Sri Lanka Is Safe Says Government

By Easwaran Rutnam

The Government insists that Sri Lanka is one of the safest countries in the world following the end of the war with the defeat of the LTTE.

Senior Minister of International Monetary Cooperation and Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning Dr Sarath Amunugama, speaking at an event to mark SriLankan airlines joining the ‘Oneworld’ alliance last week, said that the country is now experiencing real peace.

He said that the opening of new highways and the construction of the Mattala Mahinda Rajapaksa International airport are part of the dividends of peace in Sri Lanka.

The Minister urged tourists to visit places like Hambantota and see what the country has to offer as a tourist destination and for investment.

However despite the Minister’s comments some countries still maintain travel advisories which state that Sri Lanka is not completely safe even after the war.

Some travel advisories have raised concerns over the security situation in parts of the North and more recently over criminal incidents faced by tourists visiting the South.

4 Comments for “Sri Lanka Is Safe Says Government”

  1. Randy Mathew

    Oh ya? Walk into my parlour said the fly. Sri Lankans & even tourists will never be safe till the murderous , racist & corrupt Rajapakse clan is kicked out of power.

  2. gamarala

    Only the north and east are dangerous and hence the military presence – so says the army.

  3. Foreigners are vulnerable for looters, thugs and vultures. Gopies are still haunting. Even a woman with Buddha tattoo is harassed. Hambanthota is out of bounds for opposition political parties. What a Joke.

  4. Yes, Srilanka is safe for the tourists. But the Tamils are not safe in the hands of Sinhala Army.

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