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TNA Concerned Over Jaffna Expressway

By Camelia Nathaniel

The Tamil National Alliance has raised concerns regarding the proposed Colombo Jaffna expressway, to be constructed with Chinese assistance.
“The Sri Lankan government has signed an agreement with China for the construction of an expressway to the North as well as the South.

However the problem that we are foreseeing is that the Northern Province, being close to India, approximately 32kms from Thalaimannar, could threaten Indian security. The Sri Lankan government is granting huge contracts to the Chinese. In the guise of various projects anyone can sneak into that area and it will be detrimental to the Indian security. Therefore we don’t want to allow certain external forces to enter the Northern Province and use it for their own agendas,” TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran said.

He pointed out that currently the most pressing need of the people in the North is not an expressway, but there are so many other issues that they are facing, after having suffered immensely during the war.

“The other issue is that in the North and East there are over 87,000 young war widows. The Sri Lankan government has not formulated any livelihood program for these innocent women, who have lost their husbands during the war, and are forced to take on the burden of sustaining their families. If the government implements a program to assist these women then it will be greatly appreciated. These are the most urgent issues in the North and East and not an expressway. Even those who have been rehabilitated and released have no livelihood program to help them live as independent citizens of this country. The government claims that they will be granted loans to set up their businesses, yet we all know how difficult obtaining a loan can be. These are rehabilitated ex LTTE cadres and how are they going to get guarantors, etc? Therefore the government must come forward and assist these people to get back on their feet,” he said.

Premachandran pointed out that currently there is no pressing need for an expressway, as the government reconstructed the A9 road. “The A9 road in my opinion is more than adequate to cater to the requirements of the people in the North, and perhaps in a few more years if required the government could consider constructing this highway. For the time being the A9 road will suffice for at least the next ten to 15 years.
It’s not that we are opposed to development of these areas, but we don’t want to invite unnecessary problems to the Northern province,” he explained.

50 Comments for “TNA Concerned Over Jaffna Expressway”

  1. BDS

    Why doesn’t tell this direct to the SL Govt? Why use the TNA as a proxy? A Pact? This is why people fear NCp councils.

  2. Kumar

    Why should Suresh Premachandran worry about security of India? His concern should be primarily the well being of Sri Lanka & the northern people. TNA or the façade of the tigers like to keep the northern people in their stranglehold, poor & voiceless so they can make claims against Sri Lanka & continue their political survival!

  3. Ari

    TNA wants to isolate the North from the rest of the country so they could create the elusive eemal that they dream. No one will fall for their China boogey.

  4. suren soysa

    The Origin & continuation of TNA is, as an Indian , LTTE & diaspora cats paw. What if Americans build the expressway? What is this 32 kilometer distance when China borders India in the north? This TNA has to be destroyed if PEACE & PROSPERITY is to be brought to the innocent Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Will the dirty TNA appreciate if a request is made to the eligible members of the forces to consider on humanitarian grounds to marry the war widows & settle down in those areas assisted by the SL & Indian Governments? Expressway to the north is a must as we Sinhalese have more places of interest in north & east than a mere 13% of Tamils.

  5. Senaka

    What right has the TNA to worry about the chinese “sneaking” in to the north agaist India? They seem to worry more about India than thier motherland Sri Lanka. If you do not like what the SL govt does for the benifit of the country go live someware else. Being satisfied with just the A9, so that they have only one road to blow up and keep the nothern population fenced in from the rest of Sri Lanka. Development itself is formulating a program as a livelyhood for all Srilankans and not only for the 87000 war widows created as a result of their support to the terrorists.

  6. dagggy

    Hi TNA………….. get your boys to blast it.

    hello premachandra the EPRLF Traitor, GOSL will not work to your dictates.
    You are a traitor and a LTTE proxy.

  7. Gamini

    As usual this guy is talking thru the top of his hat. Whatever the govt. does he is not satisfied. If the northern expressway is not built he will say why only an expressway to the south was built. Another reason to whine of “discrimination ” !

  8. punchinilame

    May hay while the sunshines. The Comm. to be earned by the Regime Leaders
    is what matters and it is only with type of Contract it can be earned – not by
    finding means for livelihood of 89000 widowed families.

