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Lanka Independent Sovereign Republic of Nuts

Lay off Pillay was apparently the message sent to all anti-Western, anti-UN, and anti-Pillay baiters in government ranks before the dreaded arrival. The self-appointed foreign affairs specialist and Rottweiler of all Western affairs, Wimal Weerawansa kept silent. So was the lanky JHU baiter of the West, Champika Ranawaka, while his compadre Udaya Gammanpila confined himself to an innocuous psycho-analysis of Pillay.

A non-specialist in the field, Kumara Welgama fired a harmless popgun from Matugama just to record his protest which was duly noted, as usual, by his favourite paper.

The big guns: Dinesh Gunawardene, Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, Nimal Siripala de Silva were silent.
Take the bitter pill(ay) without complaints appeared to be the advice, while the biggest gun took off to Belarus to form a new alliance for the defence against attacks from the UNHRC.

Whether it was the Nikini full moon or the sun being directly over Sri Lanka last week – according to the Colombo Observatory – that affected Mervyn Silva is hard to say. Some political observers say that Silva needs neither the sun nor moon to go bananas, but to bananas he went last week.

A daily newspaper reported on its front page that Silva had made the most astounding proposal ever to a visiting diplomatic dignitary while speaking at Maradana — he proposed marriage to Navi Pillay.

Marriage proposal

He was willing to marry the High Commissioner of the UNHRC and urged her to join him on a trip around the country. He would teach her the history of the country, he had said, according to the report.

Such an outrageous and astounding proposal to a visiting diplomatic head is unheard of in international diplomacy, particularly to a woman diplomat.

It betrays lack of class and culture and reflects not so much on Mervyn Silva, who is not known or heard of beyond the shores of the country, but reflects on the Rajapaksa government and on Sri Lanka itself.

A visiting diplomat on the invitation of the government is not treated in such a crass manner — however much she may be disliked.

To propose marriage to a seventy year old woman diplomat – without her probably even knowing him – would have caused gross embarrassment to her.

A visiting diplomat can be challenged, criticized or even condemned on the subject matter he/she is dealing with, but surely not on such personal matters. And this is supposed to be the age of gender equality.

Ravana re-incarnated

Diminutive Silva may have a very high estimation of himself, and may have not considered whether his proposal would be accepted or not. He has assumed that he can be a teacher of Sri Lankan history to her, but there is no record of him as a teacher – not even in the tutories the present Minister of Education was associated with in his days before taking to politics.

Mervyn Silva had earlier given the impression that he considers himself to be the reincarnation of Lanka’s heroic king Dutu Gemunu.

Now he appears to be obsessed with Maha Ravana, about whom he wishes to teach Navi Pillay. Pillay, being of Indian descent, may be well acquainted with the Ramayanaya and know all about

Ravana who abducted Sita to Lanka and was finally killed for it.
Does Silva now consider himself to be a re-incarnation of Ravana and not Dutu Gemunu because there are some powerful people claiming to be Dutu Gemunu reborn?

He wants to take Pillay to Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Ruhuna to show her the past glories of the land even though Pillay may not be concerned about Lanka’s past glories and is only interested in Sri Lanka’s recent past and present record on human rights. Silva is quoted in the newspaper report saying: It is we who gave Kuveni in marriage to Prince Vijaya. Historians will be confused about the ‘We’ he is talking about.

Historical balderdash

All this historical balderdash is not of relevance even to those who have a nodding acquaintance with the island’s history. What is of grave concern is the uncouth proposal made. What status will it give Sri Lanka in diplomatic standing? It is being relegated to that of ‘banana republic’ by many Western diplomats.

Mervyn Silva may consider himself a joker, and many of his countrymen do, but he is a cabinet minister and his sayings and acts are not dismissed lightly by those who want to rub Lanka’s nose in the dust. Sri Lanka has been identified as the Land of the Lotus Eaters, a banana republic, and now we may be placed in a special category:  Independent Sovereign Republic of Nuts.

9 Comments for “Lanka Independent Sovereign Republic of Nuts”

  1. Trevor Jayetileke

    I am not so sure of Sri Lanka as a Banana Republic or a Republic of Nuts but it is certainly a Land of Lotus Eaters. No one in Sri Lanka is happy paying Taxes but they all want Subsidies, and have a Good Life at the expense of the State.
    Politicians are at the top of the Pyramid of Lotus Eaters and eat even from the remittances sent home from poor women and girls who earn it from their blood,sweat and tears.

  2. marcus fernando

    president sir, please send this man out, since he is spoiling the reputation of the country and you self.

  3. RajaWanduru

    We the people of Sri Lanka, (educated, refined and crass) of all class and denomination hereby hang our head in shame and seek apology from the international community.

    Yes Mervin Silva is our own Sri Lankan, but this is what we deserve as people who voted him in to power.

    Give us another 500 years time as a nation to step in to civilized world.

    Until then we will carry this shame as a nation of Shameless race.

    Ms. Pillay please do not come again just send a cruise missile to Mervin’s Home.

  4. Renu

    You are very right, and people who tolarate this kind of uncultured fellow as a minster in the Goverment, may also have problem with grey matter in the head.It is an utter disgrace for a country who in the past could recall of very cultured politicians

  5. Malcolm X

    Well Said..

  6. Shaik Anwar Ahamath

    Then what are we if not nincompoops to keep electing this imbecile to parliament and high office. There is at last some stirrings at the Bribery Commission questioning him on the sources of finance his son Malaka had been lavishing on luxury cars etc. Mervyn had got away Scot Free even after tying up a civil servant to a tree as a punishment, on video, and I am sure he will get away again. I would like to know the hold he has on the Rajapakses that gives him this extent of latitude.

  7. Don Quixote

    This last episode concerning Silva can be taken as a summary of what Rajapaksa has stood for and done to our motherland.

    From a refined, “civilized” Country with a recorded history of over 2000 years, we have fallen below even the most recent of African republics run by pirates and criminals !

    People who have done this to our Country should NEVER be forgiven. Their names should be recorded forever and our children and their children should be taught to despise them and all they stood for.

  8. Paul Rajasekera

    We are extremely unlucky that our governance team includes such hilarious jokers. The best thing we hope he can do is to ” say and do nothing” even though we pay him for that. We look forward to the day he will begin to see how wonderful it is to learn lessons and live in this world as a decent man of service to his fellowmen and women and the country.

  9. tuan

    His Excellency the President should have instantaneously pulled up Mervyn Silva for b ring the country to disrepute. But nothing of that sort happened. His silence on this issue gives the impression that he condones such behaviour.

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