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Immigration Department Unaware

The Immigration and Emigration Department says it is unaware of the new government’s policy on foreigners staying in Sri Lank illegally.
It is alleged that a group of foreigners who arrived in Sri Lanka to carry out some BOI approved projects are now engaging in different projects.

The Immigration and Emigration Department Investigation Unit has received information regarding many foreigners who have arrived in Sri Lanka to engage in BOI development projects such as Expressways, the Norochcholei Coal Power Plant, the Habantota Harbour, Mattala Airport, Port City projects etc and are still staying in Sri Lanka even though the duration of their visas has already expired.
Adding further the Immigration and Emigration Department said that many foreigners from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Nigeria are also staying in the country illegally.

The Department said that they were unable to take due action against the foreigners staying illegally since the Department has not been informed on what action they should take against those who overstay.

When asked for a comment, the controller of the Immigration and Emigration Department M. S. Ranasinghe stated that arresting such foreigners is continuing.
He further said that the department can arrest any foreigner who violated the visa regulations as per the Immigration and Emigration Act. (ISA)

3 Comments for “Immigration Department Unaware”

  1. Cren

    This is why people voted for Mithri and yapalana if change doesn’t come quickly Mithri will drop down to just another common manthri.

  2. Arthur C Ritis

    What are stupid comment by the dept of Immigration to say that they are unable to take action against foreigners staying illegally in the country. This proves that Sri lankan govt servants are not educated people. All political appointees.
    Shame on you Controller of Immigration.

  3. visa is the document for the foreigners to stay in srilanka,different type of visa is issused to the foreigners,what ever it is person have a visa he must alloew to stay in the country,forginers can come for differnt purpose,economic development,for government mokery of the srilanka ecnomic,most of the project were not approved legal,but illlegal,some projcts were approved place were not suitable to srilanka .it create much problem it is better not the project proper place worthless. most project were did by the MR Rajapaska died barined died,mr Rajapaska alive but his brained died,mr Rajapaska horscope saturn change 15th of december 2014,to the 8th house it was very bad house,by birth his saturan the 2nd house with mars, this compained not good for him, even death by accident

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