Mouthwatering Memories

By Nishu Hassim

If there’s one thing that can take you back to the wonder years of school life, it would be the amount of food we used to be able to put down in a single day. And of all the things we ate, achcharu was always on the menu. Be it from the ‘achcharu achchi’ at the gate or the ones made in Home Science class, the mouth watering spicy fruit salad came with tears and laughter (tears coz it was generally too hot of course!!!!!)

Since leaving school achcharu was more something you made when you had nothing better to do at home, which translates to almost never. So we had to resort to finding a random achcharu man at a school or trade fair. But now there’s a one-stop shop for every kind of fruit, salt, pepper, chillie powder and a dash of sugar mixture that you can think of. All you need to do is head over to the Family Fair at Diyatha Uyana every Wednesday from 11am – 10pm and find stall No.108 or the Good Market at the same location on Thursdays.

There’s every possible fruit variant on display from the thickly sliced tangy mango dressed glamorously in bright red chillie, the voluptuous veralu dressed in creamy mustard, the succulent yellow chunks of golden pineapple sprinkled generously with a secret mix of gypsy spices, the sharp tantalization of the shredded wood apple flesh combined seamlessly with unexpected flavours, to the exotic star fruit simply styled in refreshing elegance. Add to that the boiled manioc and kadala served with a red hot sambol and the peculiar yet irresistible signature Sri Lankan sandwiches that are available after 5pm, and you simply can’t help feeling like a visit every week. One of my personal favourites is the star fruit achcharu with generous amounts of pepper and the mixed fruit achcharu that combines sweet, sour, salt and spice generously encompassing all manner of tropical fruit to come up with a gastronomical delight found nowhere else in the world. Family Fair and Good Market at Diyatha Uyana both aim to promote local, organic produce and achcharu kade for one deserves the highest accolades in both areas. The fruit is handpicked by the owners from various corners of the island, and cleanliness and quality are of utmost importance. The fact that all products are served in individual, disposable plastic containers also assures parents who generally tell their kids that “achcharu is not good for them”, that it’s ok to bend the rules once in awhile.

The venture and idea has been such a huge success that the owners have plans to open up a permanent establishment in Colombo 3 very soon.

This is very good news indeed. I’ve been told on multiple occasions by multiple people that I need to cut down on my intake of sweets and try fruits instead. Finally I have a reason to do so. It’s all fruity and good for you after all!

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  1. Sangaralingham

    Fruits good for body spirit and health. It certain diabetics must use it with caution due to its sugar content

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