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Concern Over MoD Website Story

The Sunday Leader sought the views of various political parties on the story posted on the website of the Ministry of Defence, written by an independent journalist, the contents of which were purportedly detrimental to relations between Sri Lanka and India, and the caricature that accompanied the said article.

The Ministry of Defence, while disassociating itself with the said article, tendered an apology to the Government of India. 


All Countries Have A Responsibility - Piyasiri Wijenayake

National Freedom Front

All countries have a responsibility to conduct their political affairs and relationships in the manner they consider best.
The External Affairs Ministries of both countries should have discussions and resolve whatever issues that arise on the political front, and not focus on any extraneous issues.
It is always better to find solutions to problems rather than keep on highlighting what has already happened.

We should try and move forward instead of taking a step backward which will not help anyone.


Contents Should Be Monitored Before Posting
- Nishantha Warnasinghe, JHU Media Secretary, National Organiser

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) should monitor what is posted on its website, and those who are responsible for the site should have taken cognizance of the contents of the story before it was posted.

The MoD should also find out how this story appeared as the author cannot place the same.

They should question who had given the approval to post this story on the web, and they should also take into consideration to what extent the relationship between the two countries would have been affected, consequent to this issue.

Relations between the Central Government of India and Sri Lanka had been strained in the recent past; however, the situation had improved after the Modi Government came into power, and this position should be maintained. Therefore, those handling the MoD website should ensure that such stories do not appear in their portal.

We should not do anything to jeopardise the present cordiality between the two countries. While accepting our mistake, we should also take steps to ensure that such a faux pas would not be repeated in the future.


Story Puts Sri Lanka In Poor Light
- TNA MP Suresh Premachandran

This story cannot appear on the website of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) without the knowledge of those who are responsible for handling the site.
This is something that everyone knows. On the one hand the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) say that we have a very good and cordial relationship with India, and then suddenly, the MoD web carries a story that is harmful to Sri Lanka.

I call it a third-grade story, and it has created much displeasure within the Indian Parliament as well because the Tamil Nadu ruling party has 37 members in the ruling Indian coalition. They were agitated and the House had to be adjourned on two occasions.

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner was also called and told that the Indian Government strongly condemns this story on the official website of the MoD.

This is not a mistake. This may be a move by a party with vested interests to create an issue, and the MoD should be held answerable.

Till today (Friday 8th August), no one knows if an inquiry had been initiated to find out who is responsible for the problem that had been created or if anyone had been questioned how such a story was posted on the MoD website.

The government should correct its mistakes as well as advise those who are responsible for creating unnecessary issues to refrain from engaging in such exercises. Nothing can appear in an official website without the knowledge of those who are holding responsible positions.

The Tamil National Alliance totally condemns the story that appeared on the website of the MoD vis-à-vis Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa. This is not the way to treat a neighbouring country or its leaders.


Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy Totally Bungled
– UNP MP Sajith Premadasa

I am not surprised that such a thing took place precisely because the foreign policy in our country has been totally mismanaged, and bungled. It lacks substance and it is uncoordinated.

One should only look at the situation where the Sri Lankan Government invited the deputy president of South Africa, Cyril Ramphosa, to share the experiences of that country our country, in terms of reconciliation, on which invitation he arrived in Sri Lanka.

However, the government spokesman had the audacity to say that Cyril Ramphosa came to Sri Lanka on a holiday. It is therefore not surprising that the caricature of the Indian leader, Narendra Modi, was posted on the website of the Ministry of Defence purely because political stooges and cohorts  who I consider ‘juvenile delinquents’ are mismanaging our foreign policy which is highly inimical to Sri Lanka’s national interests.

While the Indian Government would be surprised by the stupidity of the Sri Lankan Government, the United National Party is not.


Most Disgraceful Occurrence
Mano Ganesan Leader, Democratic People’s Front

Sri Lanka and India have had low levels in their relationship at various times but this is the most disgraceful level to which the relationship has fallen.

Two respected and popular leaders – both of who had been elected by the people of India had been described in an official website of the Government of Sri Lankan (GoSL) in a manner that goes against all civilised norms.

Right now, in Sri Lanka, four youths had been taken into custody for allegedly having exchanged text messages, the contents of which are considered to be unlawful, and therefore could damage the harmony that exists between ethnic groups in the country. The official complaint is that the messages are intended to damage ethnic relationships.

They were produced in Court and are now in remand custody. The case is pending. If this incident is taken as the basis, how would this issue compare with the said story that appeared in the website of the Ministry of Defence, as well as the cartoon that showed the two Indian leaders in a derogatory manner? The MoD should take the responsibility for this entire issue as the contents could not have been posted without the knowledge of the ministry and those who are responsible for the contents of the website.

5 Comments for “Concern Over MoD Website Story”

  1. We have too many people running the country today. Everybody seems to claim they have the authority. MOD website is government controlled one. They should be very careful what they write on the website. All these days MOD website carried propaganda for the government. They critisisse all the opponents. Our foreign policy too is a weak one.

  2. Charles.Perera

    These politicians have nothing better to speak about . They do not seem to have read the letter just trying to hit at the Defence Ministry. I am sure PM Modi would not make an issue of it , it is our Sri Lanka ani Government jokers making an issue of it. Mano Ganeshan and Premachandra are like the TamilNadu hooligans.

  3. Anoma

    No one can fault the journalist for her views expressed . This is what the international community laments about the freedom of the press and democracy. not being there in SL . Once a free lance journalists gives facts which no has challenged but hurts some then there is this commotion . the fact proves there is enough freedom to express ones views . However, the fact is that this was tainted by the article appearing in the Ministry of def website , with cartoons that would not have appealed to the Chief Minister Jayalalitha . It is a fact that people in public life have to accept that they have to face what is acceptable and not acceptable. She wont be the first nor the last to face this situation . This is an issue that has been blown out of proportion . An inquiry has to be made as to who authorised this to be published in the MOD website.

  4. S Shivalingham

    the denial of mod that the article was published without their consent or approval is a whole load of nonsense. in my opinion this article was published with the prior approval of mod. everyone knows shenali waduge is a tamil bashing and indian bashing idiot.. shenali thinks she can write whatever she likes and you can see her articles of this nature in lanka toilet web. lanka toilet web contributors are people with inferiority complex and their inferiority complex makes them to write tamil and indian bashing articles. if you look at jayalalitha , she is a pale ( as an english reporter quoted) looking beautiful woman. if you look at shenali waduge, she is a black and ugly woman. shenali waduge looks like the house maid for jayalalitha. besided jayalalitha is a high caste brahmin ( an aryan) , wheras shenali waduge is a hybrid mongrel. shenali waduge is just jealous of jayalalitha’s good looks. mod are people without any basic education. so they rely on people like shenali to do the job for them.

  5. sukirichuti

    Mr. Charles Perera are you hoping to get some bonus from the Ministry of Defence by trying to white wash their foolishness. If as you say this was not offensive, why did the Government apologize? Like what you have said they too could have said the same thing and forgotten the all issue.

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