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UNP Wants 19A Passed

The main opposition United National Party (UNP) yesterday informed Parliament that it backs the proposed 19th Amendment to the Constitution and wants it passed in Parliament without a debate if other political parties also support it.

Opposition UNP leader RanilWickremesinghe said that there are reports on some websites indicating there is a move by the Government to submit the proposed 19th Amendment as an urgent Bill in Parliament next month.

The 19th Amendment, proposed by JathikaHelaUrumaya (JHU) MP AthuraliyeRathanaThera, calls for a Prime Minister to be the Head of the Government and the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers and also a reduction in the number of Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

“RathanaThera’s 19th Amendment has the support of the UNP. So if there is a move to bring it as an urgent bill then I suggest that we be consulted first. I am sure others will also agree to discuss it. If others also agree, it can be passed without a debate,” Wickremesinghe told Parliament.

Responding to this, Minister NimalSiripala de Silva said that the Government does not react to gossip appearing on websites.

He said that if the Government wants to bring a Bill to Parliament, then the correct procedures will be followed to do that. (ER)

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  1. Sylvia Haik

    This appears the norm in many democratic countries. In UK., Norway etc. the monarch is the titular head but wields no power but rubber stamps the decisions by parliament. In Sri Lanka, the President should be the titular head with no powers except his/her presence at ceremonial occasions and/or follow the decisions of the parliament. The way is stands now is like a one-man band, the President being resposible for the running of the country with a redundant parliament. The rest of the band are his trusted brothers, sharing the pseudo dictatorship.


  3. Alex

    At present the ministerial and deputy ministerial posts are given like distributing smarties while the poor people have to pay for billions of cost. Actually these post need to be ‘earned’ by them depending on the efficiency. Out of the suggested maximum 25 ministerial posts, the leader should be able to nominate 3-5 posts. For rest of the posts, the governing party MP’s should vote for each other and the highest 20 or 22 will get ministerial positions. This way, no body will be able accuse the leadership of not giving a post and only the track record, efficiency will enable to get posts. Also, uneducated, thugs, criminals, drug lords hopefully will never get any posts to plunder the nation

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