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The Grip Tightening

LTTE Rump Fast Exploiting Canadian Soil To Revive Terrorism In SL

By Camelia Nathaniel

The mighty show of LTTE very well proved that the organization still operates actively in Canadian soil and is capable of organizing events to raise funds

With depleting support for LTTE activism worldwide, LTTE fronts overseas, notably in Canada, are turning to prey on impressionable Tamil youth and children in order to revive their terrorist activities. As the photographs show, over 50 percent of the participants in the Tamil Community General Assembly gathered on April 13, 2014 were youth and children. Convened at the Toronto City Council Chamber by the National Council of Canadian Tamils, a designated LTTE front in Canada, its directing figure Ranjan Sri Ranjan alias Ramanthan Sri Ranjan formed a new front – the Tamil Community General Assembly.

Frontline anti-democratic fighters, spies and supporters of terrorism, the LTTE was globally notorious for recruiting a high number of youth and children in Sri Lanka. According to some reliable estimates, their recruitment of youth and children was as high as 40-60 percent compared to the number of its other cadres. Against the wishes of parents, teachers and principals, the LTTE propaganda, brainwashed and recruited or forcibly conscripted children and youth as LTTE cannon fodder.

In LTTE-controlled Jaffna and the East, and later in the Wanni, the LTTE threatened and killed many school principals and teachers who opposed their recruitment efforts to generate fear ensuring compliance. In Canada, if the Tamil youth do not join LTTE support activity, they are ridiculed with the derogatory term “coconut” (outside brown, inside white), psychologically affecting them. The teasing, harassing and embarrassing that some students were subjected to led them to mental depression that severely affects their studies and day to day activities.

After the defeat of the LTTE in May 2009, its overseas network keeps its ideology intact through a system of schools that purportedly teaches language and culture. In reality, the LTTE establishes new schools or infiltrates existing schools to indoctrinate Tamil children. As of May 2012, the LTTE operated 428 schools in Europe, notably in Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The LTTE ideologues and teachers indoctrinated and educated 22,500 students across Europe. Germany had the highest number (125) of such schools and 133 schools in Switzerland, and 65 schools in Denmark.


The organizations that are spearheading the brainwashing of Tamil youth in Canada are: the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), the National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT), and the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO). Since the designation of CTC, NCCT and its affiliate TYO under the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 on March 20, 2014 as terrorist organisations, most Canadian Tamils distanced from functions organized by these entities that are engaged in terrorist procurement, fundraising and propaganda. Except hardcore LTTE activists, most LTTE supporters distanced themselves from NCCT and TYO of Nediyawan-Irumporai Faction of the LTTE and CTC, a constituent of Global Tamil Forum led by Fr S. J. Emmanuel.

Both Fr Emmanuel and Nediyawan (real name Perinpanayagam Sivaparan) are designated persons under UNSCR 1373. While Sahilal Sabaratnam, the former Communications Director of the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), is serving a 25-year long sentence in US prison for illicit arms procurement, his successor, David Poopalapillai, the current National Spokesperson of the CTC is designated as a LTTE terrorist.

While Sathajhan Sarachandran alias Satha Sarachandran, the former President of TYO (2003-5) was arrested for procuring arms for the LTTE, current and former LTTE persons including directing figures of CTC were under investigation for their association with terrorism. In addition to serving as the president and national president of the Canadian Tamil Students Association, Satha joined CTC and formed a terrorist cell with CTC’s Communications Director Sahilal Sabaratnam.


The LTTE infiltrated several Canadian universities and school boards to gain access to Tamil youth and children. Furthermore, under the pretext of teaching Tamil Language and Culture, the LTTE formed several schools to indoctrinate youth and children. The universities that are worst affected by LTTE influence are in Ontario. In addition to a few colleges such as Durham and Seneca, the Universities of Waterloo, York, Rayson, MacMaster and Carlton are affected. With students parading with the Tiger flag and Prabhakaran’s photo, Toronto university authorities become tougher.

After Satha Sarachandran was arrested in the USA by the FBI for procuring weapons for the LTTE, the Canadian authorities were extra vigilant on Tamil student organizations. After Satha was sentenced to 26 years in a US prison, he wrote a letter regretting for his youth wasted by the LTTE fronts. For indoctrinating them in hate, Satha and Sahilal put the blame on WTM, TRO and CTC, the latter is still continuing to operate. They pled with the youth not to follow the advice of these groups and as the result, they ended up in prison.


