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The ‘Mystery’ Of The ‘Missing’ LTTTer

By Camelia Nathaniel

The LTTE fronts are masters in terrorist propaganda. The same way, the LTTE created or infiltrated Tamil organizations overseas, the LTTE also created similar fronts in the Wanni. The Vanni Institute of Technology known as Vanni Tech was created by the LTTE to build the technology and knowledge base of the LTTE.

Vanni Tech announced that its aims were to: bring together technical professionals from around the world; develop advanced technology in the North East; help the North East region to be technically on par with developed countries; provide resources for advanced technology education and generate a high-tech work force and facilitate local and global private ventures in high-tech arenas to increase employment.

The immediate goal of the founders is to build a permanent campus on their own land and to convert the nine month program into a two year degree program. Vanni Tech will eventually become an institution that offers undergraduate and graduate studies in numerous disciplines.

But in reality, Vanni Tech trained a generation of terrorist recruits for higher appointments as well as civilians to cover what the LTTE was actually doing. Knowingly and unknowingly of the LTTE’s hand in Vanni Tech, professionals and terrorist supporters came from overseas as recommended by several LTTE overseas fronts to staff and support Vanni Tech. However, the LTTE continued cunningly to project Vanni Tech as a civilian enterprise. When the LTTE was defeated, the Vanni Tech staff masqueraded as civilians and blended into the larger Tamil population.

When the terrorist leader Kathiravelu Thayaparajah, who operated the LTTE technology platform at the Vanni Tech, went underground, he floated a story that he had been abducted. The Vanni Tech was the main organization that brought technology from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia to the Wanni to build the militant capability of the LTTE.

The inventions and innovations of Vanni Tech killed, maimed and injured tens of thousands of civilians and security forces personnel. Thayaparajah had no real reason to be a terrorist as he had received a good education funded by the Sri Lankan government. Willingly, Thayaparajah not only joined an internationally designated terrorist group but requested and facilitated the transfer of technology from the West. Furthermore, he faked an abduction so that he could claim torture and gain asylum.

According to the Canadian Border Security Agency, 98 percent of Sri Lankan Tamils provided false accounts to gain asylum and according to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, there are over 10,000 Canadian citizens who were former Tamil terrorists. After Thayaparajah floated the standard story, both he and his wife were engaged in human smuggling.

Meanwhile the LTTE fronts, Australian Tamil Congress, British Tamil Forum, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, Canadian Tamil Congress, and Illankai Tamil Sangam propagated stories that Tamils are being abducted, murdered, raped and discriminated against.
For instance, Raj Suthan, a Tamil journalist wrote:

“Another coward murder staged in Colombo by Sri Lankan CID. Kathiravelu Thayaparajah a very intelligent computer engineer from University of Peradeniya who worked as Director of Vanni Tech has been murdered by Sri Lankan CIDs.

“Thaya was clever young engineer with many achievement in Engineering faculty of Peradeniya has huge courage to bring the IT standard in Vanni. He joined Vanni Tech which was one and only College for Vanni youth to expertise in IT after graduation. He educated many young youth in Vanni to become software developments and during short time Vanni Tech could receive projects from US, with their hard work.

“Even though Thayaparajah was purely worked on educating Tamils in Vanni during past when most of Tamil youth had no exposure to IT, he was arrested by Sri Lankan CIDs in Colombo recently.

“After interrogation, he was to be produced before courts last week by Tamil lawyer. Unfortunately he was silenced by gun before he could reach courts while he was under the control of Sri Lankan Intelligence officers.

“Further details are hard to obtain because of the nature of human rights in the country. Peradeniya Graduates pay full respect to his hard work and We will soon bring the truth out. We urge any human right activist to bring the truth by their own investigation”.

Thayaparajah as the Chief of the Vanni Tech together with its President Siva Gobal, was present when the LTTE political leader Tamil Chelvam said at a Vanni Tech passing out ceremony of LTTE cadres and civilians on August 8, 2004, “While congratulating those graduates who are passing out today after a year of intensive training, I wish to call upon you to give your maximum gained in this course to the welfare of the Tamil Nation which has witnessed a devastating war of two decades.

