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Army Relaxes Checking At Omanthai

By Camelia Nathaniel

The Military announced yesterday that it had relaxed checking at the Omanthai checkpoint in the North.

Following the end of the war, the army continued to have troop presence and checking of vehicles in Omanthai – the entry exit point during the LTTE’s hay days.

Military spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasuriya told The Sunday Leader that yesterday the military announced that the checking of persons at the road block would be relaxed to facilitate free north south movement. “We will have to continue to check vehicles transporting good because weapons parts and explosives could be transported to the South. There are still caches of weapons left behind by the LTTE, and if these fall into the hands of criminal elements of the underworld it could affect the maintenance of law and order in the country.”

When asked why they were checking only the foreign passport holders he said “checking of foreign passports is an accepted practice the world over, and this is not only done in Sri Lanka,” he added.

However he said that only foreign passport holders will have to register at the Omanthai road block on their journey from South to North.  It was further stated that no person irrespective of nationality, has to register or declare their identity when they travel from North to south, but the random checks on vehicles transporting goods will continue.

On average over 300 busses, 575 lorries, 630 cars/vans, 15,375  local passengers and around 200 foreigners travel from the South to the North daily through Omanthai, while 275 busses, 710 lorries, 773 cars/vans, 17,164 local passengers, and 111 foreign passport holders cross the Omanthai checkpoint from the North to South daily.

6 Comments for “Army Relaxes Checking At Omanthai”

  1. ravi

    foreign passport holders need to be checked only at air port not middle of the country. it’s better to allow spokes person to visit to the world on a government pay

  2. Saro

    For more than last four years there have not been any single incident of arms or unwanted things crossed Omanthai either way still north bound passengers are inconvenienced by delaying their long hazardous journey. Jaffna bound passengers take more than 10 hours from Colombo whereas to Hambantota a few hours on express way and not subject to any delay.

  3. There isn’t any political intellectual in a decision making level who has the ability to examine the underlying problems. This is the reason the country has been fighting since the independence. Currently, you all are underestimating the dragon. The Rajapaksa brothers have China’s blessing to control media and people, even the UN High Commissioner who was blocked from scattering flowers on the Nandikadal lagoon in memory of those who had lost their lives in the last stages of the war. They were shooting the people who demanded clean drinking water, even though they knew Madam Pillay was about to visit the country within weeks in relation to war crimes. They even harassing the people who spoke with Madam Pillay. What does it tell you all these incidents? The country is under China, the Rajapaksa brothers don’t give a damn. They are enjoying all the perks and benefits which came from the Chinese investments. If you think Madam Pillay’s adverse report to the UNHRC or Sri Lanka’s elections will bring the change then you have underestimated the crazy dragon and its partners in crime the Rajapaksa brothers. It took considerable effort to remove Prabhakaran; it will take huge effort to remove the Rajapaksa brothers, because the Rajapaksa brothers have more power and backups than Prabhakaran. It will cost thousands of innocent Sinhalese and Tamils lives to remove the Rajapaksa brothers. This is not the end, it just a start, sit back and prepare yourself for unexpected shocks, because much more to come, the dragon has fooled the Rajapaksa brothers beyond your political understanding.

  4. gamarala

    The “North” is treated as a foreign country.
    Foreigners in other countries,after beng cleared by immigration on arrival,are NOT checked routinely,in other countries.

  5. dagggy

    Why ??????????????

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