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Half A Billion Rupees ‘Leaked’ By CPC

By Nirmala Kannangara

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has lost approximately Rs. 583 million, as demurrage charges, for the five fuel vessels that have been berthed at the Colombo harbour, following an accident caused by its negligence.

Sources attached to the CPC revealed that following the rupture of the undersea buoy hose at the Colombo harbour on May 23, five ships arriving on June 14, June 29 and the last ship on August 1, are having to be paid charges totalling Rs. 583 million.

Additionally, a further Rs. 82 million is also being paid ‘unnecessarily’ for an oil tanker that idle in the Colombo harbour.

CPC hired an oil tanker to unload crude oil from the 90,000 mt ton capacity fuel vessels.

The oil tanker, which has been hired from a Singaporean shipping company, reached the Sri Lankan waters on July 12 for a ship-to-ship oil transfer but as the crude oil vessels refused to unload their stock to this tanker, it is now idling in the outer harbour, allege sources.

However, the shipping company has declined to pull out the tanker as the hiring agreement was for a period of one month.

“The rent for this tanker is Rs. 2.73 million per day and since this would idle in Sri Lankan waters for 30 days from July 12, the tax payers have to bear an unnecessary amount of Rs. 82 million,” added the sources.

2 Comments for “Half A Billion Rupees ‘Leaked’ By CPC”

  1. When CPC is run by politicians and their friends what else you expect. Government will come with cock and bull story now and deny all these news. Is our country is run by clever people? Miracle of Asia.

  2. patriot

    What a crime this is which eventually will be dumped on the shoulders orf the poor tax-payer. There was earlier another similar disaster over a hedging blunder. In all these cases the culprits have escsped after making hay and no one is held accountable and responsible. This is how things work in the. Miracle of. Asia.
    How long more have we to endure these things ??

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