‘We Were The Real Winners’ – Samantha Vidyarathna

JVP Uva Provincial Council Chief Ministerial candidate Samantha Vidyarathna said that the Government failed to ‘fool’ the people in Uva unlike in other provinces and received a red signal from the government servants.

“Although many incentives were given to the people, the Government still failed to get the majority they wanted. People are wiser and cannot be fooled now. Even the Government could not get the postal votes what they expected which means the government servants too have fed up with this regime,” said Vidyarathna.

According to Vidyarathna, the JVP has filed a case at Human Rights Commission to get the drought relief to the people in Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Ampara, Vavuniya and Badulla Districts as well because it is not only the people in Moneragala District that were affected by the drought. “They too are our own people although the government considers people in Moneragala are their only citizens,” he said.

 Excerpts of the interview:


By Nirmala Kannangara

Q: The government claims that the election was free and fair, so does the Elections Commissioner. Do you agree with this?  

A: This was not a free and fair election but was marred with violence. We could call this election as a mera waranaya (election of thugs). From the time nominations were handed over, the ruling party resorted to violence. An assistant election commissioner was manhandled, opposition party supporters, their offices and candidates came under threat and journalists were attacked after the election.

We did not contest with a party but with a government with an Executive President. I don’t think President Mahinda Rajapaksa took that much effort to visit rural areas to beg for votes during his own presidential election than he did this time. The Government distributed money, sil redi and rice amongst the people. In a nutshell, the government violated all election regulations to get the vote but failed. Even the government servants have given a red signal for the UPFA.


Q: Although JVP had high hopes to get more seats, it could only obtain two seats? Don’t you think this is a drawback to the party?  

A: If this election was free and fair we would have been a threat to the government and would have obtained more seats. Our supporters constantly came under attack. Our party offices were burnt down and the stages were broken down. Why was it? The government knew we would be a threat.

However still we were the real winners. If we taken the final results from the Badulla District, our vote base has increased to 130% compared to the 2009 Provincial Council Election. The UNP vote base has increased by 74% while the Government’s vote base has declined sharply. If not for the Moneragala votes, the Government wouldn’t have won the election. Compared to the 2009 results, yet again the Government has failed to retain their voter base. The JVP got 183% more votes and UNP 105% votes than the 2009 election.

The Government considered this to be the last before a presidential election. That was why they tried their utmost by resorting to violence and violating election regulations. But what happened, the voters have rejected the government. Although they won narrowly, they talk as if this was a landslide victory. Although the President toured every nook and corner in the Province, people rejected the Government.


Q: Who is to be blamed for the post election violence in the Province?

A: Certainly the Police. The UPFA goons attacked opposition party members and supporters in Hali-Ella in front of the police post. How can such an attack has taken place and the perpetrators were not taken into custody. It was the same in Bandarawela. The UPFA goons were allowed to assault their opponents inside the police station. The Police have become mere puppets but I do not accuse the junior police rankers as they are helpless. It is the high ranking police officers that have to be blamed.


Q: Will you work hand in glove with the main opposition UNP at the Uva Provincial Council to defeat the ruling administration?

A: The JVP does not want to work hand in glove either with the UPFA or UNP. We will work independently and will support the governing party for good proposals that would benefit the people and will vote against them for proposals that would affect the people in the Province.


Q: Now a Presidential Election is on cards. Will you support for a common candidate?

A: We are happy as the party that introduced the Executive Presidency too wants to abolish it. This is the best time we can get together and field a common candidate to defeat the Government and abolish the Executive Presidency to save the country from a dictatorship regime. However the UNP in its Leadership Council has decided to field Ranil as their presidential candidate. If Ranil is to contest then it would be a one horse race for Mahinda Rajapaksa.

In such a background we will field a common candidate and get the support of the entire nation.


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  1. Sorry Mr.Vidyaratna, you are fooling yourself. At Moneragala SLFP could have been defeated if not for the UNP bringing in that fool ….
    The people of Moneragala had not fogoten what his rotten father did to Moneragala, after using the people of Moneragala to come to power. His father was the father of all election thuggery, killings.

  2. ranjit demel

    bla,bla.to change the government, which could be necessary,looks better.unp sh ould go alone. and get back the unpers to vote for the unp,without abstaining.fonsekas bahus cbk, and other bullshit parties are not necessary,specially the jvp

  3. Ushan

    Ane anichchan me gollanata wela thiyena deka hati. A dawswala api godak adare kala JVP ekata. ath den me pakse karanne , kiyanne hena mongal weda saha katha. Anduwe inna Haal paaru amathi waru wagemai [hemoma neme], JVP danne weda warjana karwannai, kiyawannai vitharai. ayeth rata kana weda karanna epa

  4. CW

    Do we call this day dreaming or hallucination?

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