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Major Diplomatic Drive

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The Government has launched a major diplomatic drive ahead of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session in Geneva next March.

Military spokesman, Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya said that eight videos on Sri Lanka produced by the Ministry of Defence have been sent to Sri Lankan Missions in UNHRC member states.
Separately the External Affairs Ministry in Sri Lanka is having regular briefings with foreign envoys based in Colombo on the post war developments.

Brigadier Wanigasooriya said that the eight videos seek to give the true picture about the military during and after the war.

He said that the videos will look to counter human rights allegations which are likely to be raised at the March UNHRC session in Geneva.

Meanwhile External Affairs Ministry Secretary Karunatilaka Amunugama said that the Defence Ministry videos have been sent to the respective envoys in the UNHRC. He said that there were reports some countries may look to impose sanctions on Sri Lanka following the March UNHRC session. Amunugama also said that discussions have already begun on the composition of the Sri Lankan delegation for the March session.

He however dismissed reports that some Sri Lankan Ambassadors in UNHRC member countries will be replaced ahead of the Geneva session.

Amunugama insisted that all the Sri Lankan envoys in those countries are doing their best to pass on the true ground situation on Sri Lanka.

The UNHRC will convene next March in Geneva and the Sri Lanka human rights situation is expected to be taken up for discussion.

10 Comments for “Major Diplomatic Drive”

  1. ed


  2. ram

    sadly since four year, didn’t make single effort made to find the a single missing person , no political solution ?
    what about videos and discussions ? joke for jokers

    • mah

      Too bad you have no facts to base your senseless statements. There is a data base accessible by anybody in which the data on countelss people are mentioned. It is also known that many of these people dissapeared on their own because they were LTTE and fled the country. The joke is on you idiot.

  3. cindymontrose

    Another bunch of idiots sent on holiday to various countries, to wash Mahindas diert linen.

  4. S de Silva

    It is time Sri Lanka progressed from ‘appeasement’ mode to ‘Legal Combat’ and a good starting point is to sue Gordon Wise for Libel for cooking up the spurious figure of 40,000 casualties. This bogus LTTE funded campaign will never stop until a few con-artistes like Gordon get sued!!

  5. S. Makenthiran

    It is reported that Mahinda Rajapakse has given expensive gifts to foreign dignitaries who attended CHOGM, which can amount to bribery. Australian PM Abbot has surrenered these to the Australian government. Many dignitaries may have accepted such gifts paid out of the Sri Lankan taxpayers’ hard earned money. SL government is spending a colossal amount of money to do anti Tamil propaganda, who are also sri Lankan citizens.

    Will it not be far wiser instead, for Mahinda to come to terms with Tamils and solve the problem, rather than sqander the SL poor farmers’ money ? That will be far more cost effective and benefit the country.

    • mah

      And do you know exactly how much bribe money and promises of votes are given to all the governments around the world by the LTTE in exile? GIve us a break. C4 ‘doctoredmentories’ are nothing but propaganda to feed to the nieve vote hungry representatives of governments to spread the exiles dirty lies. What the SL Government is doing with these documentaries is balancing out the propaganda warfare with facts. Everything that the SL government has shown internationally to date has been nothing but verifiable fact, with people identified. C4 has set a 20 year ban to protect LTTE tigers from being prosecuted.

  6. Malin

    Too late, the damage was done by the SL army during the last stages of the war, so even a hundred videos cannot hide the truth.

  7. fawzan

    Making video will not solve the issue. Many questions were raised by various leaders regarding gross violation. So far none of the questions were answered with facts. Sri Lanka is playing “modaya” game

  8. nothing will worke out srilankan making themself a big fools, truth is truth, srilanka is wasteing tax money poor people are suffering, last five years inncent civilians are comitted suside due to poverty, why all this nonsence with public money,

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