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Tragedy Of Indian Politics Today: Tail Wagging The Dog

The imbroglio that resulted among the New Delhi government, the Tamil Nadu state led by its Chief Minister Jeyaram Jayalalitha and the Supreme Court caused a constitutional crisis which was stalled by the ruling of the Supreme Court but unless the basic issues that precipitated the crisis are resolved, it is likely to repeat itself. Sri Lanka is naturally concerned because we are in the eye of the storm and it is incumbent on the part of the Indian government to resolve this crisis.

A Supreme Court bench which included the Chief Justice P. Sathasivam that heard a mercy plea of three convicts for the murder of Rajiv Gandhi – they included two Sri Lankans – decided to commute the death sentences passed on them 11 years ago to life sentences on the grounds that they had been incarcerated for over 20 years.

Whether the Supreme Court was correct in granting such a commutation of sentence or not, it was not questioned by the Indian public or political establishment till the ebullient ex-film actress Jeyaram Jayalalitha decided to commute the life sentences of these convicts and also of other convicts who were serving life sentences. Jayalalitha the politician took on the role of a judge and declared that she would release all those who had been convicted for the Rajiv Gandhi assassination within three days after informing the Central Government.

India has not learnt its lessons by following for long years an unjust and unprincipled policy to make Sri Lanka act as its puppet. It was India that implanted Sri Lankan terrorist groups in the north and east of this country. It then landed an ‘Indian Peace Keeping Force’ on the island presumably to help the LTTE but which the LTTE took on and fought bitter battles killing around 2,000 Indian soldiers.

New Delhi consistently backed the LTTE and protected it and at points of extinction of the terror group, threatened Sri Lanka and saved them. After the military defeat of the LTTE five years ago there was a groundswell of support for the terror group in Tamil Nadu and its leaders such as Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha and Viacom pressurized the New Delhi government to bring international pressure and humiliate the fragile state of the UPA coalition with a wafer thin majority was dependent on Tamil Nadu’s DMK party which had many seats in parliament for survival.

Now with elections looming ahead Tamil Nadu support would be vital for either the Congress or its rival the BJP.  Thus Tamil Nadu politicians are flexing their muscles at the two big parties, particularly Jayalalitha who commands the Tamil Nadu State Assembly. The tail has been wagging the dog, especially where Sri Lanka is concerned and that is what was attempted once again last week.

The miscalculation of Jayalalitha was that she underestimated the reactions of the Leader of the Congress whose husband was killed by these convicts and Rahul Gandhi, the son who is leading the Congress election campaign. They appealed to the Supreme Court for a revision of their earlier order and the court informed Jayalalitha that the status quo of the prisoners prior to last week’s commutation order should remain.

Tamil Nadu political leaders have been whipping up anti Sri Lanka, pro LTTE sentiments in the state since the defeat of the LTTE. This is likely to be used as an instrument to make demands on New Delhi by Tamil Nadu, come whatever government. What New Delhi has not insisted on is that the LTTE is a proscribed terrorist organisation in India and that these politicians in the South are clearly violating anti- terrorist laws by supporting the LTTE. Any new government taking office in May after elections will have to take cognizance of this factor. Whether they will have the sufficient strength in parliament to do so is the question.

The Gandhi family should also resist the temptation of interfering with the judicial process for political gain or other reasons. When one of the accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination was facing the death sentence, Sonia Gandhi appealed and had her death sentence commuted to life imprisonment. It was Nalini’s Sri Lankan husband Murugan, one of those sentenced to death and last week had it commuted to life sentence.

This appeal for commutation of Nalini’s death sentence may have been made on humanitarian or political purposes. Wide publicity was given to Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka meeting with Nalini, on Indian TV. ‘Meeting Nalini was my way of coming to terms with my father’s death’ Priyanka had declared. This family experienced for long years in politics should realise that interfering with the judicial process can lead to precedents for others.

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  1. Peter alfonso

    Excuse me. I am an Indian Tamil. I do not want to discuss this commuting, which I do not necessarily support. But I have issues with you Lankan newspapers moaning about tail wagging the dog. We eighty million Tamils are very much a part of India, whereas there is not a single Sinhalese in the country. Most north Indians do not care, one way or another. So why should India not take pro Tami stand? In fact, what India has been doing is taking a pro Sinhalese stand, which is like shit wagging the dog. Shit which is discarded and is outside the dog, near the tail end, and should not wag it. That must stop first.

