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Systematic Sinhalisation In The North?

By Nirmala Kannangara and Raisa Wickrematunge

Muslim families are also being resettled in the North – TNA MP Sivashakthi Anandan , Sinhalese families are being settled in the North, with state support in some instances – Premachandran and Systematically changing the demographics of the North is going against Government policy – DPF Leader Mano Ganesan

A systematic attempt to ‘Sinhalise’ areas in the North, especially in Vavuniya is underway, opposition parties charge.
Members of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and even the Democratic People’s Front (DPF) said that in some instances Sinhalese families were being settled in predominantly Tamil areas with state support.

Meanwhile, the government claims that it is internally displaced Sinhalese who are being resettled in the Northern Province.

Sinhalese families being settled – TNA

TNA MP Suresh Premachandran said he had discovered evidence of Sinhalisation based on information collected from officials and residents during his visits to the Northern Province.

For instance, an area in Vavuniya known as Kokachankulam was a predominantly Tamil village, which also had a few Sinhalese families. The people in this area were mostly farmers, Premachandran said. During the war, the Sinhalese farmers were chased away by the LTTE and the Tamil farmers were chased away by the Army, he added.

However following the war, Sinhalese from the South had been settled in this village by the Army about a month ago, Premachandran said. Around 1,000 families had been settled in this manner, he added. Where once Kokachankulam was a Tamil division, it is now a Sinhalese one, he added, and has been renamed Kolobaswewa.

TNA MP Sivashakthi Anandan said the families being resettled in Kokachankulam were from Hambantota. He added that there were plans to settle another 1,000 Sinhalese families in the area as well.

In Weli Oya, Mullaitivu, 3,000 land projects have been given to Sinhalese farmers. Tamils once owned the land in this area. Some of them had permits and deeds as well to prove ownership, but were unable to return to their homes as they were now occupied by Sinhalese families. “Now these Tamils have no place to go and farm,” Premachandran said. He added that the President was aware of these farmers and yet had given Sinhalese families permission to farm there.

Meanwhile, the entire Munnikulam village in Mannar had been taken over by the Navy and their families, he added, while the people who originally had called this village home had no place to stay. Both Premachandran and Anandan stated that the result was that 2,200 families were living in temporary settlements in the jungle.

120 Sinhalese families had been registered with the Army in Navatturai, Jaffna. Premachandran said when he visited around 10 buildings were being constructed, while the rest of them were living in temporary shelters made out of roofing sheets. A woman at the site had told Premachandran that they were receiving support from Buddhist monks based in the South, who were giving them assistance to build houses.
There were more settlements along the Mannar-Medawachchiya road, with around 100 families being settled along the Madhu road area and approximately 50 families being resettled in Murunkan along the same road.
A number of Sinhalese families had also been resettled in Thaneermrippukulam in Mullaitivu, Premachandran said.

TNA MP Anandan further said that 2,500 acres of land had been given to the Sinhalese in Mullaitivu, with President Rajapaksa giving out deeds in the area. He added that land was being cleared with the apparent intention of settling Muslims in the Mullaitivu area, with land being cleared for this purpose. Land was also being cleared in the Manthai West area in Mannar, possibly for the resettlement of Muslims, he added. The army was clearing a 6 kilometre stretch by the side of the road, and he suspected it was to resettle more people in the area, he said.

10,000 acres of land were also being cleared in Karankalani in Vavuniya for resettlement.
Ganesan: Resettlement against policy

Democratic People’s Front Leader Mano Ganesan added that the demography of the North should not be systematically changed as it was contrary to the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report, which had a section devoted to the issue.
Yet people are ignoring the recommendations in the report, he said.

“People should understand the difference between colonization and immigration,” Ganesan said.

He added that land was generally divided with state assistance, in one of two ways. “Either forest land is cleared and offered to people, or border areas are artificially changed, so that more Sinhalese areas are annexed to the Northern province, thus making it more Sinhalese,” he said. The border areas in Trincomalee and Mullaitivu districts, for instance, were being artificially changed, so that more Sinhalese settlements were being merged into the districts. 3,000 families had been settled in a village called Kokillai. The TNA charged that the land deeds issued belonged to Tamils who had moved out of the country. However the land had been forcibly taken away from them and given to the Sinhalese instead, Ganesan said.

In addition the Kinniya hot springs, which are said to have been created by King Ravana in the Hindu epic the Ramayana, was now being occupied by a Buddhist monk. “The Tamil identity is being wiped away. It is totally against legislation,” Ganesan said.

