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Muslims Concerned Over Aluthgama Incident

Muslim leaders are concerned that there is a growing trend of individual disputes being taken into public spheres to aggravate religious tension.

With reference to the incident which took place in Aluthgama recently, President of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka N.M. Ameen added that if there is a dispute between two parties, the issue has to be sorted out at individual level and if someone is being assaulted they should take legal measures regardless of their ethnicity.

However, he added that in the Aluthgama incident a situation which arose between a Muslim boy and a Buddhist monk had caused unnecessary religious tensions. The Police had arrested three people in connection with the alleged assault on the monk. However the incident had angered a mob in the area creating a tense situation.

Ameen added that some Sinhalese had provided protection to the shops and had tried to stop the attack. He said, “During the attack one shop owed by a Sinhalese was also damaged. The fact is that there is no reason why innocent people are being attacked for actions that they have not committed.”

According to him, the Muslims in the area had shifted Friday Prayers to a different location to avoid further disputes between the two religious groups.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) General Secretary Hasan Ali said that the situation in Aluthgama was now under control and added that incidents like this must be sorted out at individual level through accepted legal procedures. (WK)

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  1. Raja

    I congratulate the SLMC for this balanced assessment and advice, This is a very sensitive period when organised foreign funded NGOs are moving around with a microscope, looking for so called religious and ethnic ‘conflicts’ to create a division within the Sri Lankan nation, and send alarmist exaggerated reports to their foreign masters.
    I hope the police will act effectively and neutrally to nip in the bud such propaganda material for local and foreign NGOs, whose survival depends on imagined or real conflicts.
    This is one more issue that needs to be addressed by the Central Government and to avoid the trap of decentralising police powers to Provincial Councils, who are bound to be prejudiced in their dealings.

    • professional

      if u analyze the things what happened recent past in aluthgama area says that those are well planed and highly provocative things; extremist led by high authority needs to demolish minorities in this country; unfortunately country is going back to dark era again; muslims or tamils have no right say anything or their mouth are shut and they are tortured by extremist group led by high authority. things are going very badly; i am urging to minorities to be patient and don’t be emotional; superior power will give punishment to those who do sin;

    • Helpless

      I dont see NGOs with a mic whenever there is a religious conflict. There is always a yellow-robed monk accompanied by thugs with weapons. This has been happening since 1915 and hasn’t yet stopped. This is what that is preached in Sri Lankan Buddhist temples in the name of Buddhism.

      • godaya

        You talk bull shit.

        Always muslims create trouble. Muslim political leaders are full responsible for this.

    • Ashad Dole

      I don’t think the SLMC, has to be congratulated for any of these, unfortunate incidents that are happening around the country now. It is their late leader Ashraff who brought all this calamity on the Muslims. For his personal political gains he formed the SLMC, & by doing that he segregated the poor Muslims, who are now bearing the brunt of his actions. For this, Allah gave him a very apt death, He was burnt alive & may be ruing his actions in Hell now.

      A Patriot

    • Rajah

      This “balance assessment” has only been provided by the Sunday Leader because it is pro-regime. Look at the size of the article – absolutely pathetic for an event that has killed at least 3 people and injured hundreds. The article has not given the complete picture and all the facts and details. There are many muslims including Rauf Hakeem who have come out and called out the truth to the situation. Many Sri-Lankan news outlets have already claimed that they have received “orders from above” to not report this incident. Thank god for the modern technology and media.

  2. Justice Seeker!!



    Wonder of Asia. MR needs to Civil War. Past Tigers. Now Muslims. Future sure Christians. Sri Lanka could be next Wonder next to Singapore.

    People in Sri Lanka always care about their 2500 years old Culture.
    But in this way we can see 50 Civil war. We have to Change. See America. Lot of Races. Peace. I dont know much long. I know Sri Lanka will see next Civil war in Next 5 / 10 Years and to decline of Muslim World!!!!

    Lets see!

    • Disgusted

      Kuwera, could it be possible that these incidents are staged by parties hostile to Sri Lanka, from their overseas hideouts, so that people like you could make up stories?

      • John

        Bodu Bala Sena should be held responsible for the ugly incident at Aluthgama.

        Are they monks or monkeys ?

      • Rajah

        Disgusted, are you saying that the BBS is staged by parties hostile to Sri-Lanka from overseas hideouts? If not, why is MR not arresting them and putting their names on the UNHRC terrorists list like he did with the LTTE? There are clear videos showing the BBS instigating this whole thing and going into the muslim areas and starting all this violence. Is MR going to ban BBS like he did to the LTTE? Will all those who engaged in this violence be arrested, especially the monks? If not, it is better for people like you to stop making up stories and making yourself and Sri-Lanka look like fools to the world.

    • Zahara Zarook

      Ur correct Kuwera,i am living in Castle Hill,NSW,Australia with Christians,Budhist etc.. peacefully.

  4. thiru

    lankan muslims chiristians and tamils are innocent people, the governtment backing and assits those thing… feel sorry for those may god bless them

  5. kumar

    Just once word, Ppl of Sri Lanka are going very backwards..Sri lanka a country which should be at least as Thailand ,it will become like Rwanda or something. Just fuck the politicians and love your country and its people. and fuck any religion , keep them away from politics! a monk or a priest has no place in the good working gov. Gov is for everyone, also for ppl who do not believe in god!

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