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LTTE’s Gary Anandasangaree To Enter Canadian Politics?

  • Tigers warm up to Canadian politicians with campaign
    contributions and votes

By Camelia Nathaniel

Justin Trudeau and Thiva Paramsothy and Terrorist training session: Thiva Paramasothy is standing at the centre of the photo

In the riding of Rouge Park, known among Toronto Canadians as ‘Tamil Eelam’, another politician with links to the LTTE launched his bid for Federal Liberal Nomination. Like Rathika Sitsabaiesan, who infiltrated the NDP of Canada, with the backing of the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), Gary Anandasangaree is planning to penetrate the Liberal Party of Canada.

Anandasangaree is Counsel to CTC, a designated ‘terrorist entity’ under UNSCR 1373, for engaging in terrorist propaganda, fundraising and procurement.

After the LTTE’s military defeat, CTC is the main platform used by the terrorists to lobby Canadian politicians and infiltrate their political parties. A few Canadian politicians driven by campaign contributions and votes have issued statements supporting the LTTE, a terrorist group proscribed in Canada.

By donating funds to the Liberal Party at different fundraising events and signing up membership, Anandasangaree was made a favourable candidate for Rouge Park over the former Liberal MP Dan McTeague, who was pushed to Pickering Riding. Many question if it was the amount of money given to the Liberal Party and membership sign up by LTTE supporters and sympathizers that made the Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau consider Anandasangaree over McTeague.

When McTeague suddenly showed up at the Liberal Party Pickering riding meeting replacing Jennifer O’Connell, his supporters questioned the judgement of the Liberal Party leadership. Trudeau is already under criticism for favouring one candidate over another for the riding, Trinity-Spadina.

In a private fund raising event for the Liberal Party organized by Anandasangaree at the residence of the Hopper Hut owner on March 31, 2014 Trudeau was introduced to both LTTE trained members and activists. They included Thiva Paramsothy who had accompanied Satha Sarachandran to a terrorist training camp in Sri Lanka in 2003.  Together with the then CTC Communications Director Sahilal Sabaratnam, Sarachandran was arrested in the US for arms procurement in 2006.

Publishing a photograph of the terrorist training session, the Globe and Mail’s investigative reporter Anthony Reinhart, wrote: “Two Tiger fighters in striped camouflage, along with Mr. Paramsothy and his rifle-toting Toronto friend, Satha Sarachandran, are clearly visible in U.S. Government Exhibit F2, a photograph used by American prosecutors to send Mr. Sarachandran to prison for 26 years in early 2010.

Mr. Sarachandran, a one-time national president of the Canadian Tamil Students Association, had travelled to New York with three other men in August of 2006 in a bid to buy about $1-million worth of anti-aircraft missiles and AK-47 assault rifles to be sent to the Tigers in Sri Lanka. The arms dealers he met turned out to be undercover FBI agents, who had conducted a joint investigation with the RCMP”.

Another terrorist fundraiser introduced to Trudeau is Danton Thurairajah, Executive Director of the CTC. Reporting to LTTE US Chief Karunakaran Kandasamy, currently serving in a US prison, Thurairajah was a part of the US network that engaged in human smuggling, bribing, propaganda, fundraising, and procurement. Also at Anandasangaree’s fundraiser was Muraly Srinarayanathas, seeking Liberal Party nomination for the Scarborough Agincourt riding. Muraly was denied nomination last week.

Muraly’s father is Navaratnam Srinarayanathas, a former office bearer of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, another designated terrorist entity. Muraly’s uncle Ranjan Sri Ranjan is the former President of CTC and the current President of the National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT), another two designated terrorist entities.

Anandasangaree projects himself as a human rights activist but in reality he is a Tiger activist. Together with his associates David Poopalapillai, Public Relations Director and Vanita Nathan, former Vice President, CTC, Anandasangaree was at the launch of the book on Prabhakaran at the Civic Centre in Scarborough on July 17, 2013.

In a picture taken at the book launch Mathagal Kannan, the top LTTE fundraiser in Canada is in front of Anandasangaree, and Senthilkumaran, another LTTE fundraiser in Canada is next to Poopalapillai. Anandasangaree also participated in events on May 18, 2014 marking the death of the LTTE leader and his followers at Peter and Paul Banquet Hall, Scarborough, organized by CTC and TGTE and at Albert Campbell Hall, Scarborough, organized by NCCT.