Government refutes allegations

Chairman of the Resettlement Authority Buddhi Passaperuma said that there was no plan to Sinhalise the north, claiming that it was only the Sinhalese who had left the North and East during the war who were now being resettled.

“The re-settlement of the displaced should not be segregated by ethnicity. The areas that have been resettled should have people of all ethnic groups,” Passaperuma said.

“The government does not want to make resettlement of displaced Sinhalese an issue. When we have done so much for the Tamils after liberating them from the clutches of a ruthless terrorist organization it is a pity to note that the same Tamils are accusing the government of attempting to Sinhalise the North,” he said.

According to Passaperuma, the displaced Sinhalese were the last to be resettled while the Tamils were the first followed by the Muslims.

“We first resettled the IDPs that took refuge in welfare centres and then those who left the war torn areas during the height of the war. It is unfair by the government if the Tamil political parties are levelling baseless allegations as it is their sole responsibility to come up with encouraging ideas if they have any issues over the resettlement drive,” he said.

He queried as to why it was wrong to settle displaced Sinhalese in their native places when there were no restrictions for the Tamils to settle in any part of the country.

“Although Tamil politicians do not want the Sinhalese to settle in the North, they want their people to settle in other parts of the country. It is good that we have Tamils and Muslims in the South as we have been living amicably in the South over the past several decades. Why is this considered intimidation? We are one nation and live in one country. The freedom we got after crushing LTTE terrorism cannot be allow to be diminished,” claimed Passaperuma.

According to Passaperuma attempts to resettle all the displaced in the North was not successful since the Sinhalese still have a fear psychosis as they had to undergo severe hardships at the hands of the LTTE.

“After resettling the Tamils and the Muslims we requested all displaced Sinhalese to furnish their details and places where they were living before the war broke out. But still we have failed to get information from all these displaced Sinhalese. It is baseless for them to say that we have made Sinhalese colonies in the Northern Province when we really have failed to collect the real numbers,” said Passaperuma.
According to him at the request of many Tamils in the North, Sinhalese Government Agents are to be posted to the Northern Province.
“When I visit these areas most of the Tamils who are not known to me personally have requested that Sinhalese Government Agents are posted to Tamil areas. They say it is very easy to work with Sinhalese higher officials. Even one of our senior Administrative Officers – Lionel Fernando has been a Tamil friendly Government Agent in Jaffna. Also the Tamils have a high regard for the security forces as they know that they are well protected by these security personnel,” added Passaperuma.

When asked as to why the displaced Sinhalese are being resettled on forest and Mahaweli lands instead of where they were originally living, Passaperuma said that Forest Department and Mahaweli Authority have taken over the villages which have been overgrown for the past 30 years.

Forest land being cleared to resettle Sinhalese

However, reliable sources from the Mahaweli Authority and Forest Department on condition of anonymity told The Sunday Leader that none of the forests that are being cleared to settle the displaced Sinhalese were originally villages but were virgin tracts of forest land.

“The Government Agent of Vavuniya has requested several thousands of acres of land from the Forest Department and more than 2,000 acres of forest land from the Padaviya Forest Reserve. None of these forests were villages 30 years ago as claimed by the Re-settlement Ministry. Although we have not released lands from the Karunkalikulam Forest Reserve, the Resettlement Ministry has already settled more than 1,200 Sinhalese families from down South,” added the sources.

However Government Agent (District Secretary) Vavuniya Sumangala Harischandra said that he could not remember whether he had requested any forest land in the Karunkalikulam Forest Reserve in the Vavuniya District for a resettlement drive.

“Off-hand I cannot say whether I made a request from the Forest Department to release forest lands in the Karunkalikulam Forest Reserve but we are resettling Sinhalese in Bogaswewa in the Vavuniya South Divisional Secretariat area,” he said.

According to Harischandra while the displaced Sinhalese were residing all over the country most were living in the Southern Province.

50 Comments for “Systematic Sinhalisation In The North?”

  1. Asoka Jayawardane

    Let them bark. Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese , Israel belongs to Jews, Middle East belongs to Arabs, Fiji Islands belongs to Fijians and Tamil Nadu belongs to Tamils. As per the CIA , now 80% Sinhalese, 2.8% Sri Lanka Tamils 4.8% Indian Tamils and 6.8% Moores in Sri Lanka. 35 years back 89% Sinhalese. 65 years back Colombo 8% Sri Lanka Tamils. Now, Colombo 40% Sri Lanka Tamils. Sri Lanka is Sinhalese nation and motherland of Sinhalese. No one can change our vision and mission. Let the terrorists, terrorists oriented , seperatists and seperatists oriented people cry and bark.