    As long as the NPC has no say in such development agenda, this
    of nation-building is she hypocrisy?

  9. lankaboy

    TNA wants to keep the Tamils in Isolation they don’t want Jaffna Tamils open to the world

  10. John

    “However the problem that we are foreseeing is that the Northern Province, being close to India, approximately 32kms from Thalaimannar, could threaten Indian security.”

    Why do we worry about the threats to India? Indian imperialism and colonialism is the main cause of the problem affecting the island nation.

  11. ks

    Parliemterian no need to talk about national security of India or Sri Lnaka, it will look after relavant authorties in both countries. Only thing is these parliamenterians should try to developed their areas with colloboration government activities without vesting time. Give benifits for the ordinary people who suffred 30 years war.

  12. Eric

    This is the problem with Tamils in Srilanka as they do not consider Srilanka as their mother land. They always support India and concern about India than the developments of Srilanka. I still remember most of the Tamils in Srilanka supporting Indian cricket team whenever they play against Srilanka even before 1983 riots.

  13. Jaffna2012

    First off all who is this MP to stop the North from being constructed. What have they done to better our lives at least the Sri Lankan government is helping the North grow by opening up a highway. All these rowdy TNA MPs do is talk and create violence and unnecessary problems for us Thamils in North. Get lost TNA let there be a highway for us to benefit.

  14. Sellam

    Colombo -Jaffna Expressway is a well planned affair by the Government with the the take over 70,000 or more acres of people’s land from vali north. They need an expressway.
    The people of vai-north have to make another sacrifice by not allowing the army to take over their lands. The Tamil politicians should commit themselves to safeguard the people’s. lands for their resettlement.

  15. Sri Lankan

    Mr. Premachandran,
    Do not spread scaremongoring. You are scared Jaffna opening to the rest of the world. An expressway will definitely link it to the rest of the country very fast and a lot of business will be generated and hence more and more job opportunities will be generated. Then the politics like you can no longer thrive on racial political agendas…. Do not be self fish. Why do not you Ask Tamil diaspora to come and open up business in Jaffna and create jobs for those people …

  16. Lankawick

    Why dont You ask the LTTE rump & Tamil Diaspora & that “Government in Exile”…etc…etc….

    to spend some of their illegal Millions of $$$$….to help the Tamil War Widows…..??

  17. gamaya

    Big Bull $hit.

  18. romeoalfa

    We need to develop our roads. What is yr f. problem if we get mny from China. India can stuff.
    India is paying now for their lakadaisical attitude towards SL. and their ill informed polity due to myopic officals.
    10 years from now, India will be pocketed on top by land routes and at the bottom by the so called necklse of pearls.
    20 years down the line, their wont be a federal india, It will disinterate into pre colonial states. either way India is fkd.

  19. indralatha de silva

    I think Mr Premachandran should go to India and look after security of India. Let tamil people visit Colombo and southern Srilanka. If there is a highway and tamil people from north can come to south and go back home on the same day.

    These politicians make things worse in Srilanka and they want to live as separate nation ever but real people want to enjoy peace and educate children.

    Let them build the higway it is a security threat at all and if at all it will increase the security and allow Srilankan army and forces to reduce the numbers because easy access to any where in the country.

  20. E.N.Gland

    Jaffna is a town in Sri Lanka, it has nothing to do with India. The GOSL of
    Sri Lanka is trying to develop that part of the country and these Tamil politicians are making every excuse to stop these good schemes. The idea is to show the world that there is no development in the Tamil areas.
    At the next elections the Tamil voters should kick these people out of Parliament.

  21. amarakone

    So is the TNA looking out for Tamil interests or indian interests? Did I read this clearly? is the TNA against development? my god what a pile of nastiness!

  22. vipula

    You are the real enemy of your own people.remember the highways are being built in Sri Lanka not in Tamilnadu.If MR planing to build them in TN it’s a matter of concern.It’s time to thinks that we all are Sri Lankans and we are building our country after thirty- year bloody war.Roads,airports,ports,railway,communication,these are the very basic things that should be given the priority if we need to develop this country.After all nobody is taking these things to his next life or birth.So love your people,love your country where you born and bread.dont spread hatred among the innocent people.

