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Bill On Marijuana To Parliament

By Indika Sri Aravinda

Minister of Indigenous Medicine Salinda Dissanayake says he will submit a Bill to Parliament soon which will seek the removal of the ban on marijuana.

Dissanayake told The Sunday Leader that marijuana remains banned in Sri Lanka as it is being misused.
However he noted that marijuana can serve as medicine and so the ban needs to be lifted. The Minister said that research had revealed that marijuana can also be used to weave material.

He said that the Ayurveda Act will also be amended in order to highlight the important medicinal value of marijuana.
The Minister said that a committee has already been formed to make proposals to amend the Ayurveda Act.
Dissanayake said that if the ban is lifted, laws will then be in place to ensure marijuana is grown only by doctors.
He also said that the Ayurveda Commissioner will be authorised to monitor marijuana grown for medicinal purposes.

The Minister noted that if marijuana is used properly it can be exported to other countries as a pain reliever.
The move to legalise marijuana comes after Uruguay became the first country in the world recently to legalise the cultivation, distribution and consumption of marijuana.

2008, the then Minister of Indigenous Medicine, Tissa Karaliyadda had also sought permission for marijuana to be grown in some areas for use as medicine.

6 Comments for “Bill On Marijuana To Parliament”

  1. Cobra

    If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Jokes apart, Maruwana has its uses as a medicine they say and some countries and states have already legalized it. It is said that Maruwana is good for easing if not cure arthritis and glaucoma so what the heck are we waiting for? However the minister’s assertion that once it is legalized only doctors should be allowed to grow it, is all humbug – imagine doctors planting and nurturing Ganja!!!

    • RT

      Marijuana should remain banned- only if tobacco and alcohol are banned too. No confirmed and respected study has shown that Marijuana has more harm than the two already legal substances. The best way would be to legalize it and control it. Use it as a tax revenue for the Government. That was small growers can gain a chunk of CTC’s market share.

  2. In a corrupted country like Sri Lanka can we do this properlyKeep this politicians away.

  3. Don

    Bring it on hell yeahh (y)

  4. maxwood

    Sri Lanka needs a handworkerly industry to occupy its former soldiers and guerrillas, and if cannabis is allowed, then surely the manufacturing of millions of long-stemmed-one-hitters to replace H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide 500-mg joints would be a benefit to authorized medicinal users and also a profitable export and tourist business.

    Please read, sign in, revise, add pictures to article, “12 Ways to Make Pipes from Everyday Objects”.

  5. Saru

    Wow Although I am an indian citizen, I am very proud and happy for my lankan counterparts, hope the politicians succeed to get and pass the bill, as we all know how corruption prevails I our respective country, and black marketing of marijuana is one of source of income for the politicians, so expect obstructions too…
    It’s one of the best benefit for mankind offered by god, so let’s hope for the best.
    Also if this happens expect lot more revenue inform of tourism, and also use of the bi products of marihuana apart from the narcotic elements.

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