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Intention Of Legislation Is Very Clear – Vasudeva Nanayakkara

Speaking to The Sunday Leader, left-wing politician Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara assured that the Democratic Left Front will continue to support President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the next presidential election. According to him, the President had no need to seek the Supreme Court interpretation to contest for the third term as the legislation has clearly enabled him to contest for the third term without any legal barriers.

Excerpts of the interview:


By Waruni Karunarathne

Q: What was the need for the President to seek the Supreme Court interpretation in order to contest for a third term?

A: I do not think that there was any need for the President to go through the Supreme Court, because it is very clear what was intended by the parliament. The parliament intended to provide for the President to contest the next election. The intention of the legislation is very clear – it has enabled the current president to contest for the third time.

It is legal. I have no doubt that the legislation allows the present President to contest for the third time.


Q: Considering the fact that the Chief Justice is appointed by the president, there is a feeling that the president seeking the Supreme Court determination is just an eye-washer. How would you see that?

A: All judges and the judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President. It has been happening for how many years now? There is nothing so strange about this. The Chief Justice is given immunity on removal and there is a procedure that one has to follow.

It is a very difficult and hard procedure which requires the consensus of the parliament for the removal. That is the immunity Chief Justice enjoys and that is the safeguard he has against arbitrary removal. Therefore, the Chief Justice is now not under anybody except to act in terms of the law. Nobody is completely independent – not any judge in the entire world is independent. But there is independence for him to take his decision.


Q: The government seems to be already preparing for the election by opening several operation centres around the country. Does it mean that the government has already decided when the election will take place despite the fact that the president recently asking for the Supreme Court interpretation in order to contest for the third time?

A: The government has its own anticipation and its own calculation. Accordingly the government has planned out its activities and now moving into action. As I said, the legislation has enabled him to contest for the third time and there was no need for him to seek the Supreme Court determination on the matter.


Q: How will your party prepare to face the election once it is officially announced?

A: We will support the Presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa. We will support him not because we are committed to Mahinda Rajapaksa but because we are committed to the political forces that he represents and the aspirations of those political forces which are progressive and democratic. We have no other choice other than Mahinda Rajapaksa at present.


Q: There are concerns that the election date will be decided on astrology and to favour an individual as opposed to national interests. Is it right for anybody to decide on the election date based on such beliefs?

A: There is a strong belief that the president has communicated with the Elections Commissioner in order to fix a date of the election according to astrology. It is a strong belief on which I do not want to comment. I am not entirely expelling that belief.


Q: Do you see any possible threat to the government in the presidential election?

A: There is a possibility of a third candidate. In an event which any candidate fails to score 50 plus there will be a second count. We do not know how much our people and the electorate will be able to understand this and accept this.

There is this third political force among the JVP, JHU, Sobitha Thero, General Sarath Fonseka’s party and such other groups who will contest the election. We do not know as to how much we will score. There is a possible threat from other political parties particularly from the third political force.


Q: How do you see the SLMC proposal asking for a separate administrative district for Muslims in Ampara district?

A: Having visited Ampara and seen it from the ground and having understood the problems of administration and the question of ethnic proportion and the problem encountered by the Muslims who have to transact matters in Ampara and when looking at the population, it is very much appropriate to have a separate administrative district in Kalmune carved out of Ampara.

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