    When Pakistan invaded Kargill, Tamil soldiers fought and dies there. We were not talking about good neighbourly relations. So we naturally expect India to take a pro Tamil stand in the conflict with Sinhalese. A country must protect its own, before looking at foreign relations. It is not tail wagging dog, it is just how democracy works.

  2. S.D. Dharmasena

    Very soon Thamil Nadu LTTE terrorists will start war with Center Govt. Indian Govt. should support Sri Lankan Govt for defeating such a strong terrorist group. Had LTTE won the war , today India. would have been under
    threat of Thamil Nadu. Indial Govt should think about this matter.

    • Shiva

      @S.D.Dharmasena – Very soon Selvi Jayalalithaa will be the PM of India. Indian invasion into Sri Lanka is inevitable. It will bring the IPKF to Tamil areas and the Rajapaksas will be at the ICC.

      • Asoka

        Sri Lanka born Tea Estate coolie M.G. Ramachandran became Chief Minister of India. Jayalalitha dreaming same as how Velupillai Prabakaran dream. Her days are numbered. Whole world knows who killed Rajiv Gandhi and where he killed.

      • Asoka

        Whole world and Sri Lankans knows Indian Proverb, ” If you see TAMIL and COBRA, kill TAMIL first” . North Indians knows who killed Rajivi Gandhi and where he killed also

        • Rnaga

          Don’t change something to satisfy your bad racial taste Asoka.

          ” If you see BRAMIN and COBRA, kill BRAMIN first”

          This is not a proverb, but a political slogan made by Tamilnadu’s DMK party of Karunanity to unseat the BRAMIN dominated, Congress party state government in 1967. BRAMIN are North Indian and Arians…

      • suren soysa

        Dream boy SHIVA – your dream will die with you!

  3. Shiva

    The Tamil Nadu people are behind the Eelam Tamils and behind Selvi Jayalalithaa.
    The Sinhala racists and chauvinists actually forcing the Eelam Tamils to demand for separation and now by every act making it closer than ever. Now the Tamils who live globally are together on this demand.
    Tamils are prospering well in Australia, UK, Europe and North America and I see the Sinhala people are neglected and living in isolation except a few who married to the Tamils.
    Rajiv Gandhi was hit by a Sinhala racist soldier in Colombo and Rajiv narrowly escaped from death at that time. What happened to the soldier is known to everyone.
    Here the people in the jail for decades without any evidence of direct involvement in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and now there are more questions than answers on this case including miscarriage of of Justice. Journalism should make some sense. Else it is useless and simply garbage.

    • Roshan

      Shivaaaa!! Are you freaking mad dude?? Forget the soldier who whacked RG across his thick head..but the ugly Dhanu garlenned RG with death..there are enough evidence..her ugly head was also found few meters away…FOOLS like you (the Tamil Die-ass-pora) will hang on to any “dream” and lie so that you can justify all these slaughters…shame on you and people like you…prospering Tamils you say…how the hell do you go to sleep at night knowing you funded the “THUG PIG” and his barbarians to slaughter nearly 100,000 innocent civilans???

  4. marcus fernando

    a proper investigation on rajeeves death should be per kartigaian the chief investigater, lots of things were swept under the carpet.

  5. carlion

    Shiva, This is like the pot calling the kettle black. You are more racist and chauvinistic than those you accuse.
    You have high hopes too. Don’t let go of them

    • Shiva

      @carlion- Don’t try to shift your chauvinism and racism on the Tamils. Tamils had their suffering under the successive Sinhala Buddhist chauvinistic regimes since independence from the British. Now the issue is global and no more local thanks to the Rajapaksas. See what happened in many nations minorities got separated and the majority’s crimes are exposed.
      Thanks to David Cameron who boldly visited Jaffna and seen the sufferings and the oppression first hand. Thanks to the social media that exposes state forces crimes all over the world. Now new evidences surfaced that the Sinhala armed forces pushed innocent Tamils and killed them. People are ready to provide evidence in front of the International independent investigators when the time come.

      • Roshan are mumbling without coming to the point…First admit that you die-ass-pora funded the thugs to kill..then we discuss reconciliation!

        And while you are at it ask your hero..Cameron..what happened to his “chocalete” report…

        My neighbour is tamil and we were close friends for decades now and live a very comfortable life..what suffering are you talking about..the sufferring of people in Wellawathe in Colombo?? Cannot be!

  6. Ranga

    This article missed the point.

    This crime occurred in Tamil Nadu and the court that imposed the sentences was in TN and the Prison services runs by the TN Govt..

    When the Supreme Court decided to commute the sentence to life then it is the TN govt which must legally empowered to decide to release them or not as the life sentences of 20 years long passed.

    It is tragedy that the victim Rajiv’s family that controlled Congress and the Central government decided to voice against this, perhaps immorally, inhumanly and without any magnanimity.

    In Indra Gandhi’s case the, killers, the body guards were arrested almost immediately and were rightly hanged. In Bombay killing the lone killer was captured and hanged which was right.

    Here the plotters were done with in 2009 and the executers were shot dead in Karnadaka in the same year of murder. Those in death raw were those who were used and acted without knowing any ideas of what is going on.

    One thing is certain: This matter should be left with legal system and not with the corrupt, immoral Indian political establishment.

    • Roshan

      Sounds like you were there too….were you??

      • Ranga

        The stupid mentality of yours Rohan.

        Do you know the atrocities committed by the IPKF in our country against its citizens that forced our then President Pramadasa to send them packing and calling VP, a brave Sri Lankan for fighting them.

        We Sri Lankans are thousand time better than those moral less Indians.

        • Roshan

          Stupid? were you looking at a mirror!

          Here is your stupid argument justifying the innconece of these murderers …”Those in death raw were those who were used and acted without knowing any ideas of what is going on”

          Flimsy and stupid to say the least…what are you saying? Becasue of this they should be set free??

  7. Why is it Sri Lankans keep accusing India for promoting the
    Tamil youth , why don’t you tell the truth our First women Prime
    Minister allowed The Pakistani planes to Refuel in Colombo
    on their bombing runs to East Pakistan That was the reason
    India decided to destabilize SL
    The time period given to India is running out US is coming and
    the Geopolitics is changing rapidly and it is beyond MR and his cronies


  8. Asoka

    Even dogs barks Caravan still going. Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese, Tamil Nadu belongs to Tamils, Israel belongs to Jews, Middle East belongs to Arabs, Fiji Islands belongs to Fijians, Zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabweans and Malaysia belongs to Malays. Truth is bitter for haters of the motherland.

    • Shiva

      You are a real Sinhala modaya who either does not know the history or trying to mislead and confuse those who do not know the history. Thanks to high tech and social media, now all over the world people know and the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism, barbarianism, war crimes and genocide are exposed globally. As this issue has only recently become a global issue, it is matter of time you get the results. Please continue to be with your story until Eelam is created.

      • Roshan

        Global issue…you are the tamil “paithyan karan”!

        Idiot don’t you see..all the Western do-gooders are fleacing you pathetic Die-ass-pora suckers of your hard earn money!!

        Do you think the rest of the world give too-hoots of you and your “nationalistic aspirations”? We feel really bad for all Tamils in the world…you don’t have a “Tamil” country that’s the real issue isn’t it? Your race is fast becoming a parasite, before long the countries who are harbouring you will realise this and chase you out!

        You came floating to SL from “pee-nadu” and started calling it your “home land” (what you call yourselves ‘elam tamils’ – bullshit!)..go back to pee-nadu and live hapily amidst open toilets!

    • Ranga

      Eeelam belong to Eelam Tamils by your idiotic logic.

      Portuguese fought with Jaffna king Chakilian to take North and the British fought the Tamil King Raja Singha(N) of Kandy and Pandara Wannian of Wanni to take control of the remaining. That was the historical fact.

      When British gave us independence, even though Jinna’s (of Pakistan) example were there the Tamil leaders were assured by the Sinhalese leaders of living in peace in one nation.

      So can you explain how Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese Only?

  9. Roshan

    India has been wagging in all manners….no wonder the serpents they inserted amidst their under garments are bitting their b**ls..he he

    Ahaka yana nayi redda asse da gathama ohama thamai!!

  10. Manuelpillai

    It is the Supreme Court which gave authority to Tamil Nadu government to decide on the merits of releasing the three in question.The only question whether it is right to release all the seven has to be decided by the court.That’s all.

  11. Shiva

    Failure of the Sinhala upraising against the human rights abuses and genocide of the Eelam Tamils and demanding Democracy, Freedom and Human rights exposes that the majority of the Sinhala are chauvinists and racists. These should have been a similar to the recent Ukraine’s removal of criminal leaders from power if the Sinhala majority is a fair and to accommodate equal rights to the Tamils.

    No country on earth that practices chauvinistic policies prospered well economically and morally.

    This is clear evidence that the Sinhala have been forcing the Tamils to demand for Eelam that the Tamils did. It is too late for any reconciliation and the crisis is spilled over to Tamil Nadu and all over the world.

    • Roshan

      Speak of the malices and stupid practices of your own socity also…Wellala vs. koolies….you are just pathetic!

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