  23. Pam

    Giving these guys land and police powers would just worsen the situation. What a stupid thing to say about the Chinese getting close to India by working in the North of Sri Lanka! The SL govt has the right to let any one go any where inside Sri Lanka. The north of SL is not a separate country. Why should anyone be concerned about India? Least of all the TNA who supported the LTTE even after they killed Rajiv Gandi. These TNA politicians and some Tamils are never going o change.
    The president and the parliament should remove land and police powers from the PC. TNA politicians are nothing but racist Tamils . They supported the LTTE and will not stop in their cunning ways to achieve eelam in SL.

  24. Priyantha jayasundara

    Why this man concern about INDIAN security?? If he Sri lankan he should care about SRi lankan well being ! He sounds like an IDEOT !!!!!!! Maybe this unworthy Tamil man don’t no where dose he live! maybe feel guilty what they (TAMIL)done to mighty Sinhalese people. maybe he confused since war END!!


  25. hara

    What are the chinese going to build a highway to attack india?
    A highway is a economic boom more tourists etc… more jobs
    Who is it this guy
    if this is the attitude don’t build the highway build one to kandy and other places travel on the A9 please

  26. Kidapolagama

    If India is worried, nobody is preventing them from submitting a counter offer for the project. Why, isn’t India building the railway project to North? Just don’t object everything the government does (it’s not clean by any means, by the way), but be realistic. You cheered as the LTTE dismantled the northern railway line and now this. Your kilote is not empty either. Just like your idol Jayalalita, you tell whatever comes your mouth.

  27. I am dissapointed by your comments Premachandra because you are one TNA member who has no LTTE baggage.Rome had expressways to all areas ruled to crush rebellion in the bud, and given Srilanka”s experience with hostile Indians and Toilet nadu just a few miles away it is well justified to have a high speed highway and do away with the military garrisons in the north.

  28. Koralalage

    Stupid prem , keep your mouth shut.
    We are trying to develop our country

  29. Don Sarath

    As usual TNA fools see crocodiles in the bath tub. Those who live in the North is only concerned about the benefit they will gain by this road and they are not interested in TNA politics.

  30. Asoka

    Sri Lanka don’t care of India. Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese and Tamil Nadu belongs to Tamils. At the movement in Sri Lanka Sinhalese 80%. We want to make 95% end of year 2020. This is our vision and mission and no one can stop it also. Terrorists oriented TNA always against Sinhalese Nation, Sri Lanka

  31. laksiri

    every time these jokers go against any matter related to developments and any works,they would like to see all in are in the dark like last 30 years.if they do not like to see they have express way,they can use jungle for their own travel purpose.look what happen power plant,china build and operating but ,The India is just looking to sing it after 5 years.if you had over express road of north to India,you time table of 1 0-15yrs can reach since they will take to such period for decision making process.and another 15 years to build you better ask president to give it to the India.

  32. pinhamy

    Who the hell is he to decide whats country needs.He is not a national leader but former terrorist.This idiot is dictating terms whats country needs before devolution of power,how had we given them power to decide whats North needs in national level.This is Prabakarn’s agenda. No doubts he is working for terrorist.Its not only North has widows but south too have widows,but it does not menas we have to stop working towards development of national level objectives.Whether China or Inda or that matter japan,what we need is development and benefits to society
    This idiot is worried if this highway builds linking North and South,its a obstacle for these terrorist to work on separate land in long run.
    If national wants to listen to these idiots,we wouldn’t have sacrifice thousands of lives,instead given tamil elam on a plate.
    We must understand that these terrorist hidden motives merely not innocent tamils but separate country.

  33. lanka peiris

    Suresh Premachandran, who the hell are you to tell Sri Lankans what to do and not to do in Sri lanka. You are not the owner of the Northern or any province in Sri Lanka.
    Everyone has important issues and those in the northern province will also get the treatment that is available to people in other provinces.

    If you don’t like it go to India. We are not there to please India. Ask India the mother of LTTE murderers to give them guarantees and cater to their requirements.

  34. One Lanka

    I cannot imagine the stupid arguments of this former LTTE proxy. Just imagine what will happen if they win the election with land and police powers. Building roads/highways is one of the foremost requirements in the development process. They want to have the cake and eat it too.

