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Tamils Urged To Vote

Global Tamil Forum (GTF), an influential Diaspora group based in London led by Father S.J. Emmanuel, has strongly urged the Tamil people in Sri Lanka to use every vote carefully during the January eighth Presidential Election.

GTF says Tamil people have a long history of voting based on principled considerations. The upcoming Presidential election is no different. “GTF is fully aware that in the post-independent Sri Lanka, Tamil people have continuously lost their rights under a flawed majoritarian electoral system.

Their desire to have a degree of control in the Tamil majority areas was never granted, despite repeated democratic expressions of their wishes through all available electoral means.

Nevertheless, from our perspective, whether Sri Lanka should continue in the same path or whether change should be made at this juncture to stop and reverse this trajec tory is the fundamental question facing the electorate,” the GTF statement said.

Thus, GTF urges every Tamil speaking person, up and down the country, to fully participate in this decision and to vote in this Presidential election.

4 Comments for “Tamils Urged To Vote”

  1. tamils can put down mr Rajapaska in this election,if failes mr rajapaska will take revenge against tamils, the tamils must vote against mr Rajapaska,the most undemocratic person.

  2. anpu

    It is a good sign : as long as any and all of the Tamil entities outside Sri Lanka refrain from advising who to vote for, then it is a good advice.

    Outsiders’ position is always with full tummy, and not so for those inside.

    Besides, neither of the leading candidates have a position satisfactory to the plight of the Ceylon Tamil people. In fact, never since 1948 by Dr. N.M. et al.

    YET democratic actions without violence is always good. As Churchill said, to paraphrase, democracy is worst system except ALL others.

  3. Sangaralingham

    Voting is a right every individuals must exercise

  4. Palitha

    BBS Extremists promoting MR’s re-election, its obvious that SLMC, and all other Muslim and Tamil political leaders go against MR. I am shame as a Buddhist to see the conduct of this fake BBS monks

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