The directing figures of these terrorist front organisations have been careful not to expose their sons and daughters to the hate propaganda of the LTTE. They have protected their children from participating in lobbying, fundraising and other terrorist and extremist supportive activities. They are aware of the increasing Canadian and international scrutiny of activity aimed at reviving the LTTE. Not only government, but also the private sector has started to screen recruits who applied for jobs. For example, a university student was hired by a bank in early 2014. But after the bank was informed that the applicant was engaged in LTTE activity at the university, she was “let go” by the bank. (Due to privacy reasons the name of the university, the student and the bank cannot be revealed).

Referring to two terrorists who were designated under UNSCR 1373 as terrorists, a Canadian Sri Lanka parent said, “David Poopalapillai and Pon Balraj never bring their children out and allow them to carry a LTTE flag. Some of their children serve in government holding sensitive posts. The organisers of these terrorist groups brainwash other children to get involved in these activities. The gullible children carry flags and ruin their future careers since they are not recruited to hold responsible posts. Jobs in government and increasingly in the other sectors are permanently closed for them. This is a warning to the parents to guide their children away from any of the LTTE functions.” The concerned parent added, “The same thing the LTTE did in Sri Lanka, its rump is doing it here (Canada). They brainwash the Tamil children and put them in the front. Due to the attraction, a small number of Sinhalese students are also involved.”

Juanita Nathan, a public school board trustee in Markhan ward 7-8, came to the attention of Canadian law enforcement and intelligence services after her links to the LTTE were exposed. She replaced a LTTE activist, Neethan Shan, who represented the same riding in 2006-2010. Nathan held the post of Vice President of CTC. In late 2013, Nathan sought nomination to run for Liberal Party federal election in Markham-Tornhill riding in 2015 but later withdrew. Many were shocked when Nathan received a book written about Prabhakaran, the leader of the LTTE, a proscribed terrorist group in Canada.

Parents questioned Nathan’s role as a trustee and if this book should be placed in the school libraries because it indoctrinates the children.

Dancing to the tune of terrorism

Nirothini Pararajasingam, also from Scarborough in Toronto, is another common face at LTTE propaganda and fundraising events. A dance instructor, she kept the LTTE alive through songs and dances. Year after year, nearly hundred children trained by her have been performing at the annual celebration where terrorist-criminals including the suicide killers were commemorated. Her troupe continues to perform at most events that were organized by LTTE fronts including CTC.

After the end of the war in Sri Lanka, the strength of the LTTE overseas gradually diminished. With reduced coercive power to threaten expatriate Tamils to contribute funds or participate in demonstration, less than 10 percent of the Tamils today advocate, support or participate in LTTE overseas activities.

However, through CTC and NCCT, the LTTE is reorganizing in Canada under the guise of human rights activism. Despite CTC and NCCT association with the ruthless and deceptive LTTE, CTC’s Gary Anandasangaree and Vany Selvarajah and NCCT’s Ranjan Sri Ranjan and Krisna Saravanamuttu were in Geneva to lobby human rights organizations. Those who funded and supported the vicious terrorist campaign in Sri Lanka are today targeting the youth and children in Canada.

The recent attempt by the LTTE to reorganize in Sri Lanka revealed that funding came from Nediyawan-Irumporai group also known as Makkal Peravai (Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly). Formed in June 2010, NCCT is the Canadian arm of Makkal Peravai and successor to World Tamil Movement, proscribed by the Government of Canada in April 2006. With Ranjan Sri Ranjan behind the scenes, Krisna Saravanamuttu formed the newest LTTE front, the Tamil Community General Assembly, predominantly consists of youth, mostly students. A Canadian Sri Lankan remarked, “Krisna is conditioning our youth with rhetoric and lies. Most parents were unaware that by letting their children participate in banned terrorist groups will affect their future.” Others associated with forming LTTE’s newest front is Thiru S. Thiruchelvam, NCCT, Sevanthi Prabhakaran, and a few others who are keen to revive the LTTE. Thiruchelvam was previously a member of CTC and President of Tamil Eelam Society of Canada.

Deprived of high office

There are a few well educated Canadian Tamils who were deprived of high official posts due to their links to terrorism. Elagu Elaguppillai, a Sri-Lankan-born Canadian nuclear scientist was denied a security clearance for a position at Atomic Energy Canada in 1996. Elagupillau was the president of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) in 1995-96, a LTTE front subsequently designated by the US as a terrorist entity for providing funds for procuring weapons from North Korea. Although he immediately resigned, Elaguppillai was on the watch lists of several governments due to his speciality and subsequent involvement with LTTE in Wanni.

Despite Canadian politicians who were lured by campaign contributions and minority votes made pronouncements to please their constituents, Canadian law enforcement and national security agencies maintain a close watch to mitigate the LTTE infiltration. Working with their foreign security and intelligence counterparts, they have identified recent attempts by LTTE fronts to penetrate the political system and subvert the administrative structures.

