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More Troops Sought In Jaffna

The Jaffna Security Forces Commander Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe says he is contemplating making a request for more troops and military camps in the North. He says this need has arisen as there are fears the election campaign of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) may incite some 4000 former LTTE cadres who have not been rehabilitated and are believed to be mingling with civilians.

When asked by The Sunday Leader if a strong troop presence was still required in the North he said, “There is no question about that, and yes the army is still needed here.

Taking today’s activities into account, and according to the feedback that I have received TNA candidate Mr. Wigneswaran, during the last few days at various political campaigns, has said that Prabhakaran is the greatest leader ever seen and that they would start where he stopped. He has also said that because of Prabhakaran the Tamil people have gained so much value.

Hence these are clear indications that the threat is still very much present. In this situation let alone reducing the military presence, in fact I am contemplating asking the Secretary Defence to increase the military presence and put up a few more camps”.

Hathurusinghe says the LTTE ideology is still very much alive and they believe that an arms struggle is the only way to win the rights of the Tamil people.
“For the past 25 years we have not had a Provincial Council election and when given the opportunity this is what they are trying to do. The TNA and Wigneswaran are pointing fingers at the army and trying to portray us as the villains, but what I would like to know is what has he (Wigneswaran) done in his entire career for the benefit of the Tamil people? In fact the families of the remanded ex LTTE cadres were so petrified during their trials that their cases would be heard by him because he was known to dish out the maximum punishment to them with no compassion whatsoever. Now these are the very people who are trying to claim that they are the saviours of the Tamil people,” he said.

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  1. Keep dreaming to increase the presence of the army, you are underestimating the TNA, diaspora, India and the international community.

  2. gamarala

    Hathurusinghe has a lame excuse for increasing troops during an election.
    4,000 LTTE ? He must be dreaming.

  3. Naman

    Army should NOT be used to control the civilian in north and east and should not take part in running tourist hotels, tea boutiques etc. Let the civilians have means to make money and live peacefully. Army forces should be restricted to barracks and be used at the discretion of the civilian Governor/Chief Minister. The police should take over law and order. Most crimes are committed on direct orders from corrupt politicians

  4. Major Hathursinghe can use any excuse to bring more army to North. Tamils will fight until they receive substantial power from the government. If the government refuse to devolve power to Tamils then don’t blame the youngsters. How long this government can feed the Army. This government is a bankrupt government and live on borrowed money. Major Hathurusinhe needs some education.

  5. Priyantha jayasundara

    We can’t trust on them(Tamil)kp. Wigneswaran . Karuna. & TNA leaders they are all the same! Just waiting for opportunity do major damage to our mother land(SRI LANKA)International community already blame on our government for war crime???we never why not just kill them all(make look like an accident )nothing to loose!

    Southern Sinhala!!!

  6. DMR Gunawardene

    Now that Pillay has left reintroduce the concentration camps so that Tamils can continue to suffer at the hands of this govt.

  7. Saro

    Let the Tamil people judge the merit of TNA and CM nominee judge Wigneswaran in the provincial council election.

  8. Sri

    There we go again for another round of bloodshed and mass graves! Always in the same mental mode.

  9. Gen. Hathurusinghe is outstanding Army officer with ample experience PLUS compassion to the needy. I am sure if he forsees danger, another batch of troops to help in case LTTE & their ghosts try to de-stablaize the region again..
    I hear that TAMILS are elated Ms. Pillay visited & tried to shower flowers to that Maniac who DESTROYED Sri Lanka.

    It is always better to be prepared for any evantuality……May the Noble Triple Gems Protect Sri Lankans in North & all parts…..MAY GOD BLESS OUR MOTHERLAND..One nation Indivisible, UNITED & FREE…….Thank you all……..J

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