    • Nextinl

      Asoka, thank you for educating “NEW SRI LANKANS”- a by-product of corruptions, laziness and all vile activities introduced by foreign cultures. It is time to remind the “New Sri Lankans”, what is the real Singhala heritage and it is not dead.

    • Aaks

      hik hik…. Sri Lanka belongs to Vaddhas only. Not to the descendants of exiled culprits.

    • Mano

      Sinhalese are Just 59 % of Sri Lankan population.if we want to settle Sinhalese in the north,you will loose your Sinhalese dominated areas to Tamils.(for example: Nuwareliya,Badulla etc).

      • victor

        It is great to here sinhalese & others are been settled in north & east, as sri lankans we have the freedom to live in any part of the S L land

    • sea80

      I would love to find out where Asoka found those statistics. I checked the CIA data and you are incorrect. According to the last census, Sri Lanka is 74.9% Sinhalese, 11.2% Sri Lankan Tamil, 9.2% Moor and 4.2% Indian Tamil. If you really think Tamils are taking over our country, go hide under a rock.

      In terms of Sinhalese people being resettled in the North, I have no issue with those displaced during the war from getting land and resettled. Sinhalese should be allowed to settled in the North, as they wish, as do Tamils in the South. The same standards should be applied to all ethnic groups.

    • Henry Wong

      let those barking ex LTTE cohorts likeMano Ganeshan sent back to live in north. Those tamill politicians are guilty of high treason if they live in country like USA. those traitors do anything to harm the Sri Lanka so just ignore them let then go and whing to Navi pillai who cares? go ahead and accelerate the program to claim the land owned by true owner of the land, Sinhalese. ok if those illegale migrants from tamil nadu not happy to live on our terms, GZo back to your home tamil nadu.. you are extending our welcome and wanting more you can not have best of both worlds!

  2. Nextinl

    The nation founded by Singhalese. So what is the issue they can settle wherever they choose to live within the contiguous land mass of Sri Lanka. You must be happy and acknowledge these Singhalese are not foreigners and very compassionate people; above all they have offered you the privilege to settle wherever you choose to live within Sri Lanka. In fact you and your friends live in Colombo very happily.

  3. Ram2009

    The Sinhala people who were evicted from their ancestral lands in the north at the very beginning of the insurgency/terrorism, need to be able to go back without fear.

  4. dagggy

    Hello…. Smoking traitor of the EPRLF polit bureau

    Take away the Tamils living in rest of Sri Lanka and then talk you double tongued traitor of Pathmanaba & the PB members to the ltte in Chennai.

    get stuffed with that cigarette stub of yours.

  5. George

    This is just a racist campaign by some chauvinist Tamil politicians. You only need to look at the total number of Sinhalese in the Northern province in 1971 and 2012 census to see clearly that the number of Sinhalese in the North now is less than what would be there if they were not chased out.

    The modus operandi of these Tamil chauvinists is this. Whenever the displaced Sinhalese return to their villages from which they were chased out they would give it a Tamil name and claim that it was a Tamil village. The idiots in the West and even some cretins in Sri Lanka believe them.

    Just as Tamils, Sinhalese have a right to live anywhere in Sri Lanka. No Tamil racist should be allowed to deny Sinhalese the right to return to what has been their traditional homeland for centuries.

    • Nextinl

      Thank you George; the truth must be told. It is our duty to share the real situation in Sri Lanka

    • kamal

      Well said. May I correct “milleniums” not “centuries”. Tamil tribalist (black nazies) still try to create “ethnically pure” appartheid areas in our motherland but they should be discouraged in whatever means. Sri Lanka belong to all. Sinhalese have built a great civilization, based on great buddhist principles under which every living creature (including humans of all hosted religions/cultures) has equal status. This is the law of the land. take it or leave it. But don’t abuse our hospitality.

      • Rama

        i wonder why the sinhala people who occupied their traditional homelands of the northeast disappeared from there without trace. there is no country in the world where the indigenous population vanished in thin air like northeast sri lanka. it’s very very strange. hospitality? what hospitality. i don’t think indigenous tamil people of the northeast need your hospitality. we all know about your marvellous 2,500 year old sinhala civilisation. only civilisation as a 38 year old has seen from you lot are killing, rape, child molesting and having sex with corpses.