    Ask them to fly a kite!

  35. Every provinces are belong to whole srilankan citizens.separatism,racism,autonomy,devolution,amendments,northern territory,eastern territory,…ext. scrapped from our vocabulary.think positively, we whole srilankan are belong similar family.

  36. fernandez

    mr suresh, Sri Lanka is not the Indin colanial !!! don’t be afset.

  37. Rohan Martin

    If TNA or any other Tamil political party demanding like this now, how it will be if the government implement the 13th amendment. Are these Tamil parties representing Sri Lanka or India?

  38. Mervyn

    It is the most ridiculous story ever heard from a party, which oppose the construction of the Colombo -Jaffna Expressway because it will be constructed by Chinese and the cock bull story that it will threaten the Indian security. How can the construction of an Expressway within the country pose a threat to a country which is 32 KM away and seperated by the sea?. In this respect Germany, Netherland or France cannot construct Expressways because England is only appx. 25 KM away Calais (France) and seperated by the English Channel. What an idiotic and a Stupid thought. According to these dum heads had the construction contract awarded to Indians then it will be not a threat. These idiots should remember that Sri Lanka is one country and no part of the Island has been demarcated to Tamils. Additionally these idiots should bear in mind that an efficient road network will boost the trade and the development of the country as a whole. It should also be noted that planing and excution of projects to develop the country is in the hands of the ruling Government and not with the TNA. TNA as a party is not the one and only mouth piece of the North or of the country and additionally it is in no way to predict that A9 will be good enough. This thought itself exhibits that these TNA idiots have no foresight at all and they representing a certain percentage of the population of the country called Sri Lanka.

  39. Wije

    Politicos. Are ruining the country.We need to plan now to to develop in 15 yrs you slow learner .

  40. කලුව

    අඩෝ මේලංකාව. පිස්සු නටන්න එපා හරිද.

  41. S.D. Dharmasena

    TNA must keep in mind that North and East are still not come under Central Govt of INDIA. What u all are uttering is to promote yours personal agenda. Sri Lankan govt will decide what free ways to be done. You all must discuss these matters with President.

  42. nalin

    Suresh you have no right to talk about security in north or any where since you did not raise these questions when Prabhakaren was distroting the land and making those 87,000 women getting widowed.
    So Shut up and put up…..

  43. Jazz

    Absolute rubbish. The Chinese have a land border with India. Why on earth would they want to ‘enter’ northern Sri Lanka and then swim 32 kms across the Palk Straits or the Gulf of Mannar to threaten India’s security. The TNA as usual is worried about everything else in the world except the well being of the tamil people.

  44. didee

    Who is this guy; surely a surviving LTTE proxy. Why this fellow talk about security condition affecting India. Is this fellow an Indian? Oh yes he is worried about his Homeland – Tamil Nadu. In that case he has proven where his birth rights are. What is he doing in Sri Lanka, I think it is up to the GOSL to decide. But I am sure Close Proximity of Tamil Nadu and India to Sri Lanka is a Security threat to Sri Lanka. It has been proven multiple times in the recent history as well as in the ancient history. Tamil Nadu and India are definitely a threat to our sovereignty and survival, therefore we must take drastic actions to counter this threat.

  45. NAK

    Bull s**t at its very best!. What this idiot saying saying is that the chinese army will roll their tanks on this express way to invade India! hillrious!! Why is he so concerned about Indian security?is he in the pay of RAW?

  46. Raja

    Sri Lanka’s foreign affairs is a matter for the Govt of Sri Lanka and not for individual groups like the TNA. If the TNA is more loyal to India than Sri Lanka, they should keep out of Sri Lankan affairs.

  47. gamarala

    The proposed expressway is mainly for the financial benefit of contracters and sub-contracters favoured by the government. The ‘profits’ will enrich those who grant the contract. We know who they would be.

  48. sangaralingham

    creating a polluted island. trains will do the job. update the railway. spend money on health educatin creatng employments,ii

  49. Richard

    An expressway will not provide a livelyhood to the people or feed the needy in the Northern Province but will feed commissions to the usual suspects.

  50. Roshan

    what..are you an Indian to bother about India’s security..just buzz-off!!

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