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India Must Ignore LTTE’s Financial Orphans – Dr Subramanium Swamy

  • Sri Lanka, a cultural sibling of India

By Camelia Nathaniel

Dr Subramanian Swamy is an Indian academician, politician, activist, economist, and a great supporter of Sri Lanka. He was a staunch opponent of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), while also being well known for his critical views against the government of Tamil Nadu. He was elected Member of Parliament five times between 1974 and 1999. He has twice represented the city of Mumbai North East during 1977 and 1980, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in Parliament.

He is also the President, Chairman, Central Parliamentary Board of the Janatha Party. In an interview with The Sunday Leader he said that he considers it a privilege to be branded as a supporter of Sri Lanka, and also regards Sri Lanka as a cultural sibling of India. Hence he believes that India should support Sri Lanka by attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) and ignore the objections of extremist Tamil opinion in India, as it is just a cry of financial orphans of the LTTE, and therefore not worthy of any notice.

Q: With the Tamil Nadu Assembly having passed a resolution to completely boycott the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in Colombo, in your view what should India’s stand be?
A: According to the Indian Constitution, foreign affairs is the exclusive domain of the Union Executive and Parliament. Hence the Tamil Nadu Assembly is no barrier. Of course consistent with my known position, I regard Sri Lanka as a cultural sibling and hence in favour of showing respect and deepening friendship between the countries. Of course therefore my stand is India must participate and support Sri Lanka in all forums.

Q: Tamil Nadu has raised issues of Human Rights in Sri Lanka. As a Tamil Nadu politician, do you oppose or agree with that view?
A: Let the Tamil Nadu parties compete with each other in making silly accusations against Sri Lanka. As a nation we in India who think we are Indians first, are with all Sri Lankans. We admire your President’s leadership in exterminating that monstrous terrorist outfit, the LTTE, and thus having advanced India’s national security. In such an anti-insurgency operation, where the LTTE ruthlessly used civilians and children as human shields, collateral and unintended human rights violations will take place. But the international community and the UNHCR have accepted that it is Sri Lanka alone which will address the issue and achieve reconciliation. Now that Tamils in Sri Lanka have an elected Chief Minister in Jaffna, this can be attained. Hence extremist Tamil opinion in India is just cry of financial orphans of the LTTE, and therefore not worthy of any notice.

Q: What can the Sri Lankan government do to change the negative sentiments of Tamil Nadu against Sri Lanka?
A: Two things: [1] Interact with India in all dimensions without bothering with the fringe sentiments. Show to these extremists, that the rest of India – i.e., 95% of India [plus the silent majority in Tamil Nadu], supports amity with Sri Lanka and welcomes Sri Lankans. And if Jayalalitha wants to make a fool of Karunanidhi in competitive sectarianism, just ignore it. [2] Invite prominent and fearless Tamils of India, such as the owners of the now liberated The Hindu newspaper, other media and intellectuals such as Cho Ramaswamy, BCCI President N. Srinivasan to visit Tamil areas of your country and interact with the people there.

Q: There have been allegations against you that you are pro Sri Lanka. How would you respond to these allegations?
A: I am, so it is a welcome allegation. I respond by saying thank you for the compliment. I am also an admirer of the grit of your leadership which never wavered in the final assault against the LTTE, and thereby helped Indian national security.

Q: With regard to the war and the issues raised repeatedly by various quarters against Sri Lanka, accusing the SL government of numerous crimes, in your view should the past remain in the past or should an international investigation be conducted regarding these charges against Sri Lanka?
A: Human rights violation in 2009 arising from the anti-LTTE operations is no more an international issue especially after the recent Provincial Council elections. Now both TNA and UNHCR’s Pillay accept that the LTTE also committed human rights excesses. Some devolution of rights within the comfort zone of the majority opinion will finally kill whatever is left of the issue. Remember, we India will never, never support dismemberment of Sri Lanka after our experience with LTTE’s perfidy in the contract killing of Rajiv Gandhi. So please go ahead with the necessary and affordable devolution with confidence. We in India are with you and wish you success.

