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Maithri Will Not Create A New Constitution

Common opposition Presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena will not look to create a new constitution but only amend the existing one.

Convener of the People’s Movement for a Just Society, the Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero said that it will take at least five years to form a new constitution. Therefore Sirisena will only amend the existing constitution within the set 100 days, if he wins the election.

Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero said that all the powers in the hands of the President should not be abolished and the president must hold the powers related to the defence of the country. He further said that he strongly believe that to establish a National government consisting of all political parties, they must receive the support of the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslim political parties alike.

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  1. The election manifesto of NDF and UPFA are out. They do more to confuse vital issues than clarify them.

    In this election, it is not the loyalty to party or person that matters. It is the loyalty to the country to resolve the issues at hand that matters most.

    Voters will then be forced to attach diminished importance to party identification.

    If any of the other 17 candidates in this election bring to the forefront of public discourse the political issues and societal problems that NDF and UPFA have failed to bring, the voters will be attracted to them.

    In the US Presidential Election, such candidates had a major impact on election outcomes. In SL the impact would be much greater.

    In the US presidential election in 1992, Ross Perot, an independent candidate got 19% of popular vote. H.W.Bush, the incumbent president lost the election.

    If any of the 17 candidates or all of them get 19% votes, neither NDF nor UPFA will be able to get 51% votes necessary to win the election but recontest with clarified stand on social and political issues.

    Let us practice democracy and wisely exercise our voting right.

  2. How can we trust you when you & other leaders who support M.S have change the words so many times within a very short period of time. You are playing with our country & our children’s future.

  3. srilanka lost all commission by the MR Rajapaska family.the constitution .under the carpet, by the SLFP governmentjudical is politicies,the case againt the briberary commissioner, police commisstion defence secretary has his own laws.election has no policy number of time can contest for the president.westran country is against the mr Rajapaska government,top government official will be removed by the new government,corrution ,scams, will face court case, and punished by the judical

  4. K A Silva

    Why can’t we adopt a Soulbury Constitution which we had before 1978 Constitution? Under the Soulbury Constitution we had a more democratic government with lower & upper house parliament, independent judiciary system, public service without politically appointed permanent secretaries, and law & order. People enjoyed a more peaceful life during that period.

  5. Arjuna

    Ven Sobitha Thero first said that he will abolish the executive presidency within six months. Is he going to advise Maithree to to it later?

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