One of the cruelest terrorist leaders, Prabhakaran killed, maimed, and injured civilians and kidnapped children for recruitment paling Al Qaeda, Taliban and Boko Haram of Nigeria. However, when two LTTE organized ships, one an arms carrier arrived in Canada, Anandasangaree was the first to defend the terrorist leader who had committed the worst atrocities.

Jeremy Hainsworth, an Associated Press journalist wrote on August 13, 2010, “Anandasangaree said even if some of those on board are Tamil Tigers, they would have a legitimate refugee case in Canada”. Later he protested against Bill C-31 that called for tough measures against human smugglers.

Marked by dark and light patches, Anandasangaree’s chequered career suggests that he is not a human rights activist by any means. A true human rights activist would have criticized atrocities committed in a war by all parties – the terrorists and government troops.

However, Anandasangaree supported a proscribed international terrorist group blacklisted by Canada, USA, EU, UK, India and other countries. Although Anandasangaree travelled to Geneva’s UNHRC sessions from 2009-2014, he neither condemned the LTTE’s killing in cold blood of 400 policemen who had surrendered in Batticaloa or the 600 military personnel surrendees in Mullaitivu.

Furthermore, Anandasangaree went to the extent of organizing the campaign against Human Rights Watch when Jo Becker released, “Funding the ‘Final War:’ LTTE Intimidation and Extortion in the Tamil Diaspora” on March 15, 2006.

The report detailed how representatives and supporters of the Tamil Tigers solicited Toronto families for up to Can$ 5,000 and some businesses for up to Can$ 100,000, sometimes with threats and vandalism. Having lost the war in Sri Lanka, these terrorist fronts such as the CTC and their directing figures are diverting their time and resources to penetrate the Canadian political establishment today.

Exploiting CTC as a gateway, the LTTE seeks to infiltrate all the major political parties in Canada. Although the CTC claims it represents all Sri Lankan Canadians, their membership is only 500.

Other than Anandasangaree, those linked to the LTTE seeking Liberal Party nomination are Logan Kanapathy of CTC for Scarborough West and Theodore Antony of CTC for Scarborough Central. Anthony coming from a LTTE family, his brother, the late Father Anthony was a LTTE fundraiser in New Jersey. Operating as ‘Mambalam Swamy’ Father Anthony and the CTC Executive Director Danton Thurairajah collected funds for the LTTE in New Jersey.


Money, votes or Canadian values

What is the principle of the Liberal Party? Money, votes or Canadian values?

Will Canadians elect a leader who has compromised Canadian values like Justin Trudeau?

Will the Liberal Party of Canada nominate and the Canadians elect a bogus human rights activist like Gary Anandasangaree?

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  1. mathy

    it is real photo or as sl government claim is fake, please clarify

  2. Malin

    My only wish is that within the next ten years, the Tamils in Canada will demand for a TAMIL EELAM in Canada for the naïve Canadian politicians to open their eyes.

  3. lasantha


  4. Sangaralingham

    What is going on I ask but a Canadian friend next to me sayit is impossible.but who knows voters decide election.

  5. AJ Sydney

    Tamils does not need separate country if no discrimination like Srilanak. Tamils are
    well off all over the world. In my practice , I have employed six Singhalese and one Tamil working in addition to other Australians/, I am a Srilanakan Tamil too/ Wiill Singhalese employ Tamils like that ? So treat the Tamils as Sinhalese/ They will contribute to your economy. Tamils live all over the world and better off thatn Sinalese/ We can buy Srilanka /

  6. Moda putha

    Camellia, reading this article on Gary I am disappointed at your journalistic skills for a variety of reasons. Most of the text has little relevance to the news item of him entering politics, but an attempt to connect irrelevant dots, extrapolate the facts and color him as a latte sympathiser. If Gary was not asked his views on the killing and kidnapping of the 1000 military personnel he is not obliged to give his views and that doesn’t make him unsuitable to be a human rights lawyer. Why don’t u ask karuna his views on these killings and whether he was directly responsible. Does the fact that karuna has not commented on these killings make him unsuitable to be a minister?

    If u r to be taken seriously your journalistic investigations would have revealed that Gary is the son of old fool turn coat anandasangaree and that would ave been interesting for the public.

  7. Ram

    How soon will the ‘Tamil Nadu in Canada’ become a reality ? All that the Canadian government needs to do is to evict some of the original inhabitants and hand over the land to the ‘deserving’ newcomers to demonstrate Canadian generosity.

  8. raj

    the author have forgetten the fact Tamils are victims of war criminals even before LTTE was born. In an academic research paper, you list more than one source to use it as a source. Still, author did not say how he came to conclusion.

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