In addition to a background check, when people applying for any important positions including high security jobs, in future, the applicants’ face book and twitter accounts will be screened too.
The LTTE is no more. Yet, the LTTE fronts were able to present a distorted picture of the reality in Sri Lanka and instilled fear in the Tamil communities overseas.

The failure of the Sri Lankan government to counter LTTE disinformation and misinformation prevented a change in Tamil perceptions. The UN-designation of LTTE fronts that supported terror and are determined to revive terror will create space for mainstream Tamils to take control of their destinies.

Canada should facilitate the process of the community for them to return to the mainstream by investigating and prosecuting the financiers, facilitators and directing figures of the LTTE. For the community to reach its full potential, the LTTE leaders who propagate extremism and violence should be replaced by mainstream leaders.

Accountability: Start from where!

Canada’s call for accountability should start on Canadian soil. As terrorist supporters are as guilty as the perpetrators, they should be held accountable for their terrorist crimes.

The LTTE branch chief in Canada since 2003 is Kiranji Subramanium alias Thamil from Punguduthivu. She is a relative of Madhivathani Prabhakaran, the wife of the terrorist leader. A citizen of Canada, Thamil is not a public figure and like Prabhakaran, Thamil has lived in a basement bunker.

While political lobbying including working with Canadian political parties is directed by Nehru Gunaratnam, propaganda and finance including publishing the Ulaghatamilar – the newspaper of the proscribed WTM – is directed by Kamalavasan alias Kamal. Due to the neglect of the Canadian government, the grip of the LTTE on the Tamil media remains significant. Nearly five years after the defeat of the LTTE, an alternative point of view printed or aired should not be tolerated! As the largest support base for the LTTE in the past, Canada should firmly act to prevent another generation of youth from being filled with hate. It will obviously ruin their present and future.

24 Comments for “The Grip Tightening”

  1. Were these people responsible for the Canadian Government suspending it’s aid amounting to $10 million for the common wealth fund?


    • Shashi

      Canada will suffer one day….!!! But then, it’ too late.

      Let us build our unity, Canada, please do not disturb us but, Please help us for unity.

    • Raj

      Yes, LTTE strategy especially through Canadian Tamil Congress is to mislead Canadian politicians and their parties about Sri Lanka. CTC has never spoken about the huge human rights violations by the LTTE or the mass murderer Prabhakaran.

    • Canadian government was in a hast to divert attention with a Bang 10 Mil Canadian dollar slap! They know very well what is growing in her back yard !!!!!

    • Disgusted

      This could be one way of recovering at least a fraction of the millions of Tax payers dollars given to bogus LTTE front organisations by the Canadian Governments over many years, believing they were genuine Tamil charities.
      Whatever is said about the USA, they are the only country that has so far effectively curtailed LTTE activities overseas. If not for the USA, Tamil terrorists would have survived in Sri Lanka. However, USA may have wanted to have Prabakaran alive, as a bargaining chip with both India and SriLanka, and this could be why the USA is upset, with Sri Lanka, in addition to the Chinese connection.

  2. Perera

    Canada should do what is good for all.

    why do they cheat by LTTE supporters?


  3. Gune

    Tamil people here in Sri Lanka do not need another war.
    But those who in rich countries wants that.

  4. அழ


  5. அழQ

    These people drain the Canadian economy as asylum seekers.
    They engage in insurance and healthcare fraud.
    They engage in credit card fraud.
    Impose a tax on Tamils to fund terrorism in Sri Lanka.
    Appears the canadian MPs greedy for the 300,000 vote block is looking the other way!

  6. MATHY



  7. kumar

    The above article is an eye opener to the Canadian Sri Lankan parents ( Tamils & Sinhalese). If this article had been publish in Canadian news papers, that issue would have been burned in front of the shop. This would have been Canadian Tamil press freedom.

    The Students are brain washed by the groups leaders to achieve their goals in politically and leadership.

    One side parents also allow their children to take part in these events thinking that they have free media exposure but unaware of the background checks for employments.

    Other side parents are aware of this and unable do anything of the age of their children’s (over 18 ).
    I strongly request the publisher to sent to Canadian media and translate the above article in Tamil and Sinhalese .

  8. Richard Kaz

    The GoSL designating the so-called LTTE front organisations as ‘terrorists’ under UNSCR 1373 is similar to a murderer pointing a finger at another murderer and screaming “Murderer!”.

