Much Ado About Nothing at Santoré Bistro Italiano

I’ve always been the biggest fan of Italian food and yet somehow could never find the authentic and simplistic taste of real Italian in Colombo, at least not for a price I could afford. Yes there are the many places that claim to be traditional Italian but fall short heavily. Then there are the many outlets that serve pizza and pasta, but honestly are just a whole heap of starch and tomato sauce.

When someone told me that an Italian guy was actually opening up a new restaurant in Colombo, my hopes were restored. Instead of the wanna-be establishments, here was a genuine Italian chef, using genuine ingredients and even a special oven flown down from Italy, all supervised by the Italian owner Antonio’s mum who adds her secret ingredients to every recipe. In fact there is no real “menu” at Santoré Bistro Italiano, located at the Sri Lanka Tennis Association premises. Since all the ingredients are flown in from abroad and Italian food really depends on the quality of its ingredients, Antonio and his staff come up with dished based on what’s currently available in the larder. If you have a specific dish in mind when you make your way to Santoré Bistro Italiano, you may need a bit of luck on your side too.

One thing that might put you off Santoré Bistro Italiano is the entrance to the restaurant itself. Hidden away behind the Lifestyles gym, the path is a bit tricky especially if you decide on dinner. Although it seems like a cozy little place, I wouldn’t recommend it for larger groups as the noise from one table can clearly be heard to the rest of restaurant. It’s also a nice experience to watch the pizza being made and the master chef Dominico at work.

But what comes out of the oven isn’t so great. We decided to try a Pizza Santore and a Spaghetti Carbonara. Although the thin crust pizza was better that the other such variants available the pasta was bland and seriously tasted like overbuilt noodles with a few chunks of meat mixed in. One of the redeeming factors of the entire meal was the bread that’s baked in-house and tasted quite fresh. When it was time for dessert though, we decided to skip since the prices for basic cheesecake and biscuit pudding were way too exorbitant. There are places in Colombo that serve both at much lesser prices and I’m sure tastes much better.

Being such ardent fans of Italian food, we were disappointed yet again. Santoré Bistro Italiano certainly tries very hard indeed but is still pretty low on the value for money scale. I guess we’ll just have to wait a bit longer or make a trip to Italy itself to really taste the pizza and pasta that my taste buds desire.

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