TNA, Opposition Hold Talks

By Indika Sri Aravinda

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has had talks with the common opposition with regard to the presidential elections next year.

The convener of the National Movement for Social Justice, the Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero said that the TNA showed positive signs at the talks with regard to extending support to the common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena but a final decision is yet to be reached.

He said that even though the TNA has not signed an agreement with the opposition, he believed that they would eventually back the common candidate at the polls.

A member of the common opposition, who did not wish to be named, said that the TNA and the opposition political parties who back the common candidate were also having unofficial discussions with regard to the election.

Meanwhile, the TNA yesterday said it was awaiting proposals from the candidates contesting the Presidential election on how they would resolve the main issues faced by the Tamils in order for the TNA to decide whom it will support at the election.

TNA MP and EPRLF member Suresh Premachandran said that the TNA had taken note of comments made by the common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena that he would not support a Federal system or assist a UN-led war crimes investigation in Sri Lanka.

“We know that there is corruption, we know there is a family rule. We know those things must be removed. But at the same time Tamils are facing different issues,” he said.

Premachandran said that among the main issues faced by Tamils in the north is that many have not been able to go back to their own lands after the war since the army continues to occupy those lands.

“We are facing special issues even five years after the war,” he said.

Premachandran added that the TNA would then like to know how Sirisena and the others contesting the polls intend to address the core issues faced by the Tamils.

“We are expecting answers from the candidates and if there is a chance we will talk to them,” the TNA MP said while speaking to reporters at a press conference held in Vavuniya yesterday.

He said the final decision on who the party will support at the election will be a collective decision involving all the Tamil political parties in the alliance.

7 Comments for “TNA, Opposition Hold Talks”

  1. Sri Lanka Proverb “Never trust TAMIL who in front of the Mirror, Tamil who is going to born and Tamil who dead” and Indian Proverb “If you see Tamil and Cobra kill Tamil first” . Out old sinhalese telling ‘Tamilal sari peeth sari”

  2. ranjit demel

    jhu.has now become the main party behind the commen candidate,directing him ,do you really believe this sinhale Buddhist extreme party would give tamil demands

  3. Seneviratne

    These people trying to divide the Country ones again.

    • no one divide the country ,please give tamils rights in human rights, innecent person in jail.fundamental rights for all communanity, religion rights,presient destroyed the hindu temples ,why? he went indian win election fool the rligion.srilanka is not belong to budhhist ,country belong to all citizen. the write please go to school and study before comment,

  4. Naga Ramalingam

    Perhaps the people in the North have already taken a stand before TNA decides on it. TNA is notorious for dithering when faced with important issues. The opposition candidature is full of complexities and include people like CBK and a weak leader like Ranil. MS is only an appendage for this group. There is little hope that they will be able to find an acceptable solution to the Tamil issue. Politicians can make lofty promises just before elections, but Tamils know how much of these were really implemented. Known devil is better than unknown angel. TNA and NPC should take a historic decision at this most crucial hour.

    • RHGnanaratnam

      Tamils have waltzed with the known devil,ends with a seat on the side lines and sidelined by the known devils.
      Tamils have not started their dance with the unknown devils.Tamils know with which devils in this group they have to dance / not dance and what the end results will be.
      Either we vote or not vote en block.
      Will there be a solution.Don’ t come again that the Tamils are dividing the country a weak cry.Think of another.
      The south is in a turmoil,they need the Tamils and all other parties to support the ruling party or the opposition to win the election.
      MP’s are crossing ,changing boats and crossing to the other side of the Mahaweli and then return back in another with different ideas.

    • TNA has to vote for opposotion. mRrajapaska has cheated many time, and india, on 13 th amement,only put down MR Rajapaska, must vote against the government,tamils were suffering, TNA won the election MR Rakapaska not allowed theT AN to rule the North east province,our leader mr Wignasaran formar supreme court judge,please vote for mr sirisena

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