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President orders crackdown on hate groups

By Megara Tegal

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says he has instructed the police to take action against any individual or organization attempting to spread hatred among religions or any race.

In a special message issued last evening, the President warned that the peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka following the end of the war was now at risk.

The President said that some in the international community are attempting make use of the situation in Sri Lanka for their benefit.

President Rajapaksa urged all Sri Lankans to understand the situation at hand and work towards co-existence among all communities.

“No one can take the law into their own hands. I have instructed the police to take firm action against anyone violating the law,” he said.

Meanwhile President Rajapaksa had a meeting yesterday in Badulla with Muslim Government Parliamentarians on the recent violence in the country.

The President had called for the urgent meeting after a tense situation remained in the country even yesterday following the violence in Aluthgama last weekend.

The President is to appoint a special panel to investigate the recent incidents which took place around the country.

“I will be appointing a high-level panel to inquire in to recent disturbances,” the President said in a Twitter message.

The announcement of the panel being appointed and meeting held in Badulla came after the ‘No Limit’ store in Panadura was destroyed in a fire last morning.

There was speculation the Muslim owned store was attacked but the police said an investigation has been launched and till the probe is over nothing can be said.

13 Comments for “President orders crackdown on hate groups”

  1. president doing all short of nonsence, in the country.then tell the public the government has apppoint a high power team to investigate for next one year,this will go under the carpet

  2. Let me start with making few comments on President’s statement. President should understand that BBS is today bringing bad name to our island. President knew this very well. In fact he is responsible for making BBS popular. President is only thinking about his political future. I think during the war with LTTE the Muslim people were very supportive to this government. Today the same Muslim people are in the receiving end. Statement released by Champika and Wimal Weerawansa are hard on Muslim people. The sad think is even after all these events Muslims are sill holding power in this government. They should resign sooner rather than later. We are going to see adverse publicity as the result of this riots. There is no point in blaming foreign countries for our own mistakes. President is quickly pointing out blame on foreign countries. President will never hold a impartial inquiry into these riots. IGP is behaving like a mad dog. He has to please the President and releasing statements which are lies. When are we going to understand the meaning of the word RECONCILIATION.

  3. Buddhika Lokubandara

    If there ia any truth in this, BBS Goon Gnanasara should have been taken into custody already. Is this a case of pinching the baby and rocking the cradle at the same time?

  4. Sylvia Haik

    It has been reported that the police personnel just stood by while the Muslim businesses were being attacked in Aluthgama. They may be taking the cue from the Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapakse whose support for the BBS is well known. I hope The President’s promise to charge the perpetrators of religious hatred is genuine and not an exercise in stalling for time and the public forgetting about the incident.

  5. Namal Perera

    Which end is he talking?

    • Kirth

      His brother is behind for all this Drama. how BBS got 10000 Million Rupees on their Bank Account?

  6. Ma Per

    Put all these monks in prison – if Fonseka was put behind bars before he was proven guilty – then the same principle should be applied to the likes of Galaboda,, Wataraka etc. But a few days ago we saw Gota hand in hand with Galaboda.

  7. M F Rasheed

    Since the known time of history, man has the tendency of attacking another and robbing and stealing others property/belongings. Only the reason and circumstances differ but the final action/conclusion are same now and then.

    It is because of that all World religions preach tolerance, patient and compromise but not limited to teaching alone instead recommend systems and mechanism how to overcome such basic nature of human being.

    The noble truth express by Lord Buddha says, every human being is born with pain. But man’s limited knowledge may tell him this is the reason and that is the reason for his pain and eventually he attempt to destroy that cause of pain or try to obtain something which may relieve his pain. But the cause of pain is within himself along with his existence. The very first noble truth is realizing the cause of pain.

    Instead of realizing the true source of pain, a community was identified and shown to the general public as source of pain. Is there any more explanation required to encourage the public to attach that sort of pain?

    It is simple method…….. Let anyone do what it concerned him or what he deserves. Those who wore Khaki should do their job and those who wore white should do their job and those who wore yellow should do their job. Whoever does otherwise should be stopped. End of the story.

  8. Sinhala Modayas

    “Those who wore Khaki should do their job ” Actually cannot do the jpb beucase thos who are wearing white has taken the law in to thier hands. Sinhalese are the dumbest race in this whole earth. Worse than middle easterners. Bangledesh is a better country than sri lanka. Their education systems is batter. Depth to income ration is very low. Our sinhalease bastards know only to destroy the system and rob the money and stay in power for ever killing the rest and destroying democracy. Take a look at the history. our sinhalese bastards cannot live without hatred.

  9. Sinhala Modayas

    Not only Hatred is practiced against race, religion, hatred exisit within the familes.

  10. Gihan

    The UN investigation into war crimes committed by the army and the government will no dount find that the hate group is the government.

  11. sukirichuti

    Sylvia Haik has very correctly pointed out that it is the Defence Secretary who should be held responsible for the holocaust because over a long time he was the individual who had been shielding the BBS. Even today,he is the one who has given orders to the Police not to arrest any BBS members without his approval. So this means that he is in the game.

  12. Miri

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa says he has instructed the police to take action against any individual or organization attempting to spread hatred among religions or any race.


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