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With several of the power plants reportedly out of service together with the breakdown at Norochcholai, it has raised concerns whether it could be due to sabotage. Currently there is a major dispute between the mechanical and electrical engineers of the CEB, where the mechanical engineers accuse the CEB of favouring the electrical engineers and sidelining them.

The likelihood of four power stations simultaneously shutting down due to technical failures is highly improbable. As of last week the Norochcholai, Kelanitissa, Randenigala and Rantambe are out of service.

However the breakdown of the coal and hydro power plants is certain to increase the power requirement from the private thermal power stations, which is costing the CEB dearly.

Power and Energy Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said in parliament last week that the power plant had been opened on February 13, 2011 and during past 1,076 days till yesterday it had been closed down for 107 days for general maintenance purposes, five days in view of the scheduled commissioning of the Second Phase, 14 days owing to additional reasons and it had been fully shut down owing to breakdowns for 136 days, while the production had been reduced by 50 per cent.  German assistance is to be sought to investigate the damage caused to the Norochcholai coal power plant. Power and Energy Ministry Secretary M. C. Ferdinando said that the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) if fully responsible for the entire Norochcholai coal power plant from the feasibility study to the completion of the project.

He said the CEB has been adviced to bring down specialists from Germany to do a full study on the power plant and identify all the faults.

Ferdinando said that the main fault was with the cooling system of the power plant.

The power plant has faced several breakdowns since it was commissioned. The Chinese funded project has been criticised for using sub-standard equipment.

3 Comments for “Sabotage?”

  1. Gunda

    They first said the Chinese will attend t the defects FREE and replace the Cooling tubes in the all the three stages condensers. Then the news was Indian assistance requested for detection of leaks and repair. Now we hear that German assistance will be used. I am sure Sri Lanka has the necessary skills together with the Chinese staffs at site to replace the condenser tubes if proper replacements are made available. As ENGINEERS of the country we should take this as a challenge and complete successfully. If a FREE hand be given to them to do what is required it can be done.

  2. dagggy

    Being an Engineer be they Mechanical or Electrical is a gift.
    Do not flout that gift for personal ego.

    Why do we need anybody from anywhere, if our Engineers put Duty before self.

  3. MaPer

    Chinaman says “Cheap things no good; Good things no cheap”.

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