  9. Mailin Gunawardene

    Since when was there a depleting support for the LTTE? In your dreams mate. Look around you and as soon as you mention the word “LTTE” the SL govt and army shudder.

  10. genga

    LTTE is finished in 2009 so said by the Govt. then why you worry too much? what about accountability of the govt who was responsible for the killing of its own people? wake up now it is 2014 look at the economy of the country who is eating away all our developments? it is sad that you guys still talking about the past and try to live your life in …, look around wake up true sri lankans stop writing rubbish tell the truth write about what is taking place in other part of the country

  11. We have heard many stories about Tamils in Canada & in Europe. Their schools are ruining youth who should enjoy life, NOT get involved in terrorist or criminal activities.

    If you read any newspaper these days ITS TAMILS & MUSLIMS are the groups mostly involved in CRIME & other subjugation activities. They try to export their IDEOLOGY to Sri Lankan youth in Sri Lanka too.

    WHY is Canadian govt. slow to take puzzling, when PM df the country boasts about accountability & Human Rights in every word he speaks….IT WILL be too late for young generation who HAVE INDOCRINATED to hate Sinhalese & other Lankans who are NOT TAMILS……….J

  12. The Canadian government will truly suffer bcoz they have entertained LTTE. It will spread like a virus & the government will not be able to stop it. They will rule a part
    of Canada in time to come. Till then U politicians in Canada “Sleep tight”.
    Just leave SL alone you you handle your country.

  13. Indians and Sri Lankans are not ruling the world, but the West. The racist Rajapaksa regime is dreaming to fool the diaspora who have established well in the West. I never supported the LTTE and my name is not in the Gazette. Why the Rajapaksa regime has refused to accept my dual citizenship? The answer is very clear “Sri Lanka is rule by racist regime.” Not only me, there are many Tamils in the same situation; we were born as Tamils that was the only crime we committed. The regime’s ignorance, stupidity and arrogance will cost the country. It is underestimating the West and diaspora. Remember, the West defeated Germans, Japanese and all most Russians too. Having economic success doesn’t mean guaranteed superpower status. Ruling the world is beyond economic success. Chinese, Indians, and the other Asians do not have what it takes to rule the world for another 100-300 years. After many generations it may possible for the Asians to rule the world; if the future generations are smart enough to understand the value of unity. Germany and Japan were very successful, but Germany was bombed twice and two atomic bombs were dropped in Japan. That was it, those two countries surrendered unconditionally. And those two countries can’t declare war on any country; because their constitutions do not allow it. In fact, if those two countries don’t have such constitutions the West wouldn’t have allowed them to come-up.

    I have checked the april rally, but the picture posted by you is not belongs to that rally. Do not mislead the people. You have eliminated the LTTE, but talk about the LTTE more than any other Sri Lankan government. Tamils knew the UNHRC’s voting outcome would be positive. Why would they do something silly to undermine the international community’s support? Gobi waited for years, but couldn’t wait for a week? According to Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s drama, Gobi somehow managed to hide himself for five years, but came into the action just a week before the voting of the UNHRC. If you believe that you would believe anything. Intellectuals know that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa orchestrated the drama to arrest the human rights activists to hide the truth and trying hard to fool the international community to justify the military presence in the North and East. However, his action won’t give that much leverage for the Rajapaksas to manoeuvre internationally in the future. Now the Gota’s drama concludes with lives have been lost. The regime has no remorse for killing thousands of innocent people; killing few more people is nothing to them. The most dangerous regime can fool Sinhalese, but not the world. I am sure the Tamil diaspora knows that taking arms again will not serve anyone’s purpose. Banning the Tamil diaspora groups by the Rajapaksa regime was to undermine the proposed UN’s war crimes investigation. The Rajapaksas can only survive by bringing back the LTTE fear factor. And divert the attention to somewhere else. Otherwise they have no grounds to survive after the UN’s war crimes investigation. Nevertheless, the world is too smart, and it won’t fall into the Rajapaksas’ dramas. I believe that the Rajapaksa regime had India’s blessings to ban the Tamil diaspora groups; once again New Delhi became a partner in crime.

    When I hear Sri Lankan leaders’ actions and speeches I feel sorry for the people, because they are far off from the West’s powerful minds. The Rajapaksa regime fails to understand the difference between the well informed world citizens and fooled Sri Lankan citizens who have been fighting since 1948. The regime can win local votes by fooling its own people, but not the world. The country’s international credibility will continue to go backward, and place the country in a disaster. The worse is yet to come for Sri Lanka. It will get ugly for the Rajapaksa brothers; if the regime initiates its own domestic enquiry or international mechanism to investigate charges of war crimes and human rights violations in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the regime will not investigate the war crimes at all, but will bring back the LTTE fear factor to hold on to its power. If it does not work; it will take the North Korea’s path to keep its power. The foolish regime didn’t plan wisely to addresses the issues during and after the war. Inability to deal with the Tamils’ issues and India were the main reasons for the war, yet the regime has not addressed those main issues since the end of war in 2009. Therefore, the worse is yet to come for Sri Lankans. I have written a detail letter to the Indian government why the Rajapaksa regime must be removed sooner than later. I will forward the letter to the newly elected government after the India’s election.

