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TNA Stands Ground

By Easwaran Rutnam

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says it will not take part in the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) on the National issue as the Government had failed to fulfill promises given in the past.

Indian Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh told a group of visiting Sri Lankan journalists in New Delhi last week that the Government of Sri Lanka must resume a substantive dialogue with the TNA for a political settlement and reconciliation. “India has consistently urged the Sri Lankan Government to take forward the process of broader dialogue so that we can see some concrete movement towards a meaningful devolution of powers including the implementation of the 13th Amendment and beyond,” she said.

In response to her comments, Sumanthiran told The Sunday Leader that the Sri Lankan Government has consistently agreed with India that they would ‘implement the 13th amendment in full and go beyond that to achieve meaningful devolution’ and this is even contained in joint communiqué between the two governments.

However, he noted that the promise has not been kept and far short of even implementing the 13th amendment in full, the Government has not allowed the Northern Provincial Council to function in the way other provincial councils function. “The law requires the Chief Secretary to be appointed with the concurrence of the Chief Minister. But after repeated assurances even that simple action has not been taken,” he said.

Sumanthiran also noted that India has consistently urged the government to engage with the TNA to arrive at an acceptable political solution. “The Government, after commencing dialogue with the TNA in January 2011, did not respond to the TNA’s proposals for a full year and then, contrary to agreement walked away from the bilateral talks. Thereafter the Government keeps insisting the TNA join the Parliamentary Select Committee. This too is contrary to the agreement reached with the TNA, which are all recorded and confirmed in the minutes of the bilateral talks. This is the reason the TNA is unable to join the PSC,” he added.

The TNA MP also said that the Indo-Lanka Accord is a bilateral treaty between two sovereign nations, which provides for genuine power sharing arrangement with the Tamil speaking people in the North-East of the country, and therefore it is legitimate and obligatory for India to raise these matters with the Sri Lankan Government and urge them to comply with their obligations under the treaty.


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  1. Malin

    Who cares if TNA doesn’t take part in PSC? If the PSC decides on a suitable and appropriate constitutional changes and even do way with the 13A, then TNA has to accept it whether they like it or not.

    • Anjosh

      Well said. We should also leave UN and do our business on our own. There is no need to listen to those outside Srilanka.

      • AVB

        Yep, SL can leave UN. But if Indian navy attacks SL small gun boats in the conflict zone of fishing rights, what SL is going to do? UN defined the international marine boundaries… are they valid to SL if it leaves UN? Then only option to SL is to Beg China to intervene, will China risk its country and people and start a conflict with another giant country because of a small country like SL?
        China imports only 1% of total of SL exports, and it is ~0.00001% of China total imports ….

    • Malin Gunawardene

      When the SL govt and army are found guilty of genocide and taken to hte Hague and travel and economic sanctions are in place, I am sure you will wake up from your pipe dream.

    • tomsamusa

      Pakse need people like YOU to sink lanka sooner than later.
      Please keep on baring till the birth of Eelam

  2. jayasiri

    Why all these commotion about INDIA’s intervention. Indai has NOT provided even the basic rights to TAMILS in Tamil Nadu. They cannot seperate or take any action which undermines the CENTRE.

    Then why should Sri Lanka, give any SPECIAL rights to 12%, Tamils NOW reduced 4 to 5%.

    They should assimilate & learn SINHALESE. Otherwise they should leave to Tamil Nadu and ASK INDIA to look after them. We have allowed & granted TOO much to tihs UNGRATEFUL people who not even appreciate the help Lanka provided in SAVING THEIR LIVES…..CLAW BACK any concessions granted & aak them to leave Lanka.

  3. Iqbal

    TNA is conscious of what PSC on impeachment of the former Chief Justice did and how it behaved.

