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India Bans ‘No Fire Zone’ Film

The controversial documentary ‘No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka’ has been refused a censor certificate for release in theaters by the Indian Central Board of Film Certification. In response, Callum Macrae, the documentary’s director has decided to make it available free online in India.

The film will also be available free in Malaysia, Nepal and Sri Lanka, other countries where the screening of No Fire Zone has been banned, the producers said in a statement.

The producers of the controversial documentary have accused the Indian authorities of “political censorship of unpalatable truths” for refusing a censor certificate on the grounds it “may strain friendly relations with Sri Lanka.”

Claiming that “most of the visuals are of a disturbing nature,” the Board turned down the censor certificate for the documentary.

This means that the film – which documents alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed at the end of the Sri Lanka civil war – is banned from theatrical release in India.

The ban on the film will add to the controversy over the Indian government’s refusal to grant a visa to the film’s director, Callum Macrae to attend a premiere of the documentary in New Delhi and Mumbai in November last year.


8 Comments for “India Bans ‘No Fire Zone’ Film”

  1. AJ Sydney

    This is typical India. India should pay compensation to all the Tamil people innocent kiilings.My university friend Jeeva and his family were killed by IPKF. We better belive Rajapaksa than India.
    There should be a commission to inquire IPKF killings. Will any body in Norhtern Councial will bring that.I would appreciate that.

    • Greeko

      That is your point of view.
      Have you met the jawans at Delhi who have lost limbs and on MH?
      Think of Premadasa, JVP!
      Indian forces (not peace keepers) are as autonomous and powerful as the US forces who did Fallujah.

  2. tomsamusa

    Thanks sl,& india for the unsolicited publicity for this documentary.
    The Eelam Tamils and the Diaspora are grateful to you,

    • Roshan

      Elam Tamil and Diaspora? They are licking western boots and make these pathetic excuse of people rich through the money they earn by slavery!

  3. Richard Kaz

    The GoI in New Delhi are up to their usual double games pretending to care for the Tamils in Sri Lanka while attempting to hide the truth from their own citizenry.

  4. Malin Gunawardene

    But the rest of the world has seen it that is what matters in Geneva

  5. Roshan

    Now..this pathetic, cheap person is trying to make a buck by selling garbage!! All bloody lies that had been funded and supplied by Tamil Die-ass-pora!

  6. Shiva

    India is one of the worst human rights abuses in South East Asia and the corrupt Congress and the Malayalee mafias.

    India has been illegally occupying Kashmir, Punjab and other parts of India and its forces committing crimes against humanity. There was no India about 500 years ago and India was created by the British and by the so called Indians.

    Tamil Kings like Great Raja Raja Cholan ruled most of South East Asia very prudently and ethically. As a result of this his temple in Angkor Wat, and Bali are considered by locals as scared places, despite they are not Hindus and maintaining it.

    People should forget their language and religion and try to live like a human being as these linguistic and religious fanaticism will only destroy mankind. Religion is to guide to better living and not to impose on others and use to bother / suppress other religious followers.

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