    • Gordon

      George, there are plenty of white westerners like me who already agree with what you are saying. They also know fully well about the 90,000 Muslims who were driven out of the North by the LTTE in the early 1990′s.

      The fact that former supporters of the LTTE are totally silent about the Tiger crimes against the Northern Muslims convince many Westerners that the likes of the TNA and DPF are to be ignored.

      • Mike

        Yes, many white westerners who see this for what it is. Rama needs his brain looked at, it seems to have been washed far too frequently!

        • Rama

          i don’t think an examination of my head is necessary at all. it’s in perfect condition. the fact of the matter is you have no answer to my queries and comments. get you facts right before writing a load of crap.

    • Rama

      i wonder why the sinhala immigrants left their traditional homelands of the northeast. i guess it was intense heat.

      • Mike

        intense heat from the LTTE!!! What a fool. Why are there more Tamils in other parts of Sri Lanka then the NE? Intense heat from the LTTE!!!

  6. Lankawick

    Quote ” Sinhalese families were being settled in predominantly Tamil areas with state support.”……
    Tamils are settled…. created an “Eelaam” in Markham & Scarborough, Toronto , Canada….so thats OK….for Terrorist supporters to be settled with state support by the Canada & Ontario Goverenments……

    as for Mano Ganesan….HIS ancestors were settled in the Sri Lankan Highlands….
    by the state support of the British…..
    they were insulted / humiliated….calling them “Coolies”….
    Sri Lanka has been GOOD to Mano….look where this ungrateful traitor is today….
    among the so-called Colombo elite….

  7. Duminda N Jayatileke

    Sri Lanka is still a third world country with a very low standard of living.

  8. Richard

    As you can see from the responses to this article, what a racist and backward nation Sri Lanka is. Stay wallowing in your narrow-minded thinking and your country will always remain a failed state.

  9. MALIN

    Why shouldn’t Mano Ganeshan go back to Jaffna or where he belongs to? Did Sinhalese protest when Tamils started colonising Colombo & its suburbs? All Tamils in the South should go back to Jaffna if they think that Sinhalese have no right to settle in the North.

  10. willows

    If a Tamil, or a Muslim can live any where they wish without any trouble, why can’t Sinhalee live anywhere they wish. This is a one whole country for every person.

  11. Roshan

    The war is OVER ,,so why do we need permission from you to live any where we want ?????

  12. Sahabandu

    The problem is we ordinary people will never get to know who is lying and who is not lying. Tamils are blatant liers and the lies they spread overseas makes them untrustworthy and our present government is equally packed with first class lies.Unless some one think and act honestly and openely this problem will never be resolved.


    I simply ask a question from all the racist commentators whether they are sinhalese,tamils or muslims,are you going to take the lands wealth etc with you when you die?This world belongs to god,please love your neigbour and do something good for the poor who is finding difficult to live.This is the only thing you carry with you when you die.

  14. suren soysa

    TNA always wanted separatism & terrorism,hence who carers for Premachandran & Ganeshan who are born criminals & traitors, just like their leader. They want the Tamils to suffer some more. This Ganeshan was on LTTE platforms five years back & now is allowed to talk about Sinhala settlements in the north. These pariah(sakkily) dogs need remember that this is Sinhalese country where all races can live & colonize any where. The present Government has no guts to arrest the entire TNA & its supportive terrorist arm & end this Tamil nonsense for ever.

  15. Athacolla

    Sri Lanka is a single entity, belonging to the Sinhalese and other citizens who promotes the single state ethos. I believe Europe, America and Australia Via X mass Island is open for the others. Good luck.

  16. jayantha

    how many tamils came to colombo and suberb area,check in negambo ,how many tamils are there after the war and settle.even in Uk look at wembley, tooting ,eastham ,they settle anywhere in the world,but when sinhala people go to north ,they are barking,srilanka belongs to the srilanken,where ever they want can live north to south south to north, who is rasist according to this artical ,sinhal or tamil

  17. Sinhaya

    Did the Singhalese ever whinge when Tamils took over Wellawatte?

  18. MHA

    These TNA politicos are bigots, every last one of them. None of them have the brains to understand what the situation was like 30 years ago. Sri Lanka for Sri Lankans, not the north for bigot TNA air heads who are trying to conceal their goal of Eelam. Even a westerner like myself can easily see through such bone heads. Give the world a break. Your dreaming if you think the West will support your goals of Eelam. You’re a dinosaur if you thins see.