  4. Lima


  5. M.V.R.Perera

    why is the international community is classified to countries in the western block what about the other countries in Asia Africa,Latin America ect and they are concerned about the supporters of terrorism and countries like India who supported terrorism which is against the united nations principles and we are ask to take action on videos which have been made by actors and we see a bankrupt party like UNP supporting these videos claiming our respected Journalist have leaked them . However this same UNP did not care 2 hoots to a UN security Council resolution not to have trade with china then mainland China was not a Member of the Security council and we gave them Rubber for their rice during the time of Dudley Senanayake as such why fear a UNCHR resolution. why is it that all these High ranking UN and USA officials do not talk to the then Army Commander SF regarding war crimes because he will give a fitting reply

  6. lanka peiris

    India should mind it’s own damn business and look after the countless problems in India without poking their nose into Sri Lankan affairs. Otherwise they should take the TNA lot and all ‘Elamists’ to their motherland Tamil Nadu.

    • S Shivalingham

      tamil people of the northeast do not consider tamil nadu as their homeland., don’t you know this simple fact you ignorant plonker. tamil homeland is the northeast . you can go on saying all sorts of crap , the fact of the matter is this position is not going to change. majority of the sinhala plonkers are ignorant of country’s history. they just repeat what other plonkers say and try to prove their point. these copy cats just can’t think for themselves as they are too thick to think. believe it or not your race is being considered as a primitive savage race . those who say this have a point. just sit back and think what you lot have done to tamil people since independence. if i remind your of your culture of killing innocent tamil people, raping tamil women, thieving tamil property and molesting young tamil children, i guess you will agree with me. this is your record i mean the so called 2,500 year civilisation. now plonker just shut your gob and get lost.

  7. dagggy

    What damn promises. It should be a live and let live policy

    No more promises. 50% of the entire Tamil population is overseas. Of which 48% were economic migrants at the expense of GOSL who were provoked by Prabakaran/TULF and the LTTE.
    Of the balance 50%, 38% are residing outside the Northern Province and that group dominate population wise settled in the Western Province.These Tamils are not looking for any promises as imagined by Sumanthiran.
    So this is Tamil politics of a few with a hidden agenda.

    Let it be Rajapakshes or Wickremesinghes or JVP’ers or Fonsekas, Tamils have only to work with the majority in harmony. There is no other way.
    It is this same group of turncoats who backed SF for Presidency.
    Enough of these over the top diktat.

    In the North there are not even 1m Tamils and as such what is this big talk.
    To hell with the India and the Indians.
    It was the actions of the IPKF that Late Rajiv had to pay with his life.

    Sumanthiran and the political jokers have one choice. Either live and lert live or get back to reside in the North and do your politics & not whilst you live in Colombo.
    Then the majority might consider some sort of promises.

  8. laksiri

    your leader after 30 years of suffering due to act of terrorist and your party support and back to the terrorist had made statements to indian press that he will not accept anything less than federal system.this is a real joke .these guys have clear position with terrorist living in the west to disturbed what ever plan by the any government irrespective of which party until such time they get separate country and divide this small island.we all must understand that this is a plan they had even their terrorist leader was living , look this man statements even child can understand ,so what is the reason for any country leader to go behind when they refused such democratic process openly and continuously ????????.

  9. gamarala

    PSC is essentially a ‘kangaroo’ court which treated CJ Shirani B worse than a slave in former southern USA – by examining 20 witnesses & perusing 2000 pages of documents all within six hours.
    It is an insult to any democracy and must be removed from the constitution.
    TNA will be utter fools if they appear before it.

  10. Richard Kaz

    We all know the PSC is a time-wasting exercise by the GoSL to dupe the Tamil people once again. Unlike the previous lies, this time the IC is watching and the TNA is correct in rejecting the PSC.

  11. salla

    well TNA, you better follow the law of the land.You are provided with an opportunity to serve your people under one lanka and one one flag. No autonomy or special treatment required for you guys, You either take it or leave the country to settle with your brethen in Tamil Nadu. this country belongs to all sri lankans and all minoriities who are sri lankans. Tamils do not require special treatment.NO AUTONOMY , NO DEVISION TO MY COUNTRY.

  12. MHA

    The TNA is standing its ground, which is being lowered approximately 6 feet, with each passing day of its unwillingness to be fair and have a dialogue with the rest of the country. Their insistence is nothing more than holding onto the bargain demanded by the LTTE.

  13. Sri

    The PSC! It’s a joke as it is not serious!

  14. parliament sellect committe,it is meaning less . 13th ammend is there in constution. please iimplement. without ragging the feet,

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