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After All Eggs Are Good For You

By Dr Harold Gunatillake Health Writer

Eggs were considered balls of cholesterol and most wives deprived their husbands of an egg a day, quite unwisely and ignorantly, not knowing the health benefits with so many essential nutrients. The tables have turned after a research paper appeared in Medical News Today in 2012.
The opening paragraph states: Eating whole eggs can improve lipoprotein profiles for patients with metabolic syndrome and also help them with weight management.
The finding came from new research was conducted by a team led by Dr. Maria Luz Fernandez, Professor at the University of Connecticut, and published in the journal Metabolism.
Let’s talk about the ‘Metabolic Syndrome’, a syndrome most people do have, and in the US the figures go up to 34% and  increasing.

By definition a person is labelled as having metabolic syndrome, if he or she suffers from at least 3 or more of the following risk factors:
• High triglycerides
• Low HDL cholesterol
• Large waistline
• Increased blood sugar
• High blood pressure

It is most likely that you would develop heart disease when you suffer from metabolic syndrome. Such patients are told to avoid eating food containing high cholesterol and high saturated fats, such as meat, dairy products and eggs, among others.
In a study, middle aged males and females with metabolic syndrome were split into two groups, one group was asked to eat three eggs a day and the other group was given the same amount of egg substitute as part of a carbohydrate restricted diet to lose weight.
It was revealed that both groups had increased HDL cholesterol, a decrease in plasma triglycerides and improved lipid profiles. Both groups had no impact on their cholesterol or total blood cholesterol though they were eating twice the amount of cholesterol than they were before the experiment.
Dr. Luz Fernandez explained:
“Eating egg yolks was actually associated with enhanced health benefits in these high-risk individuals. Subjects consuming whole eggs had greater increases in HDL cholesterol and more significant reductions in the LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio than those who ate the cholesterol-free egg substitute.”
Eggs are high in fats. Eggs do have about 5 grams of fat, but mainly healthy unsaturated fat, and only 1.5grams of saturated fat.
Eggs are nutritious and contain 11 different vitamins and minerals in good amount. So why waste money buying vitamin supplements, which are not so cheap? Eggs contain fat soluble vitamin D which is necessary for wellbeing.
For many the cholesterol in an egg does not add on to the number in the blood, because the amount of saturated fat is so small in eggs.
You can enjoy up to six eggs a week with no guilt. Start today!

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  1. SINI

    As a trained Pharmacologist, I do know and I am implementing for the past thrrty years and see the same effect.
    There may be slight variations, but over all it is true.

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