Search For C4 Journo

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The Sunday Leader learns that defence authorities were placed on high alert last week after information was received that a Channel 4 journalist was in the country.
Intelligence agencies had initially alerted the Terrorist Investigations Department (TID) to look for the journalist and his partner who were believed to have been staying at an apartment in Colombo.
Police intelligence sources said that the journalist had been staying at the Hilton hotel while having an apartment in Colombo.
Initial investigations have revealed that the journalist from the controversial British television channel and his partner had been travelling to Sri Lanka frequently and were possibly involved in a private business activity in the country.
The defence authorities however are trying to ascertain if the journalist was also involved in gathering information with the intention of tarnishing the image of the country.
The manager of the apartment where the couple were staying was questioned last Friday and further investigations are underway.
Channel 4 was behind the controversial video series on the final stages of the war in Sri Lanka including the ‘No Fire Zone’ video which alleges that hundreds of civilians were killed during the final battle between the army and the LTTE.
The alert on the couple was issued as government and security agencies make preparations for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in Sri Lanka next month.
Channel 4 had said it will attempt to be in Sri Lanka to cover the summit and will apply for access through the normal process. The government has said that if Channel 4 fulfils the requirements as stipulated by the Commonwealth Secretariat then they will be allowed into the country.

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  1. Sri Lankan government have to be very careful in dealing with Channel 4 Journalists. If they go in the wrong way they will face the music.

  2. Leo

    Find the bastard and give him a good beating. These are not journalists these are agents of governments who fund terrorist through proxy.

    Urge all hotel owners to hand this suspect over….

    It’s a clear a present threat to this country’s security

  3. Malin

    The Government knew that Channel 4 team is planning to come to Sri Lanka. Whether it’;s CHOGM or any other event, Sri Lankan Government has the right to decide who should be allowed in to the country. The CHOGM secretariat cannot decide who should be given visa albeit they fulfil its requirement. The immigration officials are responsible if the husband & wife team is allowed to step I to the country. Why are we so complacent, naïve and not alert to dangers?

  4. Samantha

    They say that the phobia of the guilty will consume them to the point of driving them insane.

    There must be a truth to that saying, I suppose.

    • Randy Mathew

      Very true indeed– similar to the saying that guilty conscience pricks the mind. Hm

  5. gamarala

    Sri lanka has nothing to hide/cover up.
    Banning journalists will only confirm suspicions that there are matters & situations which are best kept hidden.

  6. tomsamusa

    Paranoia has hit pakse clan.
    Next is going sfter first born male(probably Tamil) infants !!!!!

  7. This journalist is married to a TAMIL woman who is a supporter of LTTE. They should NOT be allowed to visit Lanka for GROSS MIS-REPRESENTATION of facts by these two husnband & wife team, on their previous visits..

    Nepal oblidged & so did Malaysia NOT to show videos produced by Channel 4.

    Once allowed they behave like HIGH SCHOOL kids, without any professional ethics or manners.

    • fawzan

      Why all Sri Lankans are afraid of journalists? Politicians to cover up their (war) crime portray these journalists as evil spirit. We also bought this stupid story.

      These journalists produced evidence to support their claim irrespective of he married to Tamil lady or LTTE lady. Evidence speaks the truth.

    • tomsamusa

      Please dont judge others by your standards.You are a bunch of good for nothing jokers.
      You are in the process of being screwed right royally.

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