  19. Sembu

    Sri-lankans have a right to live anywhere in the country. some politicians fabricated stories. Government is doing the right thing more Sinhalese should settle in North as well as in east. more Tamils and Muslims should come to south to live. Now Hambanthota is open for every body.

  20. Gamini Lindagedera

    It is time for people to look at a new Sri Lanka without borders and live wherever they wish like to, just like how Tamils and Muslims are living everywhere in the country. Those who campaign against this right of every Sri Lankan are traitors and racists.

  21. Jayantha Fernando

    Sri Lanka is for all Sri lankans and cannot be devided along ethnic lines. Deport these bloody Tamil politicians who are racist and opportunist to Tamil Nadu. Let them rot with Jayalalitha and karunandhi in miserable Tamil Nadu.

  22. All right, pluck out all the Tamils from Wellawattha and Kochchikade and settle them by force in North. No complains, game over.

  23. Appuhamy

    ANY Sir Lankan should be able to settle in ANY part of Sri Lanka irrespective of the language they speak or the religion they practice. In fact the government must immediately abolish the racist Thesawalami law that prohibits non-Tamils from purchasing land or settling down in Jaffna.

  24. These Tamil politicians try to discriminate nation.

  25. thivya

    The Tamils are NOT against the free movement of all Sri Lankans from coast to coast of Sri Lanka. They are against the state sponsored colonization/Ethnic cleansing, which is against the international laws and constitutes a crime against humanity. The Tamils living in the South are not settled by the government. They moved there voluntarily with their own money for economical reasons and to escape the atrocities of Sinhala armed forces in the war zone.

    The state sponsored colonization of the North East is the act of crimes against humanity. All Sinhalese settlement engineered by the post independence Sinhala governments must be dismantled in order to have a genuine reconciliation in Sri Lanka. The world said this type of ethnic cleansing was wrong in Rwanda, Bosnia, Sudan and Kosovo, in that case it must be wrong in Sri Lanka as well.

    • Roshan

      You FOOL!! Lets understand your comment clearly “to escape the atrocities of Sinhala armed forces in the war zone”…so they came to live among sinhalese to get away from (as your Tamil Net saying) Sinhala Army ????

      Not to excape the PIG and er…to plat boms in the South???

  26. Tamilan

    Of cuase Sri lankans can settle any where in Sri lanka it is true. But if this is planned by the RGOSL (racist government of sri lanka) to change population in a district with an hidden agenda. I just want to remind words written by the Dayan Jaytilake in an article ” If you think you can keep the tamils down then they will take you to the same level “. Jus go ahead with you racist attrocities against minorities in the countries. Thats exactly the tiger separtist in abroad want. Because these attrocities will make some country to recognize Tamil Eeelam. Good luck with your ” Apay rata ” policy. Soon you will reap what you sow.

    • victor

      S L is one nation one country, separation will naver occur, as sri lankans we have the freedom to live in any part of the land. I have seen how some groups collect money” SAYING FOR THE SUFFERING PEOPLE” I t is sad to see how the money goes to the pocket., and bluf. innoc. people.IF YOU LOVE SRI LANKA, UNITY is the key to succ.

  27. KunuKatuwa

    Must be like the systematic Tamilization and Moslimization all across Colombo and the surburbs. Apparently that is ok but not other CITIZENS in a free nation to go live anywhere they please. Mano Ganeshan should go live in Mullaitivu if he finds the migration of people to be so objectionable and take all the Tamils from Colombo who lived in Jaffna with him.

  28. Buddhi Passaperuma

    Let us work like a ‘Good Team’ of Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim Policy Makers, Public Servants and Intellectuals to redevelop our Country for everybody to live in peace.prosperity and harmony, rather than making baseless allegations by making the situation much complicated, wasting time and doing nothing for the betterment for the nation.

  29. kumari

    Arrest these racist politicians/terrorists. Pack the gang and send them back to Tamilnadu. Make new laws against racism. Make this country a truely multi-ethnic where anyone can go and live anywhere. We need strong leaders in our country who have balls to stand up to these traitors and their backers.

  30. Richard

    The anti-Tamil racism of those who responded to this article is unbelievable.

  31. gamarala

    Tamils in colombo district purchased land and built dwellings over past many decades as they were employed, and did business in the district.
    Many of them were evicted from or deserted their homes in the aftermath of the July 1963 pogrom.
    The small percentage of sinhalese in the north before the war were mainly businessmen who too owned their homes. They should return,but those being given state land to settle though not there earlier, while tamils evicted by war are prevented from returning to their homes, is blatant injustice.

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