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Ranil Will Not Contest The Presidency

Opposition and UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe will not contest the Presidency at the next Presidential elections, UNP MP Joseph Micheal Perera said.

Perera told The Sunday Leader that the UNP will field a ‘star’ candidate at the next elections and that the candidate will be revealed only after President Mahinda Rajapaksa formally announces a Presidential election.

Meanwhile the UNP says its focus right now is on the Uva elections and not a Presidential or General election. UNP MP John Amaratunga said that the opposition will not be fooled by claims by President Mahinda Rajapaksa that he is ready to hold a snap election. Amaratunga said that the President has always maintained he will not hold a Presidential election ahead of 2016 when his term ends and so the opposition does not expect him to change that position without being pressured to do so.

The Government is expected to call for elections in the Uva Province next and Amaratunga says the focus of the UNP will be to prepare for that election first. “After the Uva election we will think of a General or Presidential election,” he added. President Mahinda Rajapaksa had recently said that the Government is ready to hold a snap Presidential or General election next year if the opposition makes a formal request. Speaking to newspaper Editors in Colombo at a breakfast meeting, the President said that he has no plans to hold a snap Presidential election next year as his term ends in 2016.

However he said if the opposition makes a request for an early election then he is prepared to consider the request. (ISA)

15 Comments for “Ranil Will Not Contest The Presidency”

  1. Who is the UNP Presidential “Star Candidate” other than come back kid “Chaura Regina” Madam CBK. Yes the one and only CBK who will be the winning common candidate to take Sri Lanka back from corrupters. Also UNP should get rid of the 18th Amendment before next Presidential elections.

    • dharmapala

      srilanka must go democratic government ,18th ammemdment must remove forthwith it not a family experience people of the country under president ruling people are suffering, live in danger ,even for judges .srilanka by bogus name democraticy

  2. Sumana

    It is better to focus on UVA province but appoint Mr Sajith premadasa as UNP deputy leader. He is our future.

    • dharmapala

      prmadasa is born and study in colombo,but even he study in united kingdom, not fit to contest election in colombo.he must go hamban tota.

  3. ashok

    Where have you got your star candidates?You will have to import a candidate as all old class politicians you have are of no value what so ever!

  4. Renu

    There was a time thisw big talk had fooled the general public, but they are wise to it now , as they now want a change

  5. patriot

    Why is Ranil hugging on to the UNP as leader when there is so much opposition to him ?At the rate supporters are getting frustrated .and deserting the Party, there won’t be many in the Party even if another candidate is put forward..The other Party stalwarts must work out a plan to send Ranil out before further damage is done .

  6. Ranil had his chance,like all the other Presidents,but he and the others didnt do it.Otherwise he could have been the President. Thats my opinion.

  7. dnh

    I think it is a vise decision that he ever taken , but do not encourage the chicerdaris to be in not suitable position. that will lead to religious uncertainty I know your not Buddhist only for name sake just like you married to sow to the people that your are not gay actually your just like Managala and many in your party we used to call ponnaya party.

  8. nalin


  9. gamarala

    Firstly,steps must be taken to hold clean elections without anyone flouting election laws. This is the need of the hour. Only unflawed elections will encourage voters to vote as they wish,and many more will vote. In the last two provincial elections,almost 49% did not vote and there were a large number of rejected votes – the ballot papers may be confusing to voters.

  10. sarath

    UNP is still beating around the bush. It is glad that RW has if true decided not contest the presidential elections but it is noting new to us. last time also he backed out putting SF. This time I think the guinea-pig will be Sobitha thero. it is sorrowful that once ruling party could not make a leader to incumbent president. I will always take my hat to Sirimavo with all the obstacles she had managed to cut a sharp figure against JR and RP.

  11. I think it is correct move. Chandrika or Anoma should contest the next Presidential election on the assurance once elected whoever comes as President should abolish the Executive President. Then we should revert all powers back to Parliament. This will be good for the country on the long run. Today what we see is a family rule and Parliament is waste of time and money. Parliament today have no power. PM is a figure head only. We all should think about our country’s future than one individual. President Rajapakse loves to be a President for ever. We all have to work together for betterment of our beautiful country.

  12. liamsi


  13. where have you got your star candidate? it’s like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack

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