The Tamil Nation needs the support and initiative of people like you to upgrade the standard and pattern of learning in the field of technology. Please understand that your brethren who migrated to locations all over the world due to anti-Tamil communal riots and marginalization in the fields of education and social advancement, have always remembered and continue to contribute to the rebuilding of their motherland. It is such an initiative taken by the Tamil Technical Professionals’ Organization that has helped to make this venture a success”.

In spite of all the accusations it was recently revealed that Thayaparajah and his family had emerged from an area close to Danushkody in Tamil Nadu, India on the 5th of May.

Thayaparajah, his wife Udayakala, son Diyaron and daughters Dilkiya and Dilhiya had arrived in Tamil Nadu by boat together with several others. Their true identities were revealed only after the Indian authorities had questioned them. Previously the Human Rights organization of the Jaffna University and the Australia Refugee Investigation Board had accused the Sri Lankan Military of abducting and executing Thayaparajah.

At around this time there was a scam being investigated in Jaffna where Tamil nationals were being sent illegally to Britain by a person named Udayakala. She happened to be none other than the wife of Thayaparajah. She had taken many unsuspecting Tamils to the World Trade Centre where there was a visa centre in operation, and had cheated them of their money.

She had charged these people hundreds of thousands of rupees for the journey and in addition had also charged them an additional $ 2000 claiming that it had to be paid to the officials at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) for safe passage. She had on several occasions taken these people to a place in Negombo and after taking the $2000 from them she had asked them to meet her at a particular time at the BIA. But when her victims had arrived at the airport she had not been there, leaving them stranded with no money and no passage to the UK. Udayakala had previously been married to another LTTE activist, and had later married the computer engineer Kathiravelu Thayaparajah.

Thayaparajah had been in charge of sending information to the LTTE websites while being employed at the Vanni Tech computer centre in Kilinochchi.
Meanwhile even the Indian Consulate in Jaffna had received complaints that Udayakala had been charging people hundreds of thousands of rupees promising them passage to the UK and cheating them of their hard earned and sometimes borrowed money, leaving these innocent victims in utter ruin.

Fortunately the Danushkody Police managed to find out and reveal their identities, otherwise the Sri Lankan Army would have been held accountable for them and they would have escaped. According to investigations conducted by the CID it had been revealed that Thayaparajah and Udayakala had arrived in Tamil Nadu with the intention of leaving to a Western country claiming political asylum.

In fact the author of the book ‘Sri Lanka hiding the elephant’ (documenting genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity) Ramu Manivannan had written a separate article in his book (page 321-323) titled ‘Murder of Kathiravelu Thayaparajah, Director Vanni Tech, 15th, September 2009. The persons referred to in the book are Kathiravelu Thayaparajah (NIC no. 810020431V and passport no. N2880199) and his wife Udayakala who are presently in the custody of the Indian authorities.

The author had stated that the CID and Special Forces had picked up Thayaparajah and he died on 15th September due to gunshot injuries while in custody. He had further stated that some felt he had been shot by an assassin working for the security forces and Thayaparajah’s wife and close relatives had identified the body. He further said that as no one was prepared to claim the body and arrange a funeral, the body was cremated and the ashes handed over to Udayakala.

Upon close scrutiny of the book ‘Sri Lanka hiding the elephant’, it is clear that the document was developed with the intention of levelling charges against the Sri Lankan security forces for abductions and crimes against the Tamils. According to the CID this document was prepared for circulation among Western nations as part of the LTTE’s strategy to incriminate the Sri Lankan security forces.

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    By denying an independent international investigation, the Sri Lankan regime is imply accepting its atrocities and crimes against humanity. No malicious Sinhala Buddhist Apartheid propaganda and blackout of true new in Sri Lanka will work as all credible and first hand information is available to the international investigators and they are fully aware of the high handed and attack on those who live in Eelam.

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    How about the Terrorist BBS front killing Tamils and Muslims on a daily basis?

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    Camelia Nathaniel’s articles are all floging a dead horse. She seems to be a Singhala Bala Sena, a Christian version of Budhu Bala Sena. Gnanasara Thero is busy with the Muslims. Camelia is busy wit the Tamils. Good luck.

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