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Cracks In Diaspora

Cracks have begun to emerge among the Tamil Diaspora groups which were collectively campaigning against the Sri Lankan government both during and after the war.

The first major crack came with the British Tamils Forum saying it has decided to distance itself from the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) which is also based in London.

BTF said that when the war came to a bloody end in 2009, there was an urgent need to unite Tamils around the world and give collective voice to their aspirations.

BTF said that along with a number of other country organizations it played a pivotal role in facilitating and setting up the entity Global Tamil Forum, basing it on clear founding values and principles that are enshrined in its constitution. BTF says the vision of GTF’s founding organisations was to take on board all diaspora Tamils and representative organisations across the world, who seek justice and freedom and to give Tamils across the world a collective voice and representation.

“With this vision in mind, GTF was founded by 14 country organisations, which took the role of Founding Member Organisations. It was envisaged that, with time, other organisations would join – strengthening both GTF and the international Tamil diaspora. At its inception, GTF inherited the collective leadership of the Founding Member Country Organisations to spearhead the struggle globally,” BTF said.

BTF says despite some initial successes, GTF and its leadership have gradually lost their way, principally because they have turned their back on GTF’s founding values, such as collective decision-making, democratic governance, transparency, inclusiveness and grassroots activism. “Office bearers have neither displayed the leadership required to keep founding member organisations within GTF, nor have they undertaken the effort to expand GTF to include currently unrepresented Tamils across the world.

Furthermore, GTF’s Annual General Meeting has been overdue since 2010. Therefore, it is of little surprise that GTF’s support base has dwindled and many country organisations have left,” BTF said.

With regard to the international struggle for Tamil justice and freedom BTF says GTF has failed to articulate the ongoing structural genocide of the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka and that it has, at times, even appeared to welcome initiatives undertaken by the Sri Lankan government that are plainly intended to thwart the international campaign for accountability and justice for Tamils in Sri Lanka.

“Our consistent call for accountability, justice and freedom simply represents the wishes of British Tamils; it dismays us deeply that the Global Tamil Forum, which purports to represent Tamils across the world – sends such mixed, and unrepresentative messages to the international community about the Tamil people’s aspirations,” BTF added. (ER)

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  1. BTF is money making organisation. Most of the members are ex. LTTE supporters. where as GTF is a genuine organisation working for the betterment of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

  2. Sangaralingham

    How come it is the responsibility of the government of SriLanka50 see to that the past is not repeated. The security of the minorities guarded with the proper CONSTITUTION. and guarding all democratic rights of the minorities.

  3. Max

    The leaders of these groups are no different to other Politicians, they are egocentric, their interest is about themselves not the problems, also there is money to be made as the poor hard working Tamils are fooled into parting with their money.

  4. Suthan Raj

    There is no cracks in diaspora,
    This is just a clarification as GTF was being used by certain international communities as countries like South Africa, trying to protect its interest and gaining time for Sri Lanka, during difficult times.
    So there is a need to say that GTF does not represent the Tamils and at the same Time Sumanthiran, he is also not representing the Tamils.

  5. Asoka

    Sri Lankans knows last 65 years wealth of Sinhalese Nation (Sri Lanka) robbed by Sri Lanka Tamils and this is well known secret also. Last 35 years , Colombo each and every Tamil companies heavily funded to LTTE to destroy economy of the Sri Lanka, they destroyed Central Bank, Airports, Air Crafts and Oil Tanks.

  6. Asoka

    Last 65 years Sri Lanka Tamils robbed wealth of Sinhalese Nation. See now, Tamil Nadu fishermen are robbing fishes of Sri Lanka.

  7. dagggy

    They are not cracks BUT a Retribution in the making.
    No child will ever turn against a ones own mother however bad she maybe.
    Likewise, no citizen should ever criticise ones own motherland or bring it to disrepute or hardships.

    These are cracks no man could mend.
    What goes round need to return to haunt.

  8. Vallavarajan Vanthiyathevan

    It’s not a crack in Diaspora. The BTF is just making sure that GTF doesn’t go out of the track of the freedom of Tamils in SriLanka. All the successive Government of SriLanka committed WARCRIMES and taken part in GENOCIDE of Tamils. For over 65 years many promises were given to Tamils and many internal mechanisms were setup but nothing implemented. GTF’s one man shows with SA, India, Norway and SL not convincing the Diaspora Tamils. GTF must work with BTF who managed to lead through Grass Root activities such as Protests, Campaigns, Petitions and Lobbying and also successfully chased and kicked out SL President from UK. It’s the time for GTF to realise and stop their mono play and work with Diaspora organisations, such as BTF, if they are really GLOBAL Tamils Forum.

  9. Unmai

    As a tamil, I do not subcribe to either forum. In my humble opinion these organisations wants to keep the tamil people in custody of JR and Chandrika era but do not want us to move on.

    What have BTF and GTF have done to the tamil refugees in camps?
    Have they done anything about war crimes allegedly committed by LTTE and the governments?
    We are blessed to have a Srilankan born barrister Desmond de Silva QC who have obtained an arrest warrant against a serving president in Sudan for war crimes at the war crime tribunal in The Hague but as far as I know no one ever consulted him about the war crimes that have been claimed to be committed in our beautiful land.

    I would like see the opinion of BTF and GTF here please.
    Again I would like to say Do Not Dwell in the Past Move On.

  10. Antany Peter

    It does not surprise to me at all. Tamils couldn’t unite in their own country. How can they unite while they are living among the Westerners who are the masters of divide and conquer strategy? If any Tamil takes a path to a betterment of the Tamils, not the interests of the Westerners; that Tamil would be removed from the organisation. Therefore, you can’t avoid divisions among the diaspora. Some Tamils would do anything for Tamils’ betterment; but the majority of the Tamils would do anything for their positions, fame and money by pleasing the Westerners. Pushing the LTTE to fight against the IPKF is the perfect example.

  11. Malin Gunawardene

    This article is a joke. The diaspora are strong, resilient and will ensure justice is given to all Tamils

  12. cleo

    GTF is headed by that terrorist Emmanuel, so sure it is bound be to perish like Veupillai’s LTTE, let the forsaken rascal perish.

  13. kumaraya

    The re-incarnation of Prabakaran! Money, Power and greed. And Tamil superiority

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