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The Devil Quoting The Scriptures

CHOGM 2013 presented a dilemma to British Prime Minister David Cameron. The Tamil diaspora in Britain, that had cleverly registered its supporters in closely contested electorates, demanded that he boycotts the event in Colombo. The Labour Party had called on its members to boycott the Summit.

Antagonising the raucous supporters of the banned terrorist organisation (though banned in Britain) could have placed Cameron’s Conservative Party at grave risk at the next elections. But by not attending the Summit he would place the Commonwealth – the relic of the once powerful British Empire, which Britain still values – at grave risk. Britain is still the ‘primus inter pares’ in the organisation.
The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, had earlier announced that he would not be attending the conference because of New Delhi’s spat with Sri Lanka on many issues. India has 1.24 billion people – almost half the population of the entire Commonwealth – and its leader’s absence with the British leader and also the Canadian prime minister could have severely rocked the organisation. Cameron decided to safeguard his party’s electoral interests and also serve his Queen and country by attending the conference by lambasting the Rajapaksa regime to delight his pro terrorist supporters.

Cameron, in his assumed pedagogical style, gave President Rajapaksa four months time to launch a credible investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lanka’s armed forces or face being caned at the United Nations Human Rights Conference in Geneva next March. He cited no specific instances or names of the victims or those perpetrators of alleged crimes. He referred to reports such as the Darusman report commissioned by the UN Secretary General, which had been strongly challenged. He had earlier confessed of being moved by a BBC Channel 4 video, which the Sri Lanka government had dismissed as being a fake. Cameron, like so many of Sri Lanka’s critics, appears to have been a victim of the Goebbelsian principle of the repetition of the Big Lie – keep repeating a falsehood over a period of time and it will be accepted as a fact. Forty thousand Tamil civilians being killed in the last few days of the conflict has been repeated by the Tamil diaspora for four years and now politicians like Cameron and even reputed international media channels are using it as a term of journalistic short hand to summarise the conflict.

Cameron’s theatrical performance in the Nelum Pokuna theatre and other venues were devoid of facts but laced with emotion so unlike the usually staid speeches of British leaders. It would have warmed the hearts of the fans of terrorists who waged a brutal war for a near 30 years. It was a triumph of theatrics and demagoguery over genuine statesmanship and certainly brought British-Sri Lanka relations to a very low ebb.

The polite and dignified performance of Prince Charles, who represented the Queen, saved the day for Britain.
There can be no better example of the ‘devil quoting the scriptures’ than Britain talking of human rights and transparency today. Quite apart from the gory history of the British Empire, its joint involvement with its trans Atlantic ally America, the invasion of Iraq and its destabilisation – still accounting for the slaughter of thousands of Iraqi civilians for a week – will go down in history as the greatest of human tragedies of the 21st Century. The false assumptions on which the invasion was launched by the two countries are now supposed to be revealed in the Chilcott Report which is not being made public. So much for the demands for transparency and accountability made on Sri Lanka!

It does appear that Western nations are being inspired by the Tamil diaspora and some aspects of the Rajapaksa regime’s foreign policies to keep rubbing this country’s nose in the dust. Sri Lanka has to work out new strategies to avoid this ongoing harassment. Some critics by reflex action point their fingers at Prof. G. L. Peiris. But those who know how our foreign affairs are conducted will say that the major thrust in foreign policy implementation comes from elsewhere. The perverse influences that the Tamil diaspora has over British politicians and US State Department officials have to be countered.

Above all let it be remembered that charity begins at home. Genuine reconciliation between Sinhalese and Tamils must begin, first at a political level. Reconciliation between the people will take a longer time. Infrastructure development alone is not sufficient.

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  1. Trevor Jayetileke

    Canada, India and the UK in the eyes of the World have cut a pathetic picture.
    Canada which is the second biggest contributor to the CHOGM coffers was able through its oil clout replace the heads of state’s representative the Monarchy from attending CHOGM 2013. The Indian leader made it clear that he is a lame duck PM at the mercy of two powerful women. The British PM who posed off as the Devil’s Advocate made a clown of himself which depicts the state of British Politics with a set of young Turks. Where do we go from here, and the answer is the new world order is seeing the emergence of three wise men all coming from the East like those who went in search of Baby Jesus guided by a Star.
    According to Alexander Pope ” Hope Springs Eternal”, and we will see emerging trends for 2014 soon., with President Putin leading the way.

  2. kumar soysa

    I beg to differ! The Devil never quoted Scriptures but he KNOWS the Scriptures. That is why the Lord Jesus QUOTED Scriptures when He confronted Satan.

    And Cameron is a mere man. And a politician to add!!

  3. S. Makenthiran

    I commend the follwing concuding remarks of the writer:
    Above all let it be remembered that charity begins at home. Genuine reconciliation between Sinhalese and Tamils must begin, first at a political level. Reconciliation between the people will take a longer time. Infrastructure development alone is not sufficient.

    Rajapakse should cure the disease not the symptoms. Pariamentary sub-committee is a farce to hoodwink the Tamils and the world. Trust me, no solution can be arrived at by that committee consisting of rabid racists like JHU and Champika Ranawaka. Rajapases should stop patronising Budhu Bala Sena
    and extremist organisations, which should be euthanised. Like David Cameron.
    Mahinda Rajapakse should go to Jaffna and meet the mothers and widows of the diappeared and solve their problem. Rajapakse can easily solve the problem by doing so rather than condemning the world leaders. Stop grabbimg Tamil lands and homes, and reduce the army to 1983 level. Release all Tamil prisoners held for years without trial unconditionaly. Then Truth and Reconcilation will work.

  4. Malin

    GoSL blames the Tamil Diaspora for the false propaganda. Why blame them? It Is high time that Foreign Ministry worked out some solid and practical strategy to counter their dissemination of false propaganda against Sri Lanka. Currently counter strategy against Tamil Diaspora in countries like UK, USA, Australia is handled by Sri Lankan patriotic organisations in the respective countries with very limited resources.

  5. gamarala

    Tamils in britain dont have sufficient clout to unseat a prime minister – their numbers are one-hundreth or less of the total electorate.
    Prince Charles did his duty as a representative of the Queen but did not speak on matters political,as is the custom. But,he will tell the Q

  6. DMR Gunawardene

    What Mr Cameron said was the truth. An international crimes investigation must commence immidiately.

  7. sukirichuti

    Why fear an international investigation if no human right violation had taken place.

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