guess the time is now for the Sinhalese hardliners (so-called) to take on the Muslims!!! Just hope that peace will prevail soon in our beloved country!!!!

    • Meena M.

      It seems you have got most of your information from the BBS. No one is trying to convert Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Can you please give us proof that Muslims are imposing anything on non Muslims. No none Muslim is forced to changed their religion. If you don’t want to change, then do not marry anyone from any religion that wants you to. You have a choice.

      Violence against 7 percent of our population MUST be stopped because of false rumors and anti Muslim propaganda – seems you have already believed the lies that is part of the anti Muslim campaign, organized by evil elements.

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