Q: In your opinion, how do you see the CHOGM being beneficial to Sri Lanka?
A: All international gatherings of this type are essential socializing. Holding CHOGM will further help in Sri Lanka forging ahead internationally and in an aura of normalcy.

Q. With regard to the fishermen’s issues between the Sri Lankan and Indian fishermen and also allegations against the Sri Lankan Navy, do you think the Sri Lankan government is doing enough? If not how do you see this issue being resolved?
A: Your President told me recently that Sri Lanka will release all Indian fishermen taken into custody after producing them in court, but will impound the mechanised boats. That is the correct way to resolve the issue.

Q: How can the TNA help in bridging the differences between Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu for the betterment of the Tamil people?
A: If TNA interacts with the SL President, and participates in the Parliament’s Select Committee on Devolution, you can forget about the noise pollution in Tamil Nadu. 99% of the Tamils of India want good neighbourly relations with Sri Lanka, but are not vocal because the 1% is often violent. After the forthcoming 2014 Parliament elections, the 99% too will find its voice!

10 Comments for “India Must Ignore LTTE’s Financial Orphans – Dr Subramanium Swamy”

  1. soosai

    Subramania swamy could never win any election and was close to loosing deposit in any election in TamilNadu. He always found a backdoor to assert himself. No one in TamilNadu takes him seriously. He is a clown in Tamil circles. In 1998, he wrote an oped in The Hindu warning the dangers of RSS and now he is in BJP whose mouth piece is RSS. This shows who this guy is. This guy got kicked out of Harvard for telling that Indian muslims are not true indian citizens. Compare Dr. Abdul Kalam, a devoted muslim and Tamil and this idiot who claims himself as a Tamil! and insults muslims such as Dr.Kalam. Good luck listening to this idiot.

  2. welldone Dr.Subramaniun Swamy,this is the thrue.atleast now the entire world should open their eyes,Having finished the world ruthless terrorists call TAMIL TIGERS,we have entire South Asien PEACE and every body enjoing their freedom.

  3. sahani

    Dr Swamy is right india should be friendly and supportive of all nationals culturally united with india. .

  4. common man

    Subramanyan swami was accused against Rajiv gandhi assasination case. Credible allegations & proofs over his links with CIA & Rajiv’s assasination.
    He was a dangerous lobbyist & should be expelled from politics & punished for his murdering Rajiv gandhi..

  5. raman

    he is totally out of touch with tamil people’s feelings!

    • kumar

      I don’t think you are representative of all Tamils. I being an indian Tamil will always stand by my country and congratulate Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa for ruthlessly eliminating the monster called LTTE. He has in the process provided the blue print for future indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi about how to deal with Naxals and pakistan sponsored kashmir militants. It was LTTE who hijacked the cause of srilankan tamils and instead dealing with singhalese through dialogue spoke the language of militancy and violence. The coward Prabhakaran who called himself a Tiger used small children and helpless civilians as human shield around himself. He is a shameless coward who deserved the death he died. I hope my Singhalese Srilankan brothers re-concile with their tamil countrymen and resolve all the issues through dialogue and in a manner that is suitable for the integrity of srilanka. This issue is an internal security issue of srilanka and should be treated as such and rabid elements like karunanidi, vaiko and thirumavalavan etc should be ignored and shown their place

  6. Dr, Chula Rajapakse

    Thank you Dr Swamy , for your forth right and honest responses, as always. Just as 99% of or Tamil brothers in tamil nadu want to be friends of Sri Lanka, 100% of Sri Lankans want to be friends of tamil Nadu and India

  7. keerthikumar

    The PM of India should attend the Meeting at SriLanka,not attending the meeting it shows a un friendly treatment to a friendly country.It should not be a personnel or party agenda as friendly country should attend

  8. Rohan BBS

    Did you know this man, the Brahmin sub samy was accused of racism against indian muslims and is taken as an extremist brahmin who was all out to eliminate buddhism from indian soild, now he is talking with a forked tongue, just like MR.

  9. Rajan

    Swami’s ignorance and arrogance about the Tamils plight in Srilanka has no end

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