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To Earn A Living…

Two young boys were captured by our photographer collecting fish eggs from fish unloaded off boats in Negambo last week to sell and make a living. Fishermen in the area said that it has now become a common sight to see young boys collecting fish eggs on a weekday morning to do business instead of spending time in school.
Picture by Asoka Fernando

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  1. Gota the hero

    Yes, keep voting these pariahs in and we will see more of these poor children in places like these. We will sit back and continue this Tamil/Sinhala nonsense and send other people’s children to war, while these pariahs rob the country.

  2. It is a pitty very soon the Govt. will be bankrupt even to pay wages for the Govt. employees, almost all the foreign aids & loans at high rate of interest will stop , the only rich in SL will be MR & Co, all the Ministers & stooges will be floating in wealth, poor will be worst off, no employment, no wages, all will take up to using drugs to keep their worries at bay, dug barrons ( Gotha, MR & Ministers ) will have a hay day selling drugs & dumping all their illgotten wealth in Foreign Banks. SL is down the drain, down with MR & Co.

  3. Malin Gunawardene

    Wonder of Asia……………..haa……haaa……

    • Rajani

      Poor people for their survival collecting some fish eggs. Government must take responsibility for this kond of sins.

  4. Roshan

    Perils of capitalism…..!!

  5. Kailas

    The government spent lot of money to equal access to children but relevant authorities such schools principals and teachers are not aware about government how much spent for their salary and the salary is paid from people money. The principals and teachers are responsible for provide equal access to children and inform relevant authorities such compulsory education committee in each Divisional Secretariat area and coordination meeting also conducting each month. please keep inform the relevant authorities and reduce drop out as much as possible. Please don’t ignore when any body see like children who are doing like this kind of work.

  6. Sangaralingham

    There are problem. No one can solve.must prepare to work hard to support one family feed them properly so children pay attention to their education.all depend on the society and familyhardwork self discipline and good social support.

  7. Mikchael

    These children are fossicking for a living while the politicians, their extended families and fawning henchmen live in unparalleled luxury with the the stench of corruption around them. What a wonder of Asia!!!

  8. sarath

    when compared with other countries around us SL is in a better position of child labour issue. because of poverty parents make their children self employed. this one incident and very rare but in India Bangladesh and Pakistan it is a normal scenario. SL does all efforts to overcome and some comments are ridiculous sadistic and unpatriotic to blame govt for few over looking.

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