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Mervyn Summoned To Bribery Commission

Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva has been summoned to the Bribery and Corruption Commission to respond to a complaint lodged over his assets.

An official at the Commission, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the complaint relates to the luxury vehicles used by his son Malaka Silva.

However, the Commission official refused to name the person who made the complaint and the date the Minister was expected to appear.

According to the complaint the Minister does not possess huge assets which allow him to purchase the type of luxury cars used by his son. The Commission says it has received complaints over the assets of several other government Ministers as well.  (ISA)

9 Comments for “Mervyn Summoned To Bribery Commission”

  1. Dot

    H e is a PR Minister going through a PR exercise so as to project the law and order face of his erstwhile government is he?. He has always being a man who would lay down his life for friends . After all what does it profit a man —– etc is not a cliche but a living reality .. Keep your head on the executioners block Mervyn and hope for a last minitue reprieve .Or let the heat be taken off !You might be the ambassoder to the UN and may be able to realize your marriage ambitions .

  2. aswin

    Nothing will come out of it as he is a Gov. minister. Democracy upside down

  3. Renu


  4. gamarala

    Noone has faith in this so called “commission”.
    Even now,a minister who has yet to explain Rs.400 Million of unaccounted assets has yet to be prosecuted in courts.There are many more like him.

  5. Malcolm X

    Lets hope this “COMMISSION” will finally start to serve its true purpose by doing its job effectively.

  6. H P PULLE

    The commission will also look into the small matter of the LAMBORGHINI owner. I am sure. Or is it a small vehicle not worth looking for.

  7. deen

    This commission is efficient only to investigate complaints made against those who are not in good terms with the present Government. Like the select committee of the Parliament which probed the Ex. Chief Justice in a record short period, the Bribery Commission is trying to do the same thing in probing her bribery complaint. I will stand on my head if this Bribery Commission would investigate the complaint lodged against Mervyn.

  8. commision has no powers regarding politicians. this govt is a corrupt government

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