    Sri Lankans have been fighting since the independence, the Rajapaksa regime has the least educated ministers in its cabinet in the history of Sri Lanka; it has killed more people than any other government in the history of Sri Lanka. The Rajapaksa regime is corrupted; the Rajapaksa family got huge commissions on the China’s development projects. The regime has increased drug trafficking in Sri Lanka and Asia. The Rajapaksa regime’s policies have increased the teenage pregnancy and sexual abuses against children. The regime has been distorting economic data to fool the locals and the international community. I can go-on forever about this regime. China backs the Sri Lankan government in safeguarding national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. “We believe in the Sri Lankan people’s wisdom and capacity to handle their own affairs.” – Foreign Minister Wang Yi. China does not value India’s, Japan’s, and other South East Asian countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, but safeguarding national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. This is nothing but duplicity of the Chinese communist party. The reality is the Chinese communist party is pretending that the Rajapaksa regime is smart, but using the Rajapaksa regime for its dangerous moves in the Indian Ocean. The Chinese communist party isn’t going to influence the South Asia, or expand its wings in the South Asia by supporting the Rajapaksa regime. It will backfire on the Chinese communist party.

    The Sri Lankan mainstream media is the main enemy for the country. It had played a major role to unleash the 1983 riots. The state controlled media continues to lead the country into a disaster. A country needs smart leaders, or honest media which is free from racial and religious hatred, in order to educate its leaders and people. But Sri Lanka has foolish politicians and extremely bias media. How can you expect the country prosper? I bet history will repeat itself in your lifetime. History repeats itself because there are people that agree with the past. You must have extremely talented and sacrificial leaders to change the ideology of the people, but Sri Lanka does not have leaders like that; even if it does the Rajapaksas won’t allow those people to lead. Therefore, expect the people to do the same. However, Tamils are well prepared to face the racist Rajapaksas. I am not talking about taking arms again, but doing everything to bring justice through the international community; if the Sri Lankan and Indians leaders fail to address the Tamils’ grievances promptly.
    “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” ― Albert Einstein

    “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

    “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” ― Albert Einstein

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein

  14. kirthi

    who is this “Camelia Nathaniel?”

  15. gamarala

    This hysterical rant by Camella is laughable.
    Most tamils abroad are in touch with kith & kin back home and tell the truth of what is happening,to the world – and are promptly labelled “LTTE”.
    Camella pretends to be unaware of the State Terrorism which persecutes and daily threatens tamils and all opposed to the corrupt regime.
    State Terrorism now persecutes citizens in the south too now.Buddhist militants,some in robes terrorise minorities in the south.
    The unfettered press in sri lanka publicises all these news.
    It is sad that Lasantha’s successers are now lackeys to those who killed him.

  16. raj

    Well….They only exercising their freedom of expression. If they are breaking the law obviously the respective government will pursue legal action through the criminal court. BUT that doesn’t seems to be the case. Again contrary to the Sri Lankan government’s claim the UN and the majority of the world decided that Sri Lanka is guilty of WAR CRIMES….so the score of obvious…..Dispora has clean bolled Lanka.

  17. raj

    whether it is terrorists or war criminals, the world is against both equally. Both are bads for law biding citizens. Therefore, the government of Sri Lanka let the international bodies to monitor the situation in Sri Lanka so the international community can evaluate the situation based on the fact and not based on the media release or propoganda.

  18. Ramarajan

    The next two years are important for Canadian politicians to rub shoulders with LTTE supporters to get Tamil votes. It’s been a pattern in the last few years including Stephen Harper seeking Tamil votes by any means. There is a network of sinister activities seemingly humanitarian and altruistic, but the bottom line is mustering support for the rumps. TVI, a Tamil channel carries one to two hours of programs honoring LTTE martyrs through dance and music. So is the CMR radio spreading distorted news stories. None of the Tamil dance and music teachers pay taxes to the government despite earning big amounts on tuition.
    It is time Canada wakes up. We cannot let Sri Lanka suffer again because of lethargic attitude of Canada.

  19. NAK

    Canada will one day reap what it sows. sooner the better.

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