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New Anti-rape Laws Proposed

Minister of Child Development and Women’s Affairs Tissa Karalliyadda has proposed new laws to crackdown on the number of rape cases.

As part of the proposal, the Minister has suggested that rapists be bound by law to marry a victim if she gives her consent to court.

Legally, a girl can marry only after passing the age of 18. Under the proposed law, a rapist will be forced to wait until an underage victim reaches the legal age limit to marry and will then need to marry her.

Karalliyadda said that the proposal is to be submitted to the Ministry of Justice to draft the new laws and obtain Cabinet and then Parliament approval.

“The idea is to ensure the victim gets justice. If she feels the rapist must marry her for what he did to her, then she must have that option,” the Minister said.

The Minister said that he will also propose that politicians accused of rape be temporarily stripped of their party membership pending an inquiry.

He noted that some politicians continue in active politics despite being charged for rape. The Minister said that he will discuss the issue with President Mahinda Rajapaksa as well.

18 Comments for “New Anti-rape Laws Proposed”

  1. Mangala

    How idiotic law it will be? If rapist need to marry a girl, he just has to rape her? Her will should be there for marry as law, but rapist who appeal for love at first from girl might think, ok I all rape her and get marry her later. If people who are making laws, think positively, why they are not introduced a law, that rapist will pay her monthly ransom until the victims death, if the death not be natural course- ransom to dependent, her marriage cost should bear by rapist and dowry should be paid to her husband by rapist. Think about those things rather than idiotic laws.

  2. Lal

    King Kakilla’s laws.
    The rapist will continue to rape legally after marrying !!!
    This is what happens when law and order goes to the dogs (dogs should pardon me for saying it)

  3. Gamini R

    Forget about marrying the Bastard. Let the rapist be hanged, as they do now in India.

  4. yada yada

    Does this pertain only to situations where the victim is a child.

    What if the person is already married or the rapist is of the same gender

    It also means that if a person wants to marry someone, they can improve their chances by raping

    Maybe the minister is referring to statutory rape, where the act is consensual but illegal

    This definitely doesnt ensure “justice”, they should find a lady for this ministry and not a man, this is both sad and comical

  5. Menaka Chaaminda

    Shocked by reading this article. Is this the minister responsible for women and children in Sri Lanka? If he does have bit of an idea what kind of an issue he handles,he must be by now well aware who is termed by ‘rapist’ and what’s rape. If he thinks that is just sex between individuals,I think,he must go back to at least Grage 6 again. If, according to his idiotic logic ,when a person raped by a group,the girl must marry the whole group too. This low grade minister first understand that rapist is not a normal human,he is psychologically retarded and must be medically treated person. In developed countries when a rapist is released,he’s constantly monitored,followed and informed people of his movements. I am not expecting these idiots to implement an advance system like that but at least to recognize whi is a rapist and what would be the post-traumatic condition the victim undergoes every moment that person lives. Is marriage is such a simple term for him? Does he know that within in the marriage women are raped? God Bless Sri Lanka and our women and children with a minister like this! Dont these ministries have a single soul with a common sense?

  6. Sarathsk

    What justice the victim will get by marrying her rapist?

  7. gamarala

    Will any of these proposers allow a daughter to marry her rapist?
    This proposal is an insult to all women.

  8. Lea Pinard

    i really don’t think raped women want to marry their rapists. Why not create a law stating that the victim decides of the punishment and fate of the criminal? That would probably diminish the number of rapes …

  9. Rashantha

    Rape is a criminal offence. As such, a person convicted of rape should be treated just like any other person convicted of criminal conducted. That is, rules should be applied across the board, irrespective of the perpetrator’s profession or situation. In the UK there is Statutory Rape which does not need proof of intention or knowledge where the victim was underage. I think a similar law would do well in Sri Lanka as it would be an effective deterrent. Whether the victim has an option to marry the rapist is moot as marriage under those circumstances, unless it is mutually acceptable, would only cause further issues.

  10. Hansi

    Why would anyone ever want to marry their rapists? Instead of punishing criminals and protecting the innocent, this law is going to tie young girls to cruel rapists for life! How can an underage girl even consent to marry? This will put pressure on children to make decisions they don’t even understand. Families and communities will force young girls to agree to marry rapists simply to make the “shame” and stigma go away. This law will only further victimize survivors of rape and is absolutely cruel. What an idiot of a minister have we put in charge of the welfare of women and children?

  11. Anon

    How ridiculous! Why the hell would a rape victim want to marry her rapist?! She’d possibly be raped for the rest of her life! Are the politicians in our country really this stupid? Grow some brains people. Why are we letting these idiots run our country. Sri Lanka is beautiful, but its politicians like this that make our country a terrible place to live in!

  12. Chalitha Fernando

    මොන ගොන් හු****ලද බන් මේ… අනේ අම්මපා මුන්ට චන්ද දාන එවුන්ව එල්ලා මරන්න ඔනේ පාර මැද්දේ.. මොඩ හැතිකරේ..

  13. CTD

    seriously? WTF??? is this man retarded?

  14. WTF

    Marry the rapist? You are kidding right? Its like asking a hen to marry a wolf.
    You must be expecting a happy wedded life eh?
    And of course the woman will be forced to marry the rapist by family, who wants a single mother in the family eh?


  15. Prema de Silva

    Nothing will happen as usual. In Sri Lanka nowadays much is talked about rape & child abuse and this has been going on for at least 12 years or more, but todate there has been nothing happening. In fact now politicians are raping females and nothing is being done. They carry on merrily and the poor victim suffers. There is NO JUSTICE IN SRI LANKA ANYMORE!!!

  16. Annie Verdu

    It doesn’t really make sense. Unless this is to protect the girl because it seems that in this culture a girl who is not a virgin will have a hard time getting married. If the girl is a virgin when she is raped, then the man must face severe consequences. Also what if a man rapes a married woman then would she get a choice to marry and get a second husband. But the raper does not have the right to rape so making the rapist marry the girl is punishing the girl in a way. Why not flog the rapist and have him provide for her dowry or pay a monthly some if no one else will marry the girl. Politicians or anyone does not have the right to rape and those who are found guilty should be flogged and jailed. This whole situation must be reanalyzed and they minister must come up with a workable solution to stop rape from happening. Stop before it starts. Tell boys not to rape. Just tell them to whack the jackfruit, pound the karavilla, cut the pathola with their hands. Tell them to have better self control when they see a girl so they just do not go rape someone. Maybe permissive pre-marital sex with sex workers will help decline rape cases. All the best for finding a good solution and open discussion on how to stop rape from ever happening again.

  17. Does the minister seriously believe that a rape victim would want to marry her attacker? How about changing the rape laws so that rapists are actually charged and jailed?

  18. DillonDP

    I am happy about this law, since i could not find no proper match yet, i am waiting for a sexy hot looking chick pass by so i will rape her, this will enable me to find my marriage partner without much hassel…. thank you Thissa your a great wealth for this country,,, hope you put forward similar laws in the future.

    hey tissa does this same thing apply for homosexuals too…. now that i put forward this question i am sure its great time for you to put your thinking hat again na

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