Lanka Gets Indian Boost

India last week made a bold and strong statement supporting Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and raising objections to the investigation on the war by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

The Indian delegation to the UNHRC also took note of Sri Lanka’s engagement with UN human rights mechanisms, despite its non-recognition of recent resolutions adopted by the Council on Sri Lanka.

“My delegation is of the view that it is desirable for every country to have the means of addressing human rights violations through robust national mechanisms. The Council’s efforts should be to provide technical assistance to them to develop the necessary institutions for this purpose.

We believe that engaging the country concerned in a collaborative and constructive dialogue and partnership is a more pragmatic and productive way forward. This is the approach that was envisaged by UN General Assembly resolution 60/252 that created the HRC in 2006, as well as the UNGA resolution 65/281 that reviewed the HRC in 2011,” the Indian delegation said.

India noted with concern that the High Commissioner for Human Rights has not indicated how he intends to proceed with his investigation in the absence of cooperation from the country concerned.

“The composition of the OHCHR investigating team, its work methodology and sources of funding, have also not been shared with this Council.

We would urge the High Commissioner to do so in order to maintain the credibility of the report,” the Indian delegation added.

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  1. The victims of war need fair justice. The government cannot deny that no war crimes have been committed by its own Army. There are evidence and these evidence have to be looked at. There is no point in denying. The victims have the right to demand justice. Mahinda Rajapakse’s government will never investigate crimes against humanity. There are some big names behind the alleged war crimes. There are very powerful people who committed murders and they are now supported by monks. Not only crime has been committed against Tamil people but also against the Sinhala people as well. Tell me how Lasantha’s children feel about their father’s death. Don’t they need justice. How many journalists have been killed or beaten up under this regime. Where is the justice for these victims. If anybody tells me that we should allow Sri Lanka to investigate their own crime is a joke. Where is law and order in our country. We all know how this government treated the war hero- Sarath Fonseka. He was sent to prison and forced to sleep on cement bench. They treated Fonseka like a murderer. But today criminals and murderers are roaming in the streets under the own eyes of Rajapakses.

  2. Malin

    Thank you India.

  3. Jay Pathbey

    I guess “how the High Commissioner for Human Rights intends to proceed with his investigation in the absence of cooperation from the country concerned” is by using bullying tactics.


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