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TNA Still LTTE Proxy UPFA MP A. H. M. Azwer

By Camelia Nathaniel

While the Chairman of the Delft Pradeshiya Sabha was found in his home with fatal gunshot injuries last month, the government has come under severe criticism regarding the breakdown of law and order and also issues of corruption and misuse of power. In an interview with The Sunday Leader, UPFA MP A H M Azwer defended the government and claimed that the government has taken all measures to disarm all parties that were in possession of weapons, while they have also taken drastic steps in their quest to eradicate the drug menace in this country. However, he said that every security division of the ministers and provincial MP’s are issued firearms. According to Azwer, it was one of these firearms that were used in the case of the Delft shooting.

Q. With regard to the various groups in the North still having arms in their possession, and, in particular, the recent shooting incident in Delf, what is the government’s stand on these groups still holding onto weapons?
A. The government has taken all measures to disarm the groups that are in possession of arms. However, all MP’s have been issued with a firearm for their protection. But firearms are still there with the TNA and certain LTTE remnant cadres. That is a very dangerous thing for the country. However, I don’t agree that the EPDP members are in possession of firearms, except for the ones that have been issued to them as MP’s. Every MP has a Personal Security Officer and he has been issued a firearm, and that is all.

Q. What measures have been taken to address these issues of gun violence in order to apprehend the perpetrators?
A. The government is against terrorism of any form, and we are taking all possible measures to uphold democracy and arrest anyone responsible for breaking the law of the country. During the time of the LTTE, many factions were in the possession of firearms. Even in the East, certain groups had firearms which were left over by the Indian Peace Keeping Force. Hence, from time to time these sorts of incidents occur. It is certainly not because of the breakdown of law and order in the country. However, the truth must be ascertained and, in order to keep the mechanism of peace going, the government is very vigilant – be it in any part of the country. No one is allowed to carry unlawful firearms, and if such instances are detected the government will take prompt action.

Q. On numerous occasions, various groups in the South have taken the law into their own hands and the police have been silent. There are also allegations that these groups operate with the full support and backing of the government. How would you respond to these allegations?
A. I vehemently reject these allegations and the government does not support or back any group, be it in the North, South East or anywhere. Anyone violating the law of the land will be treated accordingly, irrespective of who they are. Moreover, it is not fair to link all these groups to the government without proper proof.

Q. What is the explanation offered for the letter that had been issued to clear a large consignment of Heroin on a letterhead of the Prime Minister’s office?
A. Well, in that regard, the person concerned had been removed from the ministry and a proper investigation will be carried out regarding that incident for certain. If any of these people are guilty of any crime they will be brought to book. Even the Tangalle PC chairman has been arrested and cases have been filed against them. Similarly, the legal process will deal with those who violate the law of the country and engage in antisocial and criminal activities, irrespective of whether they are in the government or not. The law is taking its own course and no one can bypass the law.

Q. The TNA claims that, due to them not being given police powers, they are unable to direct the police in the North in an effective manner to combat and prevent crimes and antisocial activities taking place. What is the government’s stand on granting them these powers?
A. Everyone knows that police powers are given, according to the constitution, to all provincial councils equally. Therefore, just one PC cannot demand additional powers that other PC’s are not given. When they had the National Police in the North, they chased away hundred thousand Muslims – was the police able to stop that? The LTTE chased away all the Sinhalese from the North – did anyone do anything then? Little children were brutally chopped, like flowers, by the terrorists. Why didn’t the TNA speak out? The TNA is still carrying the proxy of the LTTE, but they must now come out of it. If not try to get along with the government, they should at least try to live in harmony with the Sinhalese, Muslims and the other Tamils in the country. We now live in unity and there are no issues and divides unlike in the past, so the TNA must work towards keeping that peace instead of trying to destroy it once again. Their children are all abroad and studying to become doctors, lawyers and so on, and they are trying to sacrifice the lives of these poor people and children in the villages. This is hypocrisy at the highest level. The TNA is still trying to create disharmony among the communities. They cannot do anything without talking about killing, bloodshed and human rights.

Q. What measures have the government taken to disarm these groups from whose possession these weapons were recovered?
A. The normal procedure is still ongoing; the security forces cannot barge into people’s houses and search for hidden weapons. Society has an obligation to inform the authorities if such armed groups still exist, so that action could be taken to recover these arms from them. So, this is not something the government or the police can do on their own without the support of the people. Therefore, even the people have an obligation to assist the police in disarming and punishing these persons.

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  2. Govt must be FIRM in taking over all ARMS from ordinary citizens. A punishemnt must be so severe JUST for possetion, that many will respond positively rather that HIDE their arms or try to give them to others.

    In all these matters GOVT. has to do more, EVEN people demonstrate & shout out loud, THERE is no single minister to LISTEN. That is what is happening in Lanka.

    Present govt. asks technocrats to come back, will ANYBODY come to a CORRUPT administration. I think not. Make the county peaceful for general public, free FROM DRUG MAFIA, and many other crimes, then expats will come back. ….Thank you

  3. sha

    Couldn’t you find a better person to interview on serious issues? How can you expect jokers to give their opinion about important issues?

    • Rajani

      Exactly. This guy does not have a gut to contest in the election and came to the parliament through the back door. In future you guys must interview who is respected in the society and who can give some useful comments.

  4. Sumathy m

    The ones who sowed the seeds of violence among the tamil youth are TNA leaders and their precursors.It was the TNA leaders who introduced the magic word traitors to the Tamil youth and propagated the theory that there is no natural death for traitors.The Tamil youth understood their word correctly and killed “traitors” like Duraiappah.So the TNA has no moral right to talk about violence.Who is Suresh Premachandran?What was he doing during the IPKF time?Didnt he run a torture camp at Ashoka hotel in jaffna?Who is Selvam Adaikkalanathan?Didnt they kill innocent Sinhalese during the IPKF time?Who is Mavai?Didnt he run a torture camp in Mathurai when he was was commander of Tamil National army?

  5. It is my opinion that the LTTE is still in existence in different colors,names and forms. TNA is the most visible entity in Sri Lanka. During their failed debacle, Tamils suffered more than any other ethnic group.They snatched infants from the bosom of Tamil mothers to brainwash them to become suicide/homicide bombers under the very eyes of the current TNA syndicate, while the Human Rights watch dogs and the International Amnesty activists, turned a blind eye.
    The Nordogs(Norwegians) encouraged such activities in myriad ways, for example the many a failed cease fire talks which they very well knew not going to be successful.
    We have to be specially watchful in the capital Colombo.Colombo district which has a very large number of ethnic Tamils, and LTTE sympathizers are taking cover behind the nonaffiliated Tamil citizens.
    Still there are undiscovered caches of arms and armaments hidden in the north and the eastern provinces,whereabouts of these are known to the LTTE only.
    Just imagine giving police powers to the LTTE, proxy TNA.

  6. Mr Retort

    What does it matter about his utterings for he is a bone licking USSE dog barking at anything and everything, without knowing at what he is barking at. GON BAAS

  7. gamarala

    Azwer is careful not to comment on attacks on mosques by buddhist groups and Gota’s Rakna Lanka hit squads who carry arms illegally.
    He is a man who has the most “Points of Order” in parliament and has disturbed most speakers.
    Karuna,Pillayan and KP are in collusion with the government – does this make the regime, a “